“Be a loving example for your daughters and granddaughters of strength, determination, and love of self, especially in today’s world.

Living with passion, living with purpose, practicing daily self care in order to achieve wellness, combined with love, perseverance, patience, consistency, faith, and courage can help foster self-esteem, independence, and a strong foundation of understanding ones inner self. Especially in times of adversity and challenge, we need to exhibit our own strong sense of self allowing vulnerability and humility to shine through.

The little ones and young women are always watching and mimicking the behavior of the adults in their lives. Be cognizant of the young women in your lives who look to us for leadership. There is so much chaos in today’s society, and I feel that it is up to those of us who have a pretty solid sense of self and foresight to be a glistening reflection of light and hope so when they look in the mirror, they will be able to see the beautiful soul that God created.”





“Sorrow keeps us company when we lose something or someone that is dear to us. It is a natural course, a process which allows us to express our feelings of loss.

The grief weighs us down in a space where we are immobile, even numb, and as time passes, we slowly begin to smile, and even laugh now and again, and we feel ourselves becoming lighter.

We begin to move our fingers, then our toes, then our limbs and head, and we rise up above the grief…above the pain, or at least remain parallel to our emotions and feelings.

We begin to move forward with tentative ease, and we learn that we are strong, and that we are resilient because we have to be…because we are still blessed with life, and we must continue to live it with gratitude, joy, grace, and ease.

We create a space on the shelf for the sorrow and the grief as a reminder of eternal love, but we do not allow the emotions to steal our joy, or to end our lives.

We choose wellness through remaining present to our emotions, our feelings, and of the beauty of God that surrounds us, and we make peace. And, most days, we reconcile that peace over and over. And we breathe.”

Love and blessings,



The truth is always revealed – Love, Wendy

When we entrust our heart and soul to another, including having shared our journey in my new book, and subsequently find that we have been betrayed, and our trust was defamed as we believed beyond illusion that one was filled with integrity and truth, we reflect upon the love we offered, and the life we shared, only to find out, years later, that it had all been a lie.

As I pray and sit in meditation, especially over the past few months, I hear God/Spirit/Universe tell me the same thing over and over as I am spiritually guided, “How is anyone going to love you when they don’t love themselves?” And I further hear that this relationship had merely been a “distraction,” to catapult my awareness into a higher frequency. A Divine blessing.

I used the circumstances to my advantage as I continued to learn to step out of my comfort zone, to speak my truth, to set healthier and firmer boundaries, and never to allow anyone to “feed me crumbs” as a “relationship” offering, as opposed to a full meal.

I stand by my book and the stories I have shared as that is how I felt at that time, and what I believed to be “truth.”

A Divine lesson. A spiritual detour as I found my true road to love.

Love of oneself first is what God tells us is necessary before we can ever offer our love to another.

Indeed, the truth is always revealed.”

Love and blessings,



Peace is as close as the silence within-Love, Wendy

Check in with yourself. Your Inner Wisdom knows the truth…listen carefully…follow directions.

Your peaceful solution lives within.

Your struggle is unnecessary…Trust your inner wisdom which speaks to us every moment. When we are struggling, it is because we are going against what our Soul KNOWS is best for us.

When we make a decision that is not meant for our highest blessing, it manifests in physical symptoms that cause us to feel unwell.

Use your courage to listen to your Intuition…your inner wisdom. It may feel uncomfortable at first as you become accustomed to what wellness feels like.

Be patient with yourself as you experience the new “normal.” This is wellness of your body, mind and soul aligning with your your inner wisdom, and that of Spirit.

You will quickly realize that the answer to peace is as close as the silence within.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Families become broken, and many times destroyed…an irreperable family unit, when one or more family members lives with untreated Substance Use Disorder/Alcohol Use Disorder, and/or mental illness.

When the family member(s) living with these disorders gets well and makes amends, as well as sustainable lifestyle changes, and implements new healthy daily practices, the family can heal. Baby steps.

And, sometimes the deep wounds will never heal. Other family members are not willing to do the work. They are unwilling to forgive, unwilling to empathize, have been deeply traumatized, and/or they may be living with these disorders themselves and choose not to make changes that align with wellness.

The work that is necessary to achieve wellness requires that one take a very close look at their own actions, thoughts, and behaviors. They must want to create healthy change as their loved one(s) has done. They must work to unlearn unhealthy practices that contribute to the unhealthy family dynamic. If they decide that this work is too challenging and it is not work they are willing to put forth, this family is living in what I call the “Humpty Dumpty Syndrome.”

