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A Spiritual Redirection – Love, Wendy

I believe that God guides us in order to serve others who He observes in need of loving support and guidance.

And, when there is resistance to our Divinely led support from others for an extended period of time, God re-directs our service to those who are willing to embrace change, and those who are willing to work towards becoming a spiritual student, and teacher.

Recently, my re-direction has taken me on a new path of serving, one that I did not think I would return to, but as a spiritual student, and teacher, I want to deepen my Divine connection and to continue to learn, and to evolve, so I surrender to the Universe/God/Spirit.

I am always grateful for “continuing education” in order to grow, and to lead others on their own spiritual journey.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

Seek communication and collaboration – Love, Wendy

People treat others with behaviors and words that have been modeled for them.

This is their normal.

If other’s behaviors are unkind and reactive, remind yourself that this is their limited way of expressing themselves through a narrow lens, and in no way is reflective of you.

Seek communication and collaboration through a wider lens.

In relationships, when we collaborate and step outside the box to resolve our challenges, we recognize collaboration as a flow…a win win rather than engaging in adversarial behaviors.

Love and blessings,



Deflection vs. Reflection – Love, Wendy

Until I was able to look straight into the eyes that were looking back at me in the mirror that I finally was brave enough to see, I believed his vision of me.

Never pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough.
The truth is that was never about me.

I turned the mirror towards him.
He turned his back and ran away. Literally.

You see, when one has no integrity and is not brave enough to do the inner work, they deflect. 

Deflection is a cowards game.

Deflection is one’s way of avoiding ones own truth, and a weak man’s excuse to avoid telling the truth.

Reflection takes inner strength where one authentically and courageously looks at oneself, without judgement, as is, using ones senses to connect with ones Higher self, and Spirit, with willingness to create the change you inherently know is needed….as an “evolved” being rather than pointing out the defects of others.





I love to observe. I watch people’s facial expressions and body language. I witness beautiful souls with an open space where they embrace others unconditionally.

I also witness from others rolling of the eyes, those who turn their back and look the other way when someone they are in conflict with approaches.

I know the circumstances behind the “conflict.” Almost infantile and empty. Behavior that I would expect from a young child who is being disciplined for unbecoming and unhealthy reactions followed by self pity.

I believe that there is so much dissension amongst grown adults due to fear, envy and ignorance. 

Rather than taking the time to listen and “see,” the other person, some take the easy way out.

Judgement. Separation. Disconnect.

I feel only empathy and compassion for these souls. There is something within themselves that is so miserable that they will not allow themselves to acknowledge it, process it, and to release it, and so they channel that anger, hurt, and frustration outwards.

It’s a good way to deflect, but trust me, when they are in the silence of their own space…

They absolutely know right from wrong, and their truth.

And it is painful.

Choose empathy. Pray for them.

They are in pain.

And remind yourself that this all about them, and not about you.

Love and blessings,



Thoughts – Love, Wendy

If there had been support and resources for mental health, substance use disorder and wellness decades ago, I would’ve had the opportunity to have decades added to my life. I am in my 10th year of recovery from prescription drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. I am now 64 years old.

I see all of the amazing work being done by my younger colleagues in the field of mental health and wellness, and pine to be able to do the same. THIS IS MY GREATEST DESIRE, AND PASSION.

My business and my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care have definitely served others.

I wonder if I am too old to reach the young demographic that I believe needs to hear my story in order to feel inspiration and hope. Probably.

So, I will continue going forward, seeking all opportunities to share my journey of recovery through an Integrative Approach to Wellness, a program that I created and that I practice using natural and organic solutions alongside of traditional care, when necessary.

And perhaps at the right time, the Universe will provide me with the opportunity that I am seeking…to serve our global population. A worldwide book and speaking tour.


Read my book to learn more:

Love and blessings,



Looking for a Spiritual Meaning – Love, Wendy

I always maintain that I am stronger than Lupus.

Until now.

The past week after returning back to a full time job as a Reading Specialist in a school district that encompasses an 8 hour day, excessive walking, standing and sitting (although I was given accomodations to avoid this but is unavoidable), driving 60 miles round trip, and running my business to provide mental health and wellness coaching and workshops before and after school hours, I have learned that I am no match for my diagnosis of Lupus/Inflammatory Arthritis.

The arthritis is in my spine which radiates into my jaw and arms, alongside of a nerve impingement and degenerative disc disease which affects my walking and standing. Oh, and if I sit more than a few minutes, that doesn’t work either.

