Detachment – Love, Wendy

I’ve become so detached from those who are not in alignment with my values and beliefs… and of those who stand in judgment and extend no empathy…of those who talk amongst themselves about my choices and decisions that they do not approve of…the same people who tell me stories of other people when I am in their company. Most especially, I sever ties when one withholds love and connection as a form of “punishment…” the silent treatment or “ghosting.”

I shower those in my life with abundance of love, empathy, time and respect. When I don’t receive the same in return, I have finally arrived at a point in my 65 years where I’m able to speak my truth, to say this is not working for me, I wish you well, and I gracefully walk away, no matter who it is.

There is nothing of more value to me than my peace of mind, and my health. Any toxicity, judgment, or drama is quickly discarded so that I may remain in alignment with wellness, peace and my spiritual relationship with God.



3 thoughts on “Detachment – Love, Wendy”

  1. Boundaries are the hardest things to establish; especially if you are an empath or a people-pleaser. But I have found that proper boundaries are the strongest hedge against toxicity. And, as you point out, we are never too old to learn!

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