Either each family member does their own healing individually, and together with the family…ongoing and willingly, and if not, “All the  Kings horses and all the kings men cannot put Humpty together again.”

Substance Use Disorder/Alcohol Use Disorder, and mental illness are family diseases.





“Mental abuse where we are made to believe that we are not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, and the like, becomes a part of our cellular memory. It can definitely be unlearned, and it is a lifelong process.

Recently, as I continue to try desparately to love myself the way that I am after gaining weight due to steroids, I recognize that is an uphill climb with old, uncaring voices of those who were tasked with my well being, and an unhealthy mindset that I am “not good enough.”

This morning I decided to remind myself that I am a beautiful soul that nobody in my life growing up, or in either of my marriages recognized. Same for subsequent relationships. However, I recognize the beauty within, and even with the extra pounds, the outer beauty.

And most of all, I know that I am doing the best that I can on my continuous journey of healing the bruises that were inflicted by others who just did not have the ability to love unconditionally, or to raise a little girl who would love herself in any situation, in every situation.

Every day I offer a special time to nurture that “little girl” within.

We all have an “inner child.”

Hear that child, see that child, protect that child, nurture that child, and offer unconditional love to that child.

Watch how that child grows with the proper love and care.

We can unlearn what does not empower us, and re-learn thoughts and behaviors that are empowering, and that enhance our well being.”

Love and blessings,



God knows everything – Love, Wendy

When we are sincere about willingly offering support to one who may be in need whether it is being in need of food, friendship, or finances, we need only keep it to ourselves. God knows everything. He is the only One we need to allow into this transaction. After all, He has led us to one in need.

If we take this private information and begin to share with others, “secretly,” and/or make it public, we must ask ourselves what is our deeper reason for being of service? Are we looking for our own validation? Approval? To be made out to be a hero? Our own need for attention? And, we must never have any expectations of being offered anything in return, other than gratitude.

Remember this, when a person is in need, and we recognize their lack and simply offer, without that precious being asking for any support whatsoever, we must thank the Universe for guiding us to one who is in need in order to carry out God’s work through service.

We cannot take this credit.

This is a Divine calling, or debt that we are paying forward.

Love and blessings,



Keeping it Simple-Love, Wendy

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Ramadan…

Today, in the midst of these sacred celebrations that many of us are observing, I reflect upon this, my 10th year of recovery from prescription drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. I am reminded of what I had asked God to provide for me throughout my recovery into wellness…

It was simple…

My health and wellness body, mind and spirit…


To rebuild my relationships with my children…


To find the motivation through God to work hard in order to provide financially for myself. I talk about my former partner, Steve, in my book, Write Pray Recover, and I am reminded of something I used to tell Steve about what I prayed for. Again, so simple…

To be able to afford to buy my organic foods to cook at home, to be able to afford my supplements and vitamins, to go on a vacation once a year, to be able to make purchases once in awhile for my children and grandchildren, to have the ability to donate to charity, and to stay healthy and well enough to provide for myself the basic necessities of housing, a car, electricity, etc. And most importantly, to experience love. Love of family and friends, love of self, love with a life partner.


I have also prayed to God to allow me to build my business, Harmonious Health 4 Life, and to complete my now published book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, in order to serve globally, others living with the disorders that nearly took my life, and devastated my family and friends as they watched me near death for so many years. I asked God to allow me to be a conduit to a spiritual connection in order for others to find their own wellness, and to heal. I asked to be guided by Him, lifelong, to support me on my own wellness path in order to lead by example, and that He walk with me every step of the way.

And, this prayer, as well, has been answered.

I continue to live a deeply spiritual life, and find that my life is so different than it was prior to my recovery.

I had access to as much money as I needed and desired to make every purchase that I wanted to make for myself and my family, i.e., cars, jewelry, trips, clothes, etc., a gorgeous 4,000 square foot home, pool, hot tub, and never wanting for anything materialistically, and yet, I felt completely empty. There was no peace in my life. There was no connection in my life. Everything was a struggle between myself and some of my family members, and my then husband. No meeting of the minds with anyone, and I continued to use prescription opiates and benzodiazepines to numb the void, and the suppressed trauma of long ago. Even in the years leading up to my experience of Divine intervention where I asked God to save my life, I felt isolated, lost and alone. Until my D.I. (Divine Intervention). There was no amount of money or “things” that provided me with a feeling of connection, or could fill the void I felt throughout my life where love and peace were not present.