I have purchased a thick foam pad for underneath my feet, 3 pairs of expensive sneakers that are listed as “the best choice for standing on concrete floors all day,” have been given a standing desk in my office, and I sit with a heating pad on my back for relief most of the day. Motrin does not get to the pain. I will not take pain medication because I am dedicated to my recovery from prescription drug addiction now in my 10th year of recovery.

I am not stronger than my challenges, however…

I am doing my best every day to remain positive, and to look for a deeper meaning…

A SPIRITUAL MEANING to my challenges.

My body needs a gentle flow, rest, love and daily physical therapy to maintain my wellness. It needs nourishment body, mind and spirit.

Instead my body is swollen, it feels heavy, and the pain is systemic. The severity of the pain affects my thinking. Yesterday was the worst. I had complete brain fog just 30 minutes into my day. NO RELIEF. The pain literally takes my breath away. Recently a doctor shrugged at me and said, “There’s nothing else I can do for you.” WOW.


Instead of giving myself what I know that my body needs to thrive…

I work to live.

Many of us have no choice.

At 64 years old and living with these challenges in addition to no financial resources, I am forced to do my PT at home at 4am, in excruciating pain and through a few tears, limp into the bathroom to take a shower, put on my makeup as I brace my body up against the sink to take the pressure off of my spine, sit with heat on my back for a few minutes, carry my briefcase, lunch bag and books to the car, drive to work, (thankful for the heated seats and lumbar support seat) carry everything into my building, and by the time I get there, my poor body is reeling in pain, spasms, and exhaustion. This even after the doctor said, “Do not carry anything heavier than a fork.” But, I cannot pull one of those suitcases on wheels, and there is nobody to assist me when I arrive at work.

And, because I have no choice other than to “work to live,” I have now had to agree to take a medication that I have said no to for years that treats Lupus/Arthritis. It is a drug that is normally used for depression, but in a very small dose (10mg) I am told it treats this type of pain. “Nortriptyline works by increasing the amount of specific nerve transmitters in the nervous system, reducing pain messages arriving in the brain.”

So it is NOT treating or curing my disease, it is just a band-aid. And it is screwing with my very healthy brain…one I have prided myself in taking special care of these last 10 years of my recovery from prescription drug addiction.

Spiritual meaning??? Hmmmm…

A couple of days ago as my specialist looked at the severe swelling in my knees, she said all I can do is ice, and elevate.


And, she said I need to “increase the Nortriptyline to 20mg for more effective pain management.” So that I can go to work…


I’ve had cortisone injections, 2 epidurals, and exercise every day walking at least 2 miles, PT, drink plenty of water, eat very “clean” with no sugar, gluten, dairy or processed foods, and only organic foods are in my diet in order to avoid inflammation, and have used every concoction of holistic supplements to try to reduce my inflammation. I have tried massages, and acupuncture. Nothing is long lasting for this type of pain.

I KNOW my body and I am expericing systemic inflammation ongoing. Physical and mental stress keeps our bodies in a state of inflammation.

I work to serve our global community in mental health and wellness which is my passion. I use my lived and field experience, as well as my book Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care to offer solutions to achieve wellness. This brings me joy.

My children and grandchildren bring me joy.

However, the pain and every symptom that I am experiencing zaps my energy.

I work to live.

I go to work, and come home to go to bed.

Yet, I am still “going deeper” to find the spiritual meaning of what seems to be a life lesson.

I’m not there yet…

To be continued…

Love and blessings,



Homeless, hungry and hopeless – LOVE, WENDY

When one runs out of options, I have seen a precious soul give up on life.

Homeless, hungry and hopeless.

How do we help our global community to realize that suicide is so final, and never the answer.

Our precious global “brothers and sisters” are struggling with so much, and so much of it is financial hardship. Some nearing homelessness and hunger, and some who are already living this horrific reality…in the USA.

As I live with this real fear, daily, I stand with our global community and wonder…

What is the solution…





What has happened to us as a collective community? The people who were once so willing to stay connected and to sincerely care about how “we are doing” seem to have withdrawn.

I hear this from clients, and I am experiencing this in my own life.
Some people will stay connected, but you can viscerally feel the “arms length” connection.

Have we become so exhausted and hardened through our global challenges that we have retreated, even from those we once stayed connected to daily?

Have we become so consumed with our own challenges that we can’t even make the time to send a simple text or to make time for a connection call? To ask another “how are you” and really listen to their answer?

Well, not this woman.

No matter what is going on in my life, I will always remain present and connected to those that I love and those whom I serve…always.

I know what it feels like to be discarded, and I will never cause another precious human being to feel that way.

We are all experiencing many similar challenges and adversity, and we become a closer community when we share and support our loved ones, and neighbors.

Love and connection is the antidote.

