The more I see, the more I see – Love, Wendy

I have observed a clear and persistent obstinence, defiance, and borderline delusion from one I loved. I think about the brilliant mind of this man and wonder what would encourage one that I held in the highest regard and loved so deeply to align themselves with pure evil, and then to emualate that evil and delusion.

I used to pray for this man that God would forgive his deceit and hurtful words and behaviors. I used to pray that he would awaken. I used to ask God to strengthen his resolve and guide him to align himself with love, and to embrace the God he claims to be a child of, and of whom he follows.

I cannot believe my eyes.

Yet, the more I see, the more I see. And, the more I learn about this man, the more I learn.

I understand why God would never bless a relationship with one so defiant, misguided and unwell.

“God helps those who ask for help, and who help themselves.”

God never approves of evil.




Open your mind to other perspectives – Love, Wendy

There are actually some people who will “wish” for your relapse and demise, so that they can say, “You see, it can’t be done.” (Wellness in Recovery).

They have never met me.

My self created program, “An Integrative Approach to Recovery” is suitable for everyone as it combines traditional methods with holistic methods and flexibility in choosing ones wellness tools. We all have mental health, and we all heal differently. We must respect each individual’s choices in healing.

My choice was to create my own program when I realized the traditional 12 step programs did not resonate with me. I began my own business and started helping those in recovery who wanted a new perspective and sustainable program in wellness.

Click here for your copy of my book, Write Pray Recover: A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care.




“Holding the space” – Love, Wendy

Giving someone space is an act of love and compassion. It displays trust and value of another. “Holding the space” for another allows them to “be” where they are, heal in whatever way and pace that is comfortable for them, and it reminds them that you are on the sidelines watching, cheering, and holding the space for them to arrive at their own destination in their own time.

“Holding the space” for oneself is just as important. To “know” that we have the support and the tools to love ourselves and to heal in the way(s) that resonate with us individually. Each day remind yourself that you are ALWAYS doing your best in every moment with the tools and knowledge that you have at this time.

Remind yourself that you are spiritually supported and guided. Remind yourself that you can always seek additional guidance and support from a trusted loved one, or even a professional. Remind yourself that your healing is connected to your experiences, and that you have the option to try additional means of healing to expand and enhance your experiences.

“Holding the space” for oneself or another is an act of unconditional love. And in the meantime, for ourselves, we live in the space of acceptance that we can only control our own space and self. In this space and action is our greatest self care.

Hold the space in a mindset of acceptance, being present, kindness and encouragement, and if needed, silence. We all heal differently. Remind yourself that there is NO time limit on healing.

“Hold a space for love and healing.”

And always be prepared to dance again in that space.

Love, Wendy


“When all hope is gone, have faith” – Love, Wendy

When your child is hurting, no matter how old they are and you can’t fix it for them, the heaviness of their burden seeps into a mother’s soul.

For me, when my precious child who is experiencing serious challenge and adversity tells me that, “it’s OK mom, I’m going to take good care of myself because you have shown me the way; you inspire me”, that is the moment that I look up, drop down to my knees, and say, “Thank you,” to the Divine Source, and for me that is God/Spirit, who has been guiding me on my path of wellness and self awareness in order to lead by healthy example for my children.

Everything that I do, say, and act upon is carefully thought out and considered in order to provide healthy choices for my children. And in my own times of adversity, I remind myself who is watching, and the lesson that I want them to learn.

When your child is hurting, no matter how old they are and you can’t fix it for them, we must continue to do the next healthy thing to lead by healthy example. We must show them that through our own adversity and challenges, we continue to practice wellness, and to stand strong in our spiritual beliefs and practices…most especially when it seems like all hope is gone.

As I always say, “When all hope is gone, have faith.”




Whisper’s from the Universe – Love, Wendy

When we allow chances to learn and to evolve pass us by because we are uncomfortable with change, or we are fearful of failure, we lose opportunities to grow our grit.

Whatever the outcome, whether success or failure, it is an opportunity to build resilience, to strengthen our inner resolve, and a chance to understand what we can do moving forward to achieve our desired outcome. It is the practice test of exploration and discovery.

An embraced opportunity may even introduce an option that we have never considered, and can change the trajectory of our journey. 

I believe in taking every opportunity that is presented. If it doesn’t resonate, I will not engage again. 

I believe that opportunities that we may not “see” on our own are the Universe’s whispers to “trust” the journey.

Love, Wendy


We live what we learn. UNLEARN it when it depletes your wellness – Love, Wendy

I experienced trauma as a young child at the hands of the adults who were supposed to love me. Trauma made me do things, and behave in ways that were just as toxic as the behavior that I was exposed to as a child and young adult.

We live what we learn.

UNLEARN it when it depletes your wellness.