Today, I remind myself of how far I have come in so many ways, and helping so many others by the grace of God. I remind myself about the first few years of my recovery where I could not afford to buy garbage bags at the supermarket, but instead shopped at the dollar store (good bargains there always, of course!) A few times, I asked Steve if he could “loan me” a couple of garbage bags. I was living paycheck to paycheck, barely. And, not until Christmas of 2019, could I afford to buy myself a long desired purchase of a FitBit! I found one with the exact melon color band that I had been eyeing for YEARS, and was able to buy it and pay for it in one purchase. I have learned patience. I have learned the beauty and meaning of delayed gratification rather than the immediate gratification that was always present in my married life where resources were bountiful, (yet where I was all but dead inside). And, I have learned the meaning of earning my own living, and carefully budgeting what is realistic and necessary in my life.

I now live in a new, gorgeous apartment of merely 750 square feet with a beautiful view of nature that is so healing for me, where it is so peaceful, where I take excellent care of myself living a spiritual life connected to God/Spirit/Universe, and where I choose to experience peace and wellness in every moment. I detach permanently from anything or anyone toxic, and I am immersed in the love I share with my family and friends. This is my joy. My cup runneth over with wellness and blessings.

I take immense pride in the gorgeous life that I have co-created with the Universe.

I am deeply humbled.

I am deeply grateful to God.

I keep it simple.

I pay it forward.

Wellness, peace, joy and love. A gorgeous life.

Keeping it simple.

One moment at a time, one hour at a time, as I continue on my journey where I “Write Pray and Recover” in order to continue to heal, to serve, and to lead by example.

When we allow ourselves to be spiritually connected and open to whatever “source of a higher power” that resonates with us individually, we experience an awakening, often, over and over. We learn, we grow, we evolve, and we live “wide awake” rather than merely exist.

To view all of my programs, and holistic health and wellness information, please visit,

To read all of my inspirational writing, and to order my book, please visit

You can also order my book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook, Goodreads, and other online stores worldwide.

Love and blessings,




I continued to seek spiritual guidance as to why I energetically feel one who is long estranged from me still present within my being, and in my space in every moment that I am awake.

I sought out my answer in a conversation with my spiritual coach and teacher. She suggests a simple spiritual solution as she shares that “this is what is coming to me” after I share my frustration…

“What if you just allowed him to be present with you energetically rather than resisting it?”

An “AHA” moment.


This simple suggestion from a wise spiritual teacher immediately offered me comfort and ease.

Now, in every moment, I look up and know that I have grace through the simplest spiritual solutions, and in receiving guidance and answers, I accept what is.

Spirit is always communicating with me in a variety of ways, and now, I am able to welcome my estranged loved one into my experiences and into my space with ease and gratitude “as if” he is here.

No more resistance. I have a “knowing” that there is a spiritual reason for our energies to be entwined. I may never know what the reason is, but as I always say, “Thy Will Be Done.”





“We all want to be seen and to be heard.

We want to be seen in our most beautiful vulnerability of imperfections where we are admired, and heard as though our voice shares wisdom not to be missed.

When we feel certain that our need to be seen and heard is validated, we once again feel connected, and we no longer feel isolated.

Acceptance of who we are wherever we are on our journey at any given moment can be life changing as validation and connection is the opposite of darkness.”

Love and blessings,



FOOD FOR THOUGHT:Socratic Questioning to assist in going within to find our own answers, and to widen the lens of perspective-Love, Wendy

Question your assumptions and limiting beliefs. Look at possibilities through a wider lens.

Is it possible that everyone in the world has mental health?
Is it possible to experience depression and anxiety and live a productive, fulfilling and joyful life?
Is it possible to feel our symptoms of our own mental health in a specific way to us?
Is it possible that many people are uneducated or misinformed about what mental health truly is?
Is it possible for educated people to think and behave in uneducated or unhealthy ways occasionally?
Is it possible that people who had unhealthy or toxic childhood‘s find healthy ways to live as an adult?
Is it possible that the best way to help someone is not to help them, but to guide them, to plant a seed to allow them to grow organically?

Labels of mental illness, depressive thinking, or any other type of mood disorder lead us to only see the possibilities that fit into a narrow spectrum of the prevailing emotional bias, and propaganda backs it up fueling stigma.

Do not pathologize or globalize specific instances. Feeling emotional about something has nothing to do with reality. We are then thinking with our emotional mind versus our logical mind. The interpretive lens of depression is narrowly filtered.