Love and blessings,



Truth is blinding – Love, Wendy

If someone repeatedly shows you who they are, and you don’t want to “see” it, God steps in to show you in the most brutally enlightening way… in a way that you could not see with your human sight.

There is NO denying it anymore.

When we allow ourselves to see beyond our physical limitations, God shows us “truth.”

Take your time with processing the information. Love always remains, but reality is sobering. I choose to be sober. Open your eyes. The “truth” is blinding.



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What happened to you? – Love, Wendy

When one cannot identify with their own feelings and emotions, or they are too fearful to do so, they sync to the feelings and even the thoughts and behaviors of others.

They may have not been “seen and heard” as a youngster, and even as a young adult/adult. They do not have the words to identify their feelings, or may be too afraid to speak their truth, and so they look for others who are excessively loud and expressive in their vernacular as they are trying to state the inner emotions that may be simmering. Often, these are people who are actually feeling deeply insecure, and who are also looking for attention (in the most unhealthy ways.)

As I observe, I notice that the louder and angrier someone is in their expression whether it is verbal, or in their actions, I ask myself, “What happened to them?”

This is known as a “Trauma Informed Approach.”

When people feel the need to be crass, excessively boisterous, and engage in unhealthy, limiting beliefs and behaviors, I choose to employ empathy.

Sometimes, it is a challenge, but empathy is a place where I understand what another may have experienced to cause them to exhibit such desperate behaviors in order to be noticed, and even loved.

Do you need guidance for nutrition body, mind and spirit?

Fill out the contact page on my website to chat. Let’s do a virtual coffee!

Love and blessings,




I have a theory as I watch the duplicitous behavior of one I thought I once knew, and loved… When you don’t have a life purpose, find yourself alone with too much time available as an aging adult, and where one does not have self esteem, and does not love or believe in themselves, they become sucked into theories which may make them feel a part of something…anything…even behaving in ways that are inhumane.

This steers the trajectory of their thoughts, and behaviors, creating an altered perception of reality. When one is desperate to be loved and needed, and wants to belong, they will drink the Koolaid, no matter the personal cost.

And, I have just been a witness to the demise of a beautiful soul and otherwise intelligent mind.

An incredibly expensive lesson.

Love, Wendy



I continue to experience deep and profound spiritual lessons in the midst of hardship and chaos, and yet, I welcome these spiritual lessons.

As a spiritual student my task is to grow and evolve and to stand in my faith in order to continue as a spiritual teacher and spiritual first responder. I consistently continue to show up for those whom I serve.

If we live the experiences, we recognize the true meaning of life through adversity and challenge, as well as the gentle touch of spirits guidance.

And, we continue to reaffirm our own faith through these spiritual experiences by the grace of God.

In the still of the silence, the connection is the loudest. As my mother used to say, “The silence is deafening.”

Love and blessings,




As I plan for this next stage of my life as a single, mature woman of sixty-something, I connect even more deeply to those beautiful souls who are faced with homelessness, hunger, and loss of safety and security.

Something needs to change in order to protect and to provide, especially for our aging population.

Who are we trusting and depending upon in our government to care for us as we retire, as we age, and as we require more resources in order to experience wellness and joy in our golden years?

Yesterday, I had an unsettling, eye opening experience as I sought out some temporary assistance due to my own personal needs for temporary assistance due to a long term illness where I am temporarily unable to work full time.

There are no more waiting lists for housing. “Supply outweighs the demand.”
If you earn over a few hundred dollars, you are not eligible for temporary benefits.
And, where there are resources, the wait is exponential, and the amount doesn’t feed a bird.

One could starve or be homeless by the time one receives support.

I met a woman, Joann, approximately 55 years of age, who has set up “home” on the park bench at the lake. She worked for a major corporation and was taken ill, and could no longer work. She ran out of sick time at work, and resources. Her “home sweet home” all year round, is a shopping cart filled with her most prized possessions, and a bench. She has a son who lives across the country who is unable to help her.

And, this can all happen to a U.S. citizen overnight.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need emotional support, please email me at

Love and blessings,



What is beneath the dis-ease? – Love, Wendy

When we are constantly struggling with our health, we need to ask ourselves what is beneath the dis-ease and disorder…

When I asked myself this question, and answered honestly, I know it is the ongoing stress of a situation that I did not know how to resolve.

And, as a mental health and wellness consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I know that stress causes serious dis-ease, and dis-order. I have been enduring too much of this of late. I actually knew all along what it was, but did not know the solution.

When we are open to Divine communication…

When we are open to hearing and seeing beyond our physical limitations…

When we pray and then get still and listen, we can hear the spiritual solution that which we ourselves would never have thought about.