When I was near death ten years ago from a near fatal overdose of prescription drugs which I used to numb out all of the trauma, it was the thought of my children that prompted me to ask for help to save my life. I wanted to live, but first I needed to clean up my addiction, work with a therapist, unlearn unhealthy behaviors, and learn a healthy, sustainable way to live that resonated with my soul. An “integrative approach” was what I connected to and through which I thrive today.

I have worked through much of the trauma, and have ten fluid years of successful recovery in wellness.

I have written a book, become a mental health educator/consultant, earned a certification in Spiritual Wellness, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I am a board certified Peer Specialist for the state of NY.

Although I endured so much abuse, neglect and trauma, in one moment of clarity, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and ceased being the victim.

I asked for help, I did the intense inner work, and I realize that this will be a lifelong journey, but man, I have come a long way in the past ten years.

Those that just continue to wallow in their trauma in order to play the victim, and make excuses not to go to work, not to DO the work, not to practice compassion and forgiveness, and who look for attention in a most unhealthy way are destined to live an unhealthy life with toxic people in their circle.

It is a choice. I am not responsible for the abuse and trauma that caused me to use drugs, but I am responsible to heal myself, body, mind and spirit.

When we mature, we realize that our parents had their own mental health/substance use issues, and they did the best with what they knew, albeit they did not have tools at all to provide a nurturing home, love and security. And, through my own healing work, I have learned empathy for my parents, and have forgiven them.

I am blessed.

I have surrounded myself with the best teachers in healing and wellness, spiritual mentors, and have made it a full time job to learn all that would enable me to become the woman I am today.

The more I learn, the more I learn, and I now teach others how to promote their own wellness, and come from a place of spiritually aligned behaviors.

I stand in my power. I will never again allow myself to engage in a toxic relationship where I give away my power.

A difficult journey, but I am living in wellness…one moment at a time.

Forgiveness negates the need for lifelong vengeance. It is for the ones who were the victims. Of course, forgiveness is a choice, and is a situational decision.

With respect for all those who endured abuse and neglect, I speak from experience.

My load is so much lighter. I wish that for you.




A Decade Of Wellness in Recovery – Love, Wendy

I have been in “Wellness Recovery” for a decade now, and I have learned so much in my new normal.

And, at the foundation of my recovery from prescription drug addiction and mental health disorders is my deep spiritual practice.

I have observed that I have the ability to successfully, with deep meaning, do the following with spiritual guidance and a loving support system:

-Engage in the most challenging and uncomfortable conversations.
-Take the road less traveled.
-Choose to go way out of my comfort zone and try the scary option rather than the safe option in order to allow myself to learn and to evolve.
-To have an ongoing dialogue about mental health and my personal journey even in my community where I live and work without apologizing for the disorders that nearly took my life, and in fact, use my lived experience and my work experience in the field to serve my community, locally and globally.

And I have observed that:

-I am brave.
-I have stared adversity in the eye, and kept going anyway.
-I have become empowered and have freed myself from the past.
-I have created a new, healthy lifestyle that has indeed been life changing.
-I have had thousands of opportunities, and embraced those opportunities to serve others.

These last 10 years in recovery through my self created Integrative Approach to Wellness in Recovery has taught me discipline, courage and self trust, and MOST importantly to “sit” and just “be” comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It always works out because God is ever present. Each situation is teaching me faith, discipline and grit.

It has taught me how to feel safe and secure even when I am feeling lonely and afraid. To make the choices that will best serve me in wellness, albeit that some of these choices have forced me to work harder in my recovery to foster and build my resilience and grit, leaving behind people, places and situations that I believed were once in my best interest.

Lastly, I have learned that choosing to do the right thing, i.e., the healthiest thing for myself may require me to make choices that are unpopular with others, and that I am perfectly at peace with it all.

As I write in my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey to Wellness through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, “I will no longer go into “debt” energetically for anyone else at the expense of my own wellness. I practice self-care first. If something that I am being asked to do is going to jeopardize my wellness, or expend and deplete my energy, the answer is “no.” No regrets. No apologies. Those who are coming from a good and loving place support and respect my boundaries. If they do not support my boundaries, they are not meant to be aligned on my path.”

I am incredibly proud of my healing, and of all of my work. I am so humbled by the experiences that have shaped the woman who I have become, and whom I love and respect.

Love and blessings,



Welcome Home to Yourself – Love, Wendy

We need to take a proactive part in our healing journey. Self reflection and speaking our truth is the first step.

Part of our healing journey may be to accept that the love we once shared is no longer a part of our journey, that it will be irreplaceable, and yet, continuing to invite ourselves to experience happiness once again even if the journey now appears unlike what we had imagined.

It takes courage and grit to continue to move forward without the relationship/relationships that captured our heart. And, it is always our choice.