Having stated the above, it is imperative to also state that WE ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL HOWEVER WE FEEL. WE MUST OFFER OURSELVES THAT VALIDATION.

Consider these questions:

Is it always someone’s fault to be experiencing mental health challenges or disorders?
Is it linked to genetic predisposition? To our environment? To our lack of self-care?
Can people find their own awareness and prevention strategies to make change on their own?
Could they possibly realize that they need professional help and ask for support?
Can we offer them resources to guide them if they ask for support and guidance?

People make illogical and uninformed jumps all the time. They go from specific to global:
“I am depressed/anxious. I must be crazy/mentally ill/bi-polar.”
“I fail to regulate my emotions so I must be completely unhealthy and untreatable.”
“I’m a total embarrassment. I don’t deserve to be loved. Nobody would ever want to be with me.” “I am not good enough.”
“If I need a mental health day/days/month, and/or support, I must be a failure/weak.”

These are powerful and classic mental health bias. Socratic questioning can correct this type of bias and reasoning which generally lies unexamined beneath feelings of fear, hopelessness, and misinformation.


Our mental health lies on a continuum. Depending upon what is going on within us and around us, and how well we are practicing our daily self care, we move along the continuum from feeling well to unwell, and anywhere in between.

Join me in my global call to action: Normalizing Mental Health. #normalizementalhealth

For information on how to join my global group of dedicated professionals and peer specialists, and to be a part of my “Falling Back Into Wellness” Symposium on November 5, 2022 where we are providing informational workshops and trainings on mental health and wellness, and to learn more about my “Integrative Approach to Wellness,” including my use of Socratic questioning in order for my clients to go within to find their answers, email me at

We journey together.

Love and blessings,



Dance With Me – Love, Wendy

My greatest teacher was one who triggered my core to shake, rattle and roll. A trauma response where anger and resentment led the dance.

I went within and connected to my truth.

I spoke my truth, and asked for help to heal the trauma that was begging for attention. To be validated. To be nurtured.

To be healed.

I have learned how to lovingly soothe that little girl who sometimes needs a reminder that she is safe, and loved.

And, I am now able to respond to a trigger and trauma response where I say, “I hope you dance. Follow my steps. I will lead the way.”

Love and blessings,



A Shield of Armor – Love, Wendy

“Those of us who have had our hearts broken, guard ourselves with a shield of armor to ensure the safety of our hearts future. If anyone gets too close, we put forth the shield to protect ourselves from possible repeated heartbreak. Then at some point, when we feel ready, we lower it a bit to allow ourselves to feel again…we begin to heal…we practice embracing new love and compassion into our heart…slowly, when the Universe brings it forth. The Universe will bring us this gift only when we are ready…when we have learned the lessons to make ourselves strong, to keep ourselves healthy, when we have learned to set boundaries, and at the same time, to love with passion, and to trust that God has chosen the perfect soulmate to accompany us on our path.

As we grow to trust again, and continue to allow love to penetrate the shield, we no longer resist love, and we begin to feel more at peace with accepting the gift of love as we continue to heal…continue to trust…continue to believe that love is all that is missing from any situation.”





Being blessed with spiritual awareness affords us the opportunity to offer spiritual solutions in what may appear to be an irreparable problem/challenge.

When we strive for spiritual wellness, and we are blessed with a task of being a spiritual first responder/teacher, we use each opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

This is so rare. Too many people in conflict take an attitude of “I am right.“ They don’t look for the deeper meaning of the conflict, and choose to walk away rather than do their own inner work, and to find the spiritual solution to bring all concerned closer to each other, and to God.

I choose to be a spiritual teacher.

And, I am always His student.

Find your humility. Ask for spiritual guidance. Be a part of the solution.”

Love and blessings,




I would never think to tell someone else, a loved one, a friend, or a client that they have to let go of someone or something because I feel it is not good for them. I don’t know how another person feels or what their emotions are, and if I am to give such insensitive advice, one may begin to feel guilty for how they feel and suppress their emotions.

We are all allowed to feel how we feel for as long as we feel it. When we are ready, we will let go of what no longer serves us, and not a minute before. It is not for me to have such audacity as to tell someone when they are ready to let go.”

Love and blessings,




“When I finally allowed myself to accept the truth of one’s lack of emotional intelligence and empathy for others, as well as their continuous deceitful behavior, I was able to freely and gratefully move on.