An epiphany is Spirit whispering to us in the quiet of our space. That is what I experienced.

Listen to that little voice within. Feel it in your gut. Follow your heart unapologetically.

Consider and follow Spirit’s guidance and trust you will always be Divinely supported. And ask for support from your loved ones.

All of the above is self care.

Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.

Experience your birthright of wellness.





“As we reflect on the precious souls lost on 9/11/01, of those whose lives were forever impacted and changed, and of those who gave so much of their service and unconditional love as they steadied themselves to be the anchor when the waves came crashing down…may God bless you for holding our heads above the water and refusing to allow us to sink to the bottom.

To the heroes that sacrificed themselves to ensure that we would see the sun shine after the storm…we thank you for your selfless and tireless acts of courage …you are the wind beneath our wings.

To those who lost their lives, we remember you with heartfelt love, and we honor you each and every day…YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN

and to those who survived and to the loved ones of those lost, we acknowledge your courage on a difficult journey, we applaud your resilience, and offer prayers of peace and strength. May God continue to bless all of us with an unbreakable spirit as we continue to offer each other love, empathy, and kindness today, and every day, as a Global Community as we follow IN HIS FOOTSTEPS TO A HEALING PATH.”

Love and blessings,



Do not commiserate, elevate! – Love, Wendy

When I received a call from one who wants to, yet again, “commiserate,” I replied that I am not into “joint suffering.” Instead, I choose to promote peace and wellness, one beautiful soul at a time, including for myself.

I evaluate the circumstances and understand there are limitless possibilities. I cultivate peace and wellness through comfort, reassurance, and positive, soothing words, thoughts, and self care practices.

Commiserating only keeps us stuck in the old story and constant negative self talk/shared talk, and toxic thinking.

I am a wellness practitioner.

I am a spiritual teacher.

I seek and embrace spiritual solutions and wellness. I elevate my body, mind and spirit on a cellular level.

Do not commiserate, elevate!




He is David Rahman:Food for thought-Love, Wendy

He is David Rahman…

One of my dearest friends/soulmates, my confidante, my mentor, author of the Foreword to my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care (click here to purchase and the man that I trust implicitly. He is an intuitive genius when it comes to knowing exactly what thought provoking question(s) to ask at the perfect time to encourage me to reflect, (as he does for so many across the globe to offer personal growth tools) and to remind me of my blessings, as well as how far I have come on my wellness journey. As I wrote in my book, “David has been a gift along the way” of my journey. Read David’s book, Let It Go: How to Stop Your Past Ruining Your Future (purchase here:

We have been friends for nearly 5 years, we enhance each other’s lives, and we spend hours having meaningful conversation and laughing on the phone, or on WhatsApp Video. To use David’s word, we “enhance” each other’s lives as close friends. David lives in the U.K., and I live in the U.S.A. in New York. We have a deep commitment to our friendship and there is nothing that can break our bond. Not time, not space, not a situation or another human being. We always find our way back.

David will be presenting at our Fall Back Into Wellness Symposium, our free virtual event on November 5 and 6, 2022 entitled “OVERCOMING FEAR, WORRY AND DOUBT .” (Register here

I have always said that David poses the most thought provoking questions of anyone that I know, and as I dig deep down for the answers, I notice that I always have the answer to David’s question just beneath the surface. He once called me out of the blue when I desperately needed a friend about four years ago. I asked him, “How did you know I needed to talk?” His response was profound, “I sense you.”


David and I are spiritually and energetically connected. He “knows.”

He knows what I need to be reminded of, or further explore within myself, and he asks, allows me to process, and to respond, in my own time, where I always uncover a deeper sense of self through his guidance. It is usually something I have been working on to answer on my own, and then, there is David, shining the light for me to see it clearly. To feel it clearly. To hear it clearly.

Tonight David phoned me and we spent an hour on the phone. He asked, “What is the greatest gift that you have received this year?”

Wow. After a challenging year, it was the perfect “ponder” for me. And, perfect timing as I had been reflecting on my gifts with gratitude just this morning as I spent time with God in prayer.

It was right there beneath the surface waiting to come out. I replied, “being given the opportunity over and over again, compliments of the Universe, to recognize my inner strength, my resilience, and my devotion to my wellness, and my commitment to God through this challenging year.” I continued, “and most important, my ongoing and flourishing, devoted and loving relationships with my children, and with my grandchildren. This gift is priceless.”

I flipped the question onto David, and he thought a moment and answered, “resilience”, as David, too, has had a challenging year. Then, David mentioned that his greatest gift was one of deepened connection with his son, Cieran.

Loving and connected minds think alike.