We might not have a choice as to how we are placed on a alternate path than where we were headed, but we have a choice as to how we respond. We can go kicking and screaming, or we can embrace the beauty of the new beginnings.

Speak your truth. Unpack the pain. Patiently process it all. Express your deepest disappointment. Journal. Talk to someone you trust. Practice whatever healthy self care practices nourishes your soul.

Repeat as often as needed.

If it resonates, sit in prayer/meditation. This is my greatest self soothing tool.

Mindfully, take another step forward.

Never place a time constraint on your healing. It is a lifelong process. And, we can experience joy and sadness simultaneously.

Welcome home to yourself.

Love and blessings,



How Great Thou Art – Love, Wendy

Watching as a man continues to “drink the Koolaid” and buys into outlandish theories of “fake people, news,” and sees his reality that which aligns with a “Q” perspective.

Once upon a time, I believed this man to be “the smartest man” I knew. I held onto his every word as “gospel.”

My “God” and his “Creator” would never collaborate. Mine is based in spirituality, faith and love.

I believe that his is based in fear and a concoction of brainwashing tactics.

So, live and let live, and offer gratitude for my God for saving me from the Koolaid I came so close to swallowing. Never ignore your intuition.

How Great Thou Art.

Love and blessings,



I am certain… – Love, Wendy


Change is never ending. Just when I feel comfortable and safe, a powerful wind of change emerges, and not so subtly, to remind me that I am only as sturdy as my flexibility and my willingness to change direction on a moment’s notice.

I breathe deeply, I allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling, practice acceptance and gratitude, ask God/Spirit/Universe for strength, support and guidance, reframe my mindset where I am open to the exciting possibility of this new path and person, and as the song says, “I remember You have always been faithful to me…You are always there with me.”

I am certain of two things…

That life is never ending change where we experience experiences of uncertainty, and the outcome is whatever we choose to create from the experience…


that God/Spirit/Universe is always the “wind beneath my wings” and the resilience and Divine love beneath the uncertainty.




I Wish You Well – Love, Wendy

I have been trying to understand why an ex would continue to follow me on social media after years of deceit and ghosting.

It makes no sense. Yet, it makes perfect sense…

Patterns of an egotist.

When one who thrives on control feels a sense of loss of control, they infuse themselves as a “reminder” that they are still present. Yet, it makes me sad for them. One who knows who they are, loves who they are, and respects who they are need not come from a place of ego.

After learning that he never loved me, I was certain he would be on his way never to hear from him again.

I cannot feel respect for anyone who intentionally inflicts pain to self soothe their ego, and, I have great empathy for someone so ill equipped to navigate life with an arm too short to box with God.

I wish you well.




Wellness in Recovery is a Personal Journey – Love, Wendy

As we seek and continue recovery, we need ongoing support I. E., either a support group, coach, counselor as an adjunct to initial medical treatment and ongoing, lifelong support with our healthcare provider.

I have 10 years of sustained wellness in recovery, and am grateful to my coaches and medical doctors for their compassion and ongoing guidance and support as I lead the way in what I know I need for wellness. I have assembled an empathetic and supportive team to guide me.

Whether we are in recovery, or just living our lives, the best advice I can give as I write about in my book Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care is


There are so many choices to master recovery and wellness. I never substitute someone else’s practices for my own.

Inherently, we know what we need for wellness.




Signs – Love, Wendy

Some see a post on social media, hear a song, or see a spiritual “number,” and tell themselves this is their “sign.”

This is their comforting validation from Spirit.

Whether we choose to believe, or not, is what our mind creates, and subsequently how we change the trajectory of our reality.

Whether you believe or not, that’s right.





We can never “un-know” what we now know to be the truth.
We can never “un-know” what we know happened.

We can only unlearn unhealthy behaviors that keep us stuck in a situation that is toxic, or with a person that is mentally unhealthy and causing us grief, and infusing their toxicity into our personal space.

We can learn new healthy practices to promote our own mental health and wellness.

And we can remind ourselves that their poor and toxic choices is not about us, but rather about their own lack of self love, their inability to feel empathy and compassion, and of the inability to self regulate.

Love and blessings,



“Live in Peace” – Love, Wendy

“Life is short.”
“Rest in peace.”

We hear these sentiments often when someone dies.

We remind ourselves that in fact life IS short, and to savor every delicious moment that we experience, to love with passion and purpose, and to be present to experience our experiences…


And then when one passes we say, “Rest in Peace (R.I.P.)

I often wonder when I observe so much hate and dissension between others, or one who has experienced trauma who turns on themselves, taking on blame that is NOT theirs to carry who lives a life of toxicity and unhealthy mindset and behaviors, “how can we recapture PEACE, and how I could support others who have lost their peace, and their wellness, to learn to “Live in Peace.” (L.I.P.)

Because Life IS short, and death comes soon enough where we will have eternity to rest.