Love always comes around the bend when we are not waiting for it. God brings us precisely what, and whom aligns with our soul and spiritual journey.“

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


I am coming from a place of wellness today, although I am on a never ending journey of wellness. And, you can choose to follow my self created wellness program, S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M INTO WELLNESS, if it resonates. This is my “Integrative Approach to Recovery.” Recovery from anything.

Yesterday, the Universe said to me, “I need you to walk the talk today.” I do not believe that this was a test of my trust, or my devotion to God or to myself, as this is part of my daily wellness regimen, but as a reminder of my own inner strength, and that of my unbreakable bond with God, and my implicit trust in my own knowledge and choices. And to remind myself of the wide variety of holistic tools that I have in my possession, at a moment’s notice, even as I found myself in a sudden traumatic experience.

In two weeks, I will begin my 10th year of “wellness recovery” from substance use disorder and mental illness. I could not be more proud of how I took over the trajectory of a sudden traumatic experience and turned it into a spiritual lesson.

What a day yesterday turned out to be, March 16, 2022…

It had become increasingly more difficult and painful to walk, to move my wrists, and extremities in these past few months, and most especially the past couple of weeks. I decided to hire a new group of specialists as I was guided by Spirit. The signs kept showing me, specifically, where to seek help, and it was shown to be of imminent importance. I always say that when we are open, and have a spiritual relationship with the Universe, we see and hear beyond our physical limitations.

I saw the first orthopedic specialist early in the morning. She took the time to actually show me and to explain my MRI results. Heartbreaking. I am diagnosed, in addition to Lupus and Osteoporosis, severe degenerative disc disease. And stenosis. At the base of my spine, there is a disc bulging backwards onto the spine and compressing the nerve. This is the reason for the complete numbness, pain, and weakness, widespread. My face, neck, arms, back, legs, feet. Debilitating.

She injected me in my backside, (yup), with a very high dose of steroids as she explained that the “nerve was very angry” and this would “calm it down.” She sent me home to rest until I would see the second specialist, a pain management specialist, late in the afternoon. The burning from the injection was unbearable, on top of the excruciating pain, and I rested until I had to leave for pain management.

This is where I stand in my power. As debilitating as the pain was, barely able to drive, sit, stand, or walk, the first thing that I shared with these new doctor’s was my history with substance use disorder. “I do not take any narcotics” I explained. And gave some important information to help them to understand my decision. Believe me, I don’t think anyone would have worried about me yesterday if I had asked for pain meds. That was the level of “off the chart” pain I was experiencing, and had been for weeks affecting my entire quality of life. However, the doctor’s were so supportive, and assured me that there were many options, one being an epidural. And, of course continuing my walking and PT as I can, with an emphasis on my mindful breathing and visualization for calming, healthy eating, hydration, and my regular daily wellness routine.

The epidural will be at a later date, as yesterday I was given a total of 11 more injections at the pain management doctor’s office, right into my back, and yes, again, into my backside. These injections were filled with a very strong additional anti-inflammatory, and other drugs to numb the nerve that was “so angry.” It was so traumatic. The painful injections, one after another, were relentless. Immediately, I reminded myself of my visualization and breathing strategy that is my first “go-to” for calming and focus. I did not want to tense up knowing this would only exacerbate the pain. I went within, into my mind to visualize a color that I assign to hope, and then “breathed in hope.” And then breathed out a color that I had assigned to pain. “Breathe out the pain.” Slowly, and purposefully, breathe, focus on my vision, listen to my breath, and guide my thoughts to healing.

Although this is not something I will “heal” from, they tell me they can absolutely manage the pain, numbness, and mobility. I cried afterwards. Sobbed. Hysterically. Partially from the fear that I had felt, and mostly for the gratitude of pain relief and almost immediate movement of my wrists. My greatest worry was that I would lose the ability to walk, or be in a wheelchair. I said to the doctor, “Just tell me the truth. As long as I have my brain, I can make peace with anything. I just want to continue to serve and to do the work that I love.” As he smiled at me with great empathy, His answer was, Aww, not a chance that this will happen.”

He did prescribe a medication, long term, for skeletal, muscle and joint pain (non narcotic) that has proved effective, and when I wasn’t sure, he said, “You have no quality of life, its all hands on deck now.” Yes, I had just said that to a close friend the other day. “I have no quality of life.”