David and I mirror each other so often, and have the same mindset in love, in politics, in friendships, in our gratitude for the life lessons we have experienced, and how we have co-created our blessed lives with the Universe, in business, and so many other topics that keep us together as close friends and colleagues. And, we have a genuine interest in each other’s experiences and lives.

David visited me in October, 2018, and shared tonight that he will be visiting very soon once again.

We both look forward to this reunion.

When we engage in friendships/relationships that nourish our soul, that enhance our lives, and that are continuously strengthened in connection to each other with God/Spirit/Universe at the center, it is a lifelong connection. David once told me that “in relationships, one of the most important ingredients for success is consistency.”


We never hang up without saying, “I love you.”

A friendship steeped in love is the authentic relationship that we all deserve to experience. And, as we offer friendship, all that we offer is mirrored back. True, unconditional friendship.

Or, as in my Kundalini practice, it is known as “ or “Recognize the other person is you.”

If we take the time to think about the other person as much as ourselves, to be “consistent,” and to be present, to have shared values, to engage in meaningful conversation, to be loving and compassionate, and to provide a safe space, joy, and laughter, and to be able to “agree to disagree” now and again, we have success.

We are successful, and we are blessed.

Learn more about David here:

Love and blessings,



The Truth Is Deafening – Love, Wendy

There is something that has been unfolding for me for a long time. It began years ago following the whispers of the Universe imploring me to sit in reflection and see the truth of one who I thought was the smartest and most “truthful” one in my life, and one with all integrity.

It began as the tiniest seed laid at my feet from the very first day. Eventually, it was all encompassing, and the whispers became a howling shriek.

The truth is deafening. Love is neither blind, nor deaf.

Love, Wendy


No words, except that… – Love, Wendy

I learned of one’s “emotional hijack” which “refers to a situaion where the amygdala part of the brain which is the emotional processor, that hijacks or bypasses your normal reasoning process” where their only reality has become diseased by those involved in global delusional and hysterical beliefs and behaviors, I understand God’s intervention to remove me from the toxicity and insanity, permanently.

It is heartbreaking to watch one who I once believed to be the smartest, most wisdomous man in my life allow his mind to be hijacked with rhetoric, lapses in presence of mind, grandiosity, “spreading the word of God,” to “awaken the masses” to align with a group who are deeply disturbed, dangerous, and lacking emotional intelligence and self regulation.

I believe when one questions their own identity due to a loss of sense of self and offers their independence to a ruinous group, they become a “willing victim” of the fanfare of pestilent propaganda in order to feel a part of something…anything that makes them feel a part of “community.” One eventually becomes pernicious in their attempt to deliberately injure and mislead with bullying, untruths, and cancerous words and beliefs that have spread like wildfire within that community.

God only knows…

Dear God/Spirit/Universe,

I am so grateful and humbled that you pulled me from the wreckage.

Thank you for Your Grace. I continue upon my spiritual path and…

I will continue to pray for this unwell, displaced soul in the hopes that You will save him from the wreckage of his own mind. Be his Rock. Bless his mind and soul with healing. Offer him strength and courage in Your love. “Awaken” his senses to the “truth” that is Your word, not “theirs.”



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Last night, my Oxytocin breathing put me into a deep meditative state and helped to disconnect my thoughts from debilitating pain and spasm, one week post surgical procedure. Instead, I was able to focus on my breath and the purposeful verbal “Aaaaahhhhhhh” sound that I created to stimulate my vagus nerve for a repeated surge of oxytocin.

As I mindfully focused on my breath and the self motivated stimulation of my vagus nerve which releases oxytoxin, a hormone which has the power to regulate our emotional responses and promote a “warm and fuzzy feeling,” I finally felt relief from the chronic pain post surgical procedure of 7 days ago, and I was able to fall asleep at around 2am. Prior to this, for hours, I was experiencing severe, ongoing spasms and constant anxiety, where I could not find any relief.

I spoke to my friend/Chiropractor, Paul, in the middle of the day who explained that what I was feeling were the muscles in my back trying to pump blood to the nerves. He suggested some yoga poses,

Just by observing one’s breath, the body is able to reset itself. Then we can use the information from that observation to manage our pain, and emotional regulation.

Our breath is our most accessible tool in intervening with our physiology in real time.

For more information on how I can support you in my wellness coaching program, email me at and write WELLNESS in the subject line.

For more information on this mindful breathing and healing strategy, Oxytocin Breathing, click here:

I chose NOT to go to the emergency room because I am unwilling to receive (the probability of) narcotic drugs due to my successful long term recovery from prescription drug addiction. Instead, I used my holistic tools to mindfully and purposefully manage my symptoms. I will always continue to choose wellness, as I continue to heal.