I suggest that we sign a “Peace Treaty” with the ones we are at odds with for a compromise that we can all be excited about. “Respectful resolution.”

Speak your truth…with kindness.

I suggest that if we are living with the past tormenting our present moments that we ask for support as we unpack the trauma, embrace it, understand it, and make PEACE with it in a reframe that allows us to use it to build our resilience and self compassion that we so well deserve.

Who knows when we will be “called” to rest.



Thinking of Lisa Marie Presley. Was she able to “Live in Peace” with all that she had endured in her life?

Rest in Peace Lisa Marie 1968-2023


“Why are you single?” – Love, Wendy

“You are such a beautiful soul inside and out! Why are you single?” I was again recently asked.

After learning that my last relationship was a complete tale of falsehood and deceit, and that I was lied to/ghosted for years, I choose to be on my own,” I responded. I had been duped and bought it all at face value. Love was most certainly blind at that time.

Further, I explained that I always know what to expect from myself, I trust myself implicitly, and have unfortunately, thus far, find it very difficult to trust another man still five years later.

I now have a clean slate for my life, and if and when God sends me my spiritual soulmate, I will know.



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

Financial strife? Welcome to life!- Love, Wendy

It has come to this…

Working just to pay expenses to “exist,” never having the opportunity to live, to breathe and to experience a moment of peace…

MONEY. Or lack thereof.

No extra money for travel, home furnishings, pretty sweaters, an occasional out to dinner treat…

A new normal.

For some. You know that saying, “The rich are gettting richer…” and “Borrow from Peter to pay Paul.” Black and white. Simply no grey. No color.

Our bodies and minds are exhausted from the sheer daily chore of trying to make ends meet, unsuccessfully. Working two jobs, nights, weekends…no rest for the weary.

Our physical health and mental health are dwindling. Sleep deprived. A chronic mental and physical state of anxiety alternating with depression. Thinking of the way one “used to live” while they attempt to unpack and process the information of their “new normal.”

Others have suggestions on continuing to “exist,” but there is no long term solution to actually live in peace of mind and joy in the way that others do.

Family that has wronged a family member financially, purposefully, for their own selfish agenda, and the other family members who turn their heads and pretend not to see. Unconsciounable.

We live to pay ridiculous amounts of taxes, insurance, bills, and cost of living continues to go up, yet our salaries remain the same.

What does one do?

I do not have an informed response. I too, am at a loss, on many levels.

So, offer grace and empathy to others.

You have no clue as to what others are dealing with behind their hard work at their “job,” and behind their “smile.” They go home, close the front door, and feel despondent with yet another grueling, back breaking day behind them, and the next one soon to show up in the morning.

Financial strife? Welcome to life!



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

The Greatest Love of All – Love, Wendy

I chose to no longer make justifications for one’s toxic behavior. I chose to conserve my energy…to not deplete it due to another’s unwell, skewed and jarring thoughts and behaviors that were not in alignment with mine.

I finally chose to see the “truth,” which is that we live with completely different perspectives that will never meet head on, rather only to continue to collide.

Once I chose ME, and my wellness, joy and peace, God brought me the perfect relationship in love.

And that is how I knew I was ready.

This was a life lesson that I did not expect. With gratitude, I continue to seek God’s guidance. It has been an ongoing practice of spiritual connection, and cultivating meaningful connection with myself. I am now ready and eager to make a connection with another.

It began with “the greatest love of all.”

Thy will be done, always.

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


This year my only resolution is to set daily achievable goals, and to celebrate my daily accomplishments. This is how I remain in the present moment.

I do not make plans for an entire year.

Things change, situations arise, and when I am present, I am aware of my immediate circumstances. I have the ability to navigate adversity and challenges with self awareness, self regulation and wellness practices that best serves me.

And most importantly, I follow Spirit’s guidance.

Thy will be done.

Stand in your faith!

Stay in the present moment!

Celebrate your daily achievements, and try again tomorrow when you fall short of your goal.

One day at a time.

Wishing you a blessed 2023!



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

Daily Dialogue with God – Love, Wendy

Allow yourself to feel, to experience your emotions, and if you feel called to do so, share your feelings.

Journal, talk to someone you trust, or have a conversation with God.

I find that using the following template to express my feelings, keeps the focus on how I am feeling and allows me to take accountability for my perception rather than pointing my finger at someone or something else.

“I feel ________ when _________ because __________.”

“I feel disappointed when my loved one doesn’t stay connected because it makes me feel insignificant.” I am allowed to feel how I feel.

I do journal daily, I stay proactive in my relationships by communicating how I am feeling, and my greatest healing comes from my daily dialogue with God. I am always able to see other perspectives through His guidance and love.

Love and blessings,




I have heard it said that money cannot buy you happiness.

I beg to differ.