Wellness and the way in which we heal is always a personal choice.

Love and blessings,



Don’t say, “I love you.” Show the love – LOVE, WENDY

I am a loving and empathetic wellness and spiritual teacher, and devoted friend.

I give diligent, ongoing, and loving attention to all those who are in my inner circle, as well as my clients, friends, and family members.

On my own journey of healing, especially of late, I have finally learned who is willing to selflessly reciprocate the care and love that I offer to others…

and who is not.

It costs nothing to make time for one who is experiencing challenging times, illness, and/or loss. And those few minutes of one’s time that is offered freely and lovingly can be the catalyst for a “warm and fuzzy” day, and where one is reminded that they are loved.

Call someone. FaceTime one in need of connection. Visit them. Bring a meal or snack, and a smile and hug.

Put texts aside at this time. Offer someone face to face or ear to ear connection. And further, do not make this a “one and done.”

Get invested in your relationships. There are so many in my life who have become so selfless, and there are others who have become terribly selfish and disconnected focusing only on their lives in their corner of the world.

I have learned never to have any expectations of anyone because so often it breeds disappointment and resentment.

However, I am allowed to feel whatever I feel today… disappointed and a little perplexed at those who use the word “love” in their dialogue with me. Don’t say, “I love you.” Show me the love.

We all have a few minutes in our day to offer connection.

Remember, we all need connection and support, and one day, you may be the one on the receiving end.

Put your own issues and unrest aside.

Be a friend. Offer connection. Give some love today.

What we give away, always finds its way back to us.

Be a part of the global healing and wellness that everyone thirsts for now.




“I feel triggered when” – Love, Wendy

I do not feel heard.

I am made to feel unimportant and insignificant.

I don’t feel safe to speak my truth.

When I am “dismissed.”

I feel that I have puposefully been left out.

I feel unsafe.

I feel unloved.

It doesn’t mean that my perception is accurate, but I am allowed to feel however I feel. It is up to me to ask questions, and to feel courageous enough to speak my truth no matter how scary it may be. This lets others know how I am feeling, and sets my own boundaries at the same time.

I remind myself that I can take good care of me, and that no matter what happens, and no matter what the truth of the circumstances turn out to be, I will always keep myself safe.

I will never disrespect or dishonor my own needs or desires.

I teach others how I expect to be treated by the way that I take care of myself.

Love and blessings,




All of the inevitable change that has occurred in my life over the years of my recovery, some of which has been incredibly difficult and challenging, has helped me to evolve, and to realize that everything is temporary.

It has helped me to live fully in every moment, to love deeply in every moment, and to be grateful for all of the oppotunities that the Universe has provided for me to experience, to learn, to grow, and to evolve on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

And, as I am typing this blog, the song, “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke began to play on the radio. The Universe is always listening, and communicating. We can hear it, see it, and feel it, when we are open to Divine communication, and spiritually connected.

Love and blessings,



In the Living Years:A Learning Journey – Love, Wendy

After we are born and begin our lives, as we are growing and learning, our healthy development is directly dependent upon having a secure and consistent attachment to our caregivers. It is consistency that sits at the core of our healthy mental and physical health.

“This sense of safety and feeling loved allows our nervous system to develop as it’s meant to, and creates the inner template we follow in all of our future relationships.

But when that attachment process is disrupted, it interrupts the healthy development of the nervous system, creating imbalances that have long-lasting psychological and biological effects inside us.”

During a recent therapy session with a trauma specialist, one who uses a trauma informed approach (the six principles of trauma-informed care: safety; trustworthiness and transparency; peer support; collaboration and mutuality; empowerment, voice and choice; and cultural issues) I was led to a heightened state of awareness where I had an epiphany as she encouraged me to “use your own words.” Right between the eyes. I kept repeating the words, “Oh my God, Wow,” over and over and over.

I am still being triggered by trauma. By specific people who aren’t even in my life anymore, and/or who have passed on. And I was feeling mentally drained, and physically unwell.

And although I practice daily self care, a person or situation does trigger emotions that I have not yet fully processed, and healed. And during that therapy session, it felt like the greatest re-awakening of my emotions as I talked about people, places and things that still trigger my deep sadness, anger, and my nervous system…severe and sometimes debilitating anxiety.

And she connected the dots with me…I recognized that I was choosing the same “people” that mirrored the adults tasked with my caregiving from the day I was born. Unhealthy, unstable, irresponsible, inconsistent adults.

All of my past adult relationships, even as recent as 2018, where I left a relationship because I was observing these “inconsistent, and unhealthy behaviors,” consistently, were mirroring the unstable and unhealthy adults in their own relationships that I observed throughout my entire life…consistently. This was the ONLY consistency that I had as a compass…dysfunction and trauma. On that I could always depend. It was my normal.

We live what we learn. And, we can unlearn unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviors, and create whatever trajectory we desire through mindful thoughts, behaviors, adapting and learning spiritual solutions and self care, and doing the intense trauma work necessary to heal.

Baby steps.

I chose to begin my wellness journey nearly ten years ago, and today, I am still unlearning, and learning for the first time, new healthy practices to support my wellness. These practices provide me with a feeling of deep connection to myself, and to others. I have done so much of the work over this past decade, and I continue to work, and to heal through self awareness, and self exploration and discovery.

I have the awareness as I begin to escalate in my symptoms, and have the tools to be able to self regulate using healthy practices. And I am connected to God/Spirit/Universe at all times which is where I “receive” the information that I need in order to move forward in a healthy and fruitful manner. One that enhances my life, and enhances my relationships. One where I am Divinely guided to make the healthiest choices in every situation as I listen and look beyond my physical limitations.

I have been empowered.

This is a lifelong unlearning and learning journey.

I am now able to discern what it is that will be a healthy choice for me, especially in the relationships that I choose to engage in short term, and in the long term.

Even after nearly a decade, I continue to learn, and more importantly, I continue to have the willingness to learn, in order to promote peace, love and wellness in my life. This includes removing anyone who exhibits even the slightest display of toxic behavior. Whether or not I love the person, is no longer a factor of connection if that person is toxifying my life. I have endured more than my share of toxicity throughout my entire life.

I choose to de-toxify every aspect of my life “in the living years”, and for the living years that are ahead of me. I am excited to live my life…my way, with God/Spirit/Universe at the center of my life.

I am no longer a hostage to all who came before me who lived in a mind prison of fear and accepting abusive, dysfunction, unhealthy and neglectful behaviors from one who “loved” them.

I have unlearned that type of “love.” I now understand the Divine, healthy meaning of LOVE.

My life was saved in order that I find my path upon a lifelong learning journey. Love, compassion, wellness, peace, joy, and service, by the grace of God.

“Say it loud, say it clear, You can listen as well as you hear.

It’s too late, when we die

To admit we don’t see eye to eye.

It may have a new perspective on a different day

And if you don’t give up, and don’t give in you may just be OK” – The Living Years, Mike and the Mechanics

Speak your truth. Listen to your gut. Follow your heart. Embrace a spiritual practice. Do the work.

Live your life “in the living years.”

It’s too late when we die.

Love and blessings,




In my 10th year of recovery, I am still reminded of other’s lingering trauma from when I was in active disease. And they have the right to feel what they feel. Let’s face it…
Although addiction/substance use disorder is a brain disease, it caused me to behave in unhealthy ways that deeply affected my own life, and that of my family and friends.
I will say that I still feel hurt and somewhat isolated from some of my family and friends. It is a “different” relationship. It is always respectful, and fun, and loving, yet, with a defiinite sense of an implied “keep your distance.”

At the same time, I have worked so hard and succeeded to reinvent myself, and to lead by example, and to love unconditionally.
I cannot force anyone to feel something that may be gone due to whatever they have experienced, and/or perhaps their unwillingness to truly forgive. And perhaps they are fearful of a deeper connection because they fear I will go back to unhealthy choices/behaviors.

If we are unwilling to have an honest dialogue, nothing ever gets resolved.
Certainly, when one says, “I’m fine. I’m not angry anymore,” with their arms folded across their chest with deep sadness in their eyes, I recognize the underlying sadness and pain.
And, “although the reality is deeply painful, I take comfort in knowing that I am never alone.”

I focus on the relationships that have healed, and the ones that I am engaged in where we are still working together to get to a more connected place.

It stings.
It sucks.
Both the disease and the destruction of the lives in its path, including my own.
But…I know that I have done, and continue to do my best…as a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a teacher/coach.

As painful as this is and heartbreaking for me, and for so many others who have survived this disease, all we can do is accept what is happening in the moment, and continue to pray.
We have no control over how someone else feels, or responds to us, or if that will ever change.

I continue to search for a deeper meaning. I believe I understand what that is… that we have no control…over anything…

I continue to practice my S.P.E.A.R. and S.W.I.M. into Wellness program to guide me, daily, through this process.

You can read about my program in my book Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care is available on Amazon, and other stores online worldwide.

Love and blessings,



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Even the strong ones walk to the edge sometimes. They hop on one foot, unsteady, and flirt with unhealthy throughts as they gaze at the ground 50 feet below. but then, they stop, and pause.