Having the ability to buy food, to pay for shelter, medical expenses, are all necessities, and definitely creates happiness when one is able to provide for oneself. And, having the ability to go out for some joy time is also a necessity in balancing ones mental health.

Losing the ability to pay for things, which in my opinion is the purpose of living…work, pay the bills, and back to work again, strips one of any happy moments. We get caught up in the moment to moment worry of living paycheck to paycheck.

Money does buy happiness and good mental health.

I observe my circle of friends enjoying their “happiness” in the form of new homes, vacations, and fancy dinners and entertainment on the weekends. And yet, so many in today’s world cannot afford to even take a sick day when they are sick because losing a day’s pay that they depend upon in order to pay those bills to experience that “happiness” is denied them.

Happiness does have a price tag.

Look around you in your community. I thought that going out into mine and offering an inspirational talk would be uplifting for many who are experiencing financial deficits. Then when I experienced this same situation, I realized that my whole life and mental health are dependent on figuring out a real solution as opposed to someone else’s rock bottom to success story whose circumstances and resources are completely different from mine. And please, don’t tell a person struggling with financial deficits and their mental health due to these financial struggles that “God has a plan.”

I am not interested in other’s “rose from the ashes” stories while I am despondent in my financial status.

I am only interested in finding happiness. That is a job that can pay my bills and maybe give me a little extra to buy Christmas gifts for my loved ones, and maybe enjoy a night out for dinner.

Keeping this very real…

as always.

Do you have a story to share? Email me at




I hear Him say, “Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

My strength is weakened by my lack of faith after a culmination of unsettling circumstances permeated my foundation. I feel wounded. I feel scared. I crash like the unsupported Jenga blocks that were stacked diligently on my table.

I detach from hope.

He is tapping me on the shoulder to let me know that all I need to do is to be still, and to listen. He reassures me that He is making a way even though I cannot see the unfolding miracle. He reminds me to “Look up, Child” as I write about in Chapter 1 of my book Write Pray Recover.

I remind myself of His faithfulness. I remind myself that He pulled me from the grave 10 years ago, and suddenly, I rise up. I shake it off. I remember that He has always pulled me through with hundreds of tiny miracles along the way.

I grab onto His promises that He has a plan, and that I am always loved in the heart of God. I am always protected by the hand of God.

I begin to rebuild the fallen blocks, one at a time, and with each purposeful placement of another, I begin to see the whole picture.

I am safe.

I hear Him say, “Look Up Child.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

A Spiritual Redirection – Love, Wendy

I believe that God guides us in order to serve others who He observes in need of loving support and guidance.

And, when there is resistance to our Divinely led support from others for an extended period of time, God re-directs our service to those who are willing to embrace change, and those who are willing to work towards becoming a spiritual student, and teacher.

Recently, my re-direction has taken me on a new path of serving, one that I did not think I would return to, but as a spiritual student, and teacher, I want to deepen my Divine connection and to continue to learn, and to evolve, so I surrender to the Universe/God/Spirit.

I am always grateful for “continuing education” in order to grow, and to lead others on their own spiritual journey.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

Seek communication and collaboration – Love, Wendy

People treat others with behaviors and words that have been modeled for them.

This is their normal.

If other’s behaviors are unkind and reactive, remind yourself that this is their limited way of expressing themselves through a narrow lens, and in no way is reflective of you.

Seek communication and collaboration through a wider lens.

In relationships, when we collaborate and step outside the box to resolve our challenges, we recognize collaboration as a flow…a win win rather than engaging in adversarial behaviors.

Love and blessings,



Deflection vs. Reflection – Love, Wendy

Until I was able to look straight into the eyes that were looking back at me in the mirror that I finally was brave enough to see, I believed his vision of me.

Never pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough.
The truth is that was never about me.

I turned the mirror towards him.
He turned his back and ran away. Literally.

You see, when one has no integrity and is not brave enough to do the inner work, they deflect. 

Deflection is a cowards game.

Deflection is one’s way of avoiding ones own truth, and a weak man’s excuse to avoid telling the truth.

Reflection takes inner strength where one authentically and courageously looks at oneself, without judgement, as is, using ones senses to connect with ones Higher self, and Spirit, with willingness to create the change you inherently know is needed….as an “evolved” being rather than pointing out the defects of others.





I love to observe. I watch people’s facial expressions and body language. I witness beautiful souls with an open space where they embrace others unconditionally.

I also witness from others rolling of the eyes, those who turn their back and look the other way when someone they are in conflict with approaches.

I know the circumstances behind the “conflict.” Almost infantile and empty. Behavior that I would expect from a young child who is being disciplined for unbecoming and unhealthy reactions followed by self pity.

I believe that there is so much dissension amongst grown adults due to fear, envy and ignorance. 

Rather than taking the time to listen and “see,” the other person, some take the easy way out.

Judgement. Separation. Disconnect.

I feel only empathy and compassion for these souls. There is something within themselves that is so miserable that they will not allow themselves to acknowledge it, process it, and to release it, and so they channel that anger, hurt, and frustration outwards.

It’s a good way to deflect, but trust me, when they are in the silence of their own space…

They absolutely know right from wrong, and their truth.

And it is painful.

Choose empathy. Pray for them.

They are in pain.

And remind yourself that this all about them, and not about you.

Love and blessings,



Thoughts – Love, Wendy

If there had been support and resources for mental health, substance use disorder and wellness decades ago, I would’ve had the opportunity to have decades added to my life. I am in my 10th year of recovery from prescription drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. I am now 64 years old.

I see all of the amazing work being done by my younger colleagues in the field of mental health and wellness, and pine to be able to do the same. THIS IS MY GREATEST DESIRE, AND PASSION.

My business and my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care have definitely served others.

I wonder if I am too old to reach the young demographic that I believe needs to hear my story in order to feel inspiration and hope. Probably.

So, I will continue going forward, seeking all opportunities to share my journey of recovery through an Integrative Approach to Wellness, a program that I created and that I practice using natural and organic solutions alongside of traditional care, when necessary.

And perhaps at the right time, the Universe will provide me with the opportunity that I am seeking…to serve our global population. A worldwide book and speaking tour.


Read my book to learn more:

Love and blessings,



Looking for a Spiritual Meaning – Love, Wendy

I always maintain that I am stronger than Lupus.

Until now.

The past week after returning back to a full time job as a Reading Specialist in a school district that encompasses an 8 hour day, excessive walking, standing and sitting (although I was given accomodations to avoid this but is unavoidable), driving 60 miles round trip, and running my business to provide mental health and wellness coaching and workshops before and after school hours, I have learned that I am no match for my diagnosis of Lupus/Inflammatory Arthritis.

The arthritis is in my spine which radiates into my jaw and arms, alongside of a nerve impingement and degenerative disc disease which affects my walking and standing. Oh, and if I sit more than a few minutes, that doesn’t work either.

I have purchased a thick foam pad for underneath my feet, 3 pairs of expensive sneakers that are listed as “the best choice for standing on concrete floors all day,” have been given a standing desk in my office, and I sit with a heating pad on my back for relief most of the day. Motrin does not get to the pain. I will not take pain medication because I am dedicated to my recovery from prescription drug addiction now in my 10th year of recovery.

I am not stronger than my challenges, however…

I am doing my best every day to remain positive, and to look for a deeper meaning…

A SPIRITUAL MEANING to my challenges.

My body needs a gentle flow, rest, love and daily physical therapy to maintain my wellness. It needs nourishment body, mind and spirit.

Instead my body is swollen, it feels heavy, and the pain is systemic. The severity of the pain affects my thinking. Yesterday was the worst. I had complete brain fog just 30 minutes into my day. NO RELIEF. The pain literally takes my breath away. Recently a doctor shrugged at me and said, “There’s nothing else I can do for you.” WOW.


Instead of giving myself what I know that my body needs to thrive…

I work to live.

Many of us have no choice.

At 64 years old and living with these challenges in addition to no financial resources, I am forced to do my PT at home at 4am, in excruciating pain and through a few tears, limp into the bathroom to take a shower, put on my makeup as I brace my body up against the sink to take the pressure off of my spine, sit with heat on my back for a few minutes, carry my briefcase, lunch bag and books to the car, drive to work, (thankful for the heated seats and lumbar support seat) carry everything into my building, and by the time I get there, my poor body is reeling in pain, spasms, and exhaustion. This even after the doctor said, “Do not carry anything heavier than a fork.” But, I cannot pull one of those suitcases on wheels, and there is nobody to assist me when I arrive at work.

And, because I have no choice other than to “work to live,” I have now had to agree to take a medication that I have said no to for years that treats Lupus/Arthritis. It is a drug that is normally used for depression, but in a very small dose (10mg) I am told it treats this type of pain. “Nortriptyline works by increasing the amount of specific nerve transmitters in the nervous system, reducing pain messages arriving in the brain.”

So it is NOT treating or curing my disease, it is just a band-aid. And it is screwing with my very healthy brain…one I have prided myself in taking special care of these last 10 years of my recovery from prescription drug addiction.

Spiritual meaning??? Hmmmm…

A couple of days ago as my specialist looked at the severe swelling in my knees, she said all I can do is ice, and elevate.


And, she said I need to “increase the Nortriptyline to 20mg for more effective pain management.” So that I can go to work…


I’ve had cortisone injections, 2 epidurals, and exercise every day walking at least 2 miles, PT, drink plenty of water, eat very “clean” with no sugar, gluten, dairy or processed foods, and only organic foods are in my diet in order to avoid inflammation, and have used every concoction of holistic supplements to try to reduce my inflammation. I have tried massages, and acupuncture. Nothing is long lasting for this type of pain.