They step back down onto solid ground as they choose to stand firmly in their faith, and to ask for needed support.


They allow themselves to emote, accept, and then rest, realign, and reframe. And they create a S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS plan. This is the beauty of adapting the tools from my Integrative Approach To Wellness program.


And…”look up child.”

For information on my programs and workshops, visit, and purchase my book Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Kindle, Goodreads online worldwide.

If you would like a free initial consultation to work with me one on one, email me at

Love and blessings,




Being “titanium “ is nothing to brag about. If you are impenetrable you are therefore devoid of feelings, and do not possess a spiritual compass. Here is where one lives through ego which is completely transparent.

However, when the heat is turned up, even titanium begins to lose its strength…and, it doesn’t stand a chance against “bullets” fired from high-powered “truth” where Spirit steps in with a light that illuminates and melts the life of lies. Lies become the magnet to an eventual bending of the metal and where “truth” finally bursts out for all to see. One is left naked and vulnerable. Their greatest fear becomes their reality. And they have a choice to ask for spiritual support with a humble heart, or not.

As I always say, “Truth is where your freedom begins, and where restored peace becomes our daily experience.”

One way or another, the “truth” IS ALWAYS revealed.




Serendipity – Love, Wendy

Serendipity story…

I have not thought about The Wizard of Oz since my kids were little other than maybe now and again through the years.

My dear friend, Steve, who I had not seen in a year and a half visited me and used this movie title in an analogy for something that he was explaining to me.

Then my friend Tara, who I gifted this beautiful piece of artwork to about 4 years ago, made by my late stepfather, Harold, of The Wizard of Oz, returned this to me today as she said she was downsizing and thought to herself that this piece of my stepfather‘s legacy should stay in my family. It was my late mom, Judy’s favorite piece that he made. He was so talented and made dozens of beautiful pieces.

And today, watching “Serendipity,” there is a specific reference to The Wizard of Oz that jumped out at me as another “sign.”

I believe these signs reveal to me what I have been shown is about to show up “behind the curtain…”

Spirit communicates in the most curious ways, and this is a “normal” part of my every day life. “Our” communication is constant and clear, and I always understand the guidance I am being given, and shown the specific answers to my questions and prayers.

When we are open to Divine communication, we see, hear and feel beyond our physical limitations.

To be continued!…



The Wizard of Oz, created by my stepfather, Harold Rosen.

Don’t say, “Get over it” – Love, Wendy

When we engage with a trauma survivor, we want to use trauma informed words and behaviors steering clear of phrases like, “Put on your big girl/boy pants,” or “You’re all grown up now, and that was a lifetime ago,” or “Get over it.”

Trauma, when left untreated and unprocessed becomes embedded on a cellular level. We must be empathetic and realize that insensitive phrases and words such as these, and the like, are unkind, and one cannot just “skip over” details of the experienced trauma to “get over it.” This is how it remains stuck, and one remains unwell on a cellular level. Body, mind and spirit.

We must encourage one to slowly unpack, at their own pace, their own experiences, and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for one to do so.

My objective is always to nourish ones soul.

A trauma informed approach uses empathy, patience and compassion, and holds the space for one who has experienced trauma to heal in their own time, and in their own way. We ask them what they need to unpack the details of the trauma.

And, we meet them there.




Rebuilding is a process – Love, Wendy

When we ask for the truth to be revealed in order to experience closure, we must prepare ourselves to receive it. And, sometimes it will not deliver closure at all. Only more epiphanies.


Yet, it may cause us to reach higher, and deeper in our next relationship. And, we may learn more about our own resilience, and more about the inner work we still need to do, including following God’s initial guidance.

Rebuilding is a process that creates an even stronger foundation of self, with God, and with another.





“As we reflect on the precious souls lost on 9/11/01, of those whose lives were forever impacted and changed, and of those who gave so much of their service and unconditional love as they steadied themselves to be the anchor when the waves came crashing down…may God bless you for holding our heads above the water and refusing to allow us to sink to the bottom.

To the heroes that sacrificed themselves to ensure that we would see the sun shine after the storm…we thank you for your selfless and tireless acts of courage …you are the wind beneath our wings.

To those who lost their lives, we remember you with heartfelt love, and we honor you each and every day…YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN

and to those who survived and to the loved ones of those lost, we acknowledge your courage on a difficult journey, we applaud your resilience, and offer prayers of peace and strength. May God continue to bless all of us with an unbreakable spirit as we continue to offer each other love, empathy, and kindness today, and every day, as a Global Community as we follow IN HIS FOOTSTEPS TO A HEALING PATH.”

Love and blessings,