I KNOW my body and I am expericing systemic inflammation ongoing. Physical and mental stress keeps our bodies in a state of inflammation.

I work to serve our global community in mental health and wellness which is my passion. I use my lived and field experience, as well as my book Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care to offer solutions to achieve wellness. This brings me joy.

My children and grandchildren bring me joy.

However, the pain and every symptom that I am experiencing zaps my energy.

I work to live.

I go to work, and come home to go to bed.

Yet, I am still “going deeper” to find the spiritual meaning of what seems to be a life lesson.

I’m not there yet…

To be continued…

Love and blessings,



Homeless, hungry and hopeless – LOVE, WENDY

When one runs out of options, I have seen a precious soul give up on life.

Homeless, hungry and hopeless.

How do we help our global community to realize that suicide is so final, and never the answer.

Our precious global “brothers and sisters” are struggling with so much, and so much of it is financial hardship. Some nearing homelessness and hunger, and some who are already living this horrific reality…in the USA.

As I live with this real fear, daily, I stand with our global community and wonder…

What is the solution…





What has happened to us as a collective community? The people who were once so willing to stay connected and to sincerely care about how “we are doing” seem to have withdrawn.

I hear this from clients, and I am experiencing this in my own life.
Some people will stay connected, but you can viscerally feel the “arms length” connection.

Have we become so exhausted and hardened through our global challenges that we have retreated, even from those we once stayed connected to daily?

Have we become so consumed with our own challenges that we can’t even make the time to send a simple text or to make time for a connection call? To ask another “how are you” and really listen to their answer?

Well, not this woman.

No matter what is going on in my life, I will always remain present and connected to those that I love and those whom I serve…always.

I know what it feels like to be discarded, and I will never cause another precious human being to feel that way.

We are all experiencing many similar challenges and adversity, and we become a closer community when we share and support our loved ones, and neighbors.

Love and connection is the antidote.

Love and blessings,



Truth is blinding – Love, Wendy

If someone repeatedly shows you who they are, and you don’t want to “see” it, God steps in to show you in the most brutally enlightening way… in a way that you could not see with your human sight.

There is NO denying it anymore.

When we allow ourselves to see beyond our physical limitations, God shows us “truth.”

Take your time with processing the information. Love always remains, but reality is sobering. I choose to be sober. Open your eyes. The “truth” is blinding.



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

What happened to you? – Love, Wendy

When one cannot identify with their own feelings and emotions, or they are too fearful to do so, they sync to the feelings and even the thoughts and behaviors of others.

They may have not been “seen and heard” as a youngster, and even as a young adult/adult. They do not have the words to identify their feelings, or may be too afraid to speak their truth, and so they look for others who are excessively loud and expressive in their vernacular as they are trying to state the inner emotions that may be simmering. Often, these are people who are actually feeling deeply insecure, and who are also looking for attention (in the most unhealthy ways.)

As I observe, I notice that the louder and angrier someone is in their expression whether it is verbal, or in their actions, I ask myself, “What happened to them?”

This is known as a “Trauma Informed Approach.”

When people feel the need to be crass, excessively boisterous, and engage in unhealthy, limiting beliefs and behaviors, I choose to employ empathy.

Sometimes, it is a challenge, but empathy is a place where I understand what another may have experienced to cause them to exhibit such desperate behaviors in order to be noticed, and even loved.

Do you need guidance for nutrition body, mind and spirit?

Fill out the contact page on my website to chat. Let’s do a virtual coffee!

Love and blessings,




I have a theory as I watch the duplicitous behavior of one I thought I once knew, and loved… When you don’t have a life purpose, find yourself alone with too much time available as an aging adult, and where one does not have self esteem, and does not love or believe in themselves, they become sucked into theories which may make them feel a part of something…anything…even behaving in ways that are inhumane.

This steers the trajectory of their thoughts, and behaviors, creating an altered perception of reality. When one is desperate to be loved and needed, and wants to belong, they will drink the Koolaid, no matter the personal cost.

And, I have just been a witness to the demise of a beautiful soul and otherwise intelligent mind.

An incredibly expensive lesson.

Love, Wendy



I continue to experience deep and profound spiritual lessons in the midst of hardship and chaos, and yet, I welcome these spiritual lessons.

As a spiritual student my task is to grow and evolve and to stand in my faith in order to continue as a spiritual teacher and spiritual first responder. I consistently continue to show up for those whom I serve.

If we live the experiences, we recognize the true meaning of life through adversity and challenge, as well as the gentle touch of spirits guidance.

And, we continue to reaffirm our own faith through these spiritual experiences by the grace of God.

In the still of the silence, the connection is the loudest. As my mother used to say, “The silence is deafening.”

Love and blessings,




As I plan for this next stage of my life as a single, mature woman of sixty-something, I connect even more deeply to those beautiful souls who are faced with homelessness, hunger, and loss of safety and security.

Something needs to change in order to protect and to provide, especially for our aging population.

Who are we trusting and depending upon in our government to care for us as we retire, as we age, and as we require more resources in order to experience wellness and joy in our golden years?

Yesterday, I had an unsettling, eye opening experience as I sought out some temporary assistance due to my own personal needs for temporary assistance due to a long term illness where I am temporarily unable to work full time.

There are no more waiting lists for housing. “Supply outweighs the demand.”
If you earn over a few hundred dollars, you are not eligible for temporary benefits.
And, where there are resources, the wait is exponential, and the amount doesn’t feed a bird.

One could starve or be homeless by the time one receives support.

I met a woman, Joann, approximately 55 years of age, who has set up “home” on the park bench at the lake. She worked for a major corporation and was taken ill, and could no longer work. She ran out of sick time at work, and resources. Her “home sweet home” all year round, is a shopping cart filled with her most prized possessions, and a bench. She has a son who lives across the country who is unable to help her.

And, this can all happen to a U.S. citizen overnight.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need emotional support, please email me at

Love and blessings,



What is beneath the dis-ease? – Love, Wendy

When we are constantly struggling with our health, we need to ask ourselves what is beneath the dis-ease and disorder…

When I asked myself this question, and answered honestly, I know it is the ongoing stress of a situation that I did not know how to resolve.

And, as a mental health and wellness consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I know that stress causes serious dis-ease, and dis-order. I have been enduring too much of this of late. I actually knew all along what it was, but did not know the solution.

When we are open to Divine communication…

When we are open to hearing and seeing beyond our physical limitations…

When we pray and then get still and listen, we can hear the spiritual solution that which we ourselves would never have thought about.

An epiphany is Spirit whispering to us in the quiet of our space. That is what I experienced.

Listen to that little voice within. Feel it in your gut. Follow your heart unapologetically.

Consider and follow Spirit’s guidance and trust you will always be Divinely supported. And ask for support from your loved ones.

All of the above is self care.

Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.

Experience your birthright of wellness.





“As we reflect on the precious souls lost on 9/11/01, of those whose lives were forever impacted and changed, and of those who gave so much of their service and unconditional love as they steadied themselves to be the anchor when the waves came crashing down…may God bless you for holding our heads above the water and refusing to allow us to sink to the bottom.

To the heroes that sacrificed themselves to ensure that we would see the sun shine after the storm…we thank you for your selfless and tireless acts of courage …you are the wind beneath our wings.

To those who lost their lives, we remember you with heartfelt love, and we honor you each and every day…YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN

and to those who survived and to the loved ones of those lost, we acknowledge your courage on a difficult journey, we applaud your resilience, and offer prayers of peace and strength. May God continue to bless all of us with an unbreakable spirit as we continue to offer each other love, empathy, and kindness today, and every day, as a Global Community as we follow IN HIS FOOTSTEPS TO A HEALING PATH.”

Love and blessings,



Do not commiserate, elevate! – Love, Wendy

When I received a call from one who wants to, yet again, “commiserate,” I replied that I am not into “joint suffering.” Instead, I choose to promote peace and wellness, one beautiful soul at a time, including for myself.

I evaluate the circumstances and understand there are limitless possibilities. I cultivate peace and wellness through comfort, reassurance, and positive, soothing words, thoughts, and self care practices.

Commiserating only keeps us stuck in the old story and constant negative self talk/shared talk, and toxic thinking.

I am a wellness practitioner.

I am a spiritual teacher.

I seek and embrace spiritual solutions and wellness. I elevate my body, mind and spirit on a cellular level.

Do not commiserate, elevate!





“As we reflect on the precious souls lost on 9/11/01, of those whose lives were forever impacted and changed, and of those who gave so much of their service and unconditional love as they steadied themselves to be the anchor when the waves came crashing down…may God bless you for holding our heads above the water and refusing to allow us to sink to the bottom.

To the heroes that sacrificed themselves to ensure that we would see the sun shine after the storm…we thank you for your selfless and tireless acts of courage …you are the wind beneath our wings.

To those who lost their lives, we remember you with heartfelt love, and we honor you each and every day…YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN

and to those who survived and to the loved ones of those lost, we acknowledge your courage on a difficult journey, we applaud your resilience, and offer prayers of peace and strength. May God continue to bless all of us with an unbreakable spirit as we continue to offer each other love, empathy, and kindness today, and every day, as a Global Community as we follow IN HIS FOOTSTEPS TO A HEALING PATH.”

Love and blessings,