I will be honest and say that my greatest inspiration for the healthy choices that I made yesterday, including how I “reframed” the sudden traumatic experience was to be a shining example for my children in the face of acute adversity. Throughout the entire day yesterday, my children were texting and calling, along with my closest friends. I wanted to lead by example so that my children, would witness my strength and my decision to stay in control of my mind, and in the face of great adversity, to choose wellness through healthy practices and self care. I made an immediate decision to practice all that I teach in my book and in my trainings. S.PE.A.R. first. Then S.W.I.M. (Chapter 6 of Write Pray Recover) I listened to God’s request to “walk the talk.” I had prayed in the morning, and countless mornings prior, to be led to the doctors who could provide empathy, relief and healing, and God ALWAYS has the last word.

Thy will be done.

And so it is.

My son was extremely worried and was being challenged to remain calm by what he was observing. I knew that this experience was a spiritual opportunity to be the “spiritual first responder” that I am in showing him (and my daughters) that I took the time to self regulate, and to S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.IM. To stop, pause, allow myself to emote as I needed to release, and that my reframe was all about allowing myself to feel how I felt in those hours, then practicing acceptance during the time of the injections and in accepting my new “normal” for my health, and choosing to stay in control, and then re-aligning with myself and God, and reframing this experience as an opportunity to enhance my wellness, and my spiritual connection, and most importantly, to provide for my children a perspective of responding to adversity and challenge through a wider lens. A lens of mindful wellness, self regulation, and self care. And, being proactive in my health and wellness decisions and goals.

It is a choice.

Although I did not sleep much last night, the numbness is 90% gone, and my mobility has increased about 50%. I am moving slowly, and the doctor tells me that by Sunday, I should be feeling much better.

As my son said to me early in my recovery, and that I talk about in my new book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, “slow and steady wins the race.” Great advice in every situation.

This is my newest testimony of prayer, a spiritual relationship, and taking control of my mind in every situation using my S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS program where I use an integrative approach to wellness.

It ALL begins with the awareness of what I want for myself, how I want to feel, how I want to serve others through my experiences, and enhancing that of my own wellness.

I hope you will find the time to read my book, and adapt the practices that resonate with you.

We really do make the choice in what part of our mind that we “feed.” Illness, or wellness.

Email me at if you would like to learn more, and work with me in reaching your own health and wellness goals through an integrative approach.

Love and blessings,




As I watch daily news reports of the recent and ongoing world events and feel helpless, or as I experience adversity and challenges beyond my control, I remind myself, based on my spiritual experiences, as well as the S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS program that I have created, and share in my new book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, that I can only be in control of how I respond to external circumstances, and how well I practice daily self care.

That’s it.

This is where I stand in my power.

Each morning, I practice prayer and meditation. This is where I feel my calmest and most peaceful. In my connection to God, I turn it all over. Some call it surrender. Either way, He’s got this. My spiritual practice brings me into alignment with who I want to be each day, and how I want to show up for others, Divinely led in every moment, and every decision that I choose to make. Thy will be done.

The most satisfying feeling in the world is to be connected to oneself, to God, and to others as my finest self, aligned in peace and love, leading by example, and ready, willing and able to be a spiritual first responder. This is the space where I can guide one on a spiritual path of their own choice, and where they will learn to “turn it over;to surrender.” This is the space where we experience freedom and peace.

I love the woman who stands before you today. It has been a long journey of self exploration, discovery, and staying true to all that I believe, feel, and practice, never allowing anyone or anything to distract me from what I know is the right thing to do.

Self respect. Self care. Self love. All wrapped in a spiritual being. And using these instruments to serve as a spiritual first responder.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


  1. Ask yourself what “self soothing”/resiliency tool you need in this moment to feel at peace, and for wellness.
  2. Limit intake of news sources. Turn off phone notifications. 
  3. Honor your feelings through a healthy practice including talking/writing about your feelings/emotions. Share with a trusted loved one or professional.
  4. Use a mindfulness strategy that feels centering for you to realign with yourself and with God/Spirit/Universe. (Body scan, Pranayama, Kundalini, etc.) I love to use my breath and visualization for joy/peace to re-align. Our breath is our most accessible tool that we have in real time to intervene with our physiology. We can also use movement and visualization to assist us in de-escalation.
  5. Check in with your body often throughout the day. It will always tell you what you need. (Rest, deep breaths, food, water, connection, etc.) Allow yourself to take frequent “brain/body/Spirit breaks”.
  6. And remember, connection is key to our mental wellness which is directly related to our physical wellness.

Lastly, stay connected to God/Universe/Spirit, or whatever “ Enlightening/Guiding Source” resonates with you. 

For information on how I can support you during these challenging times, body, mind and spirit, email me at wendyblanchard044

Love and blessings always,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

“Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

“When I am in doubt, and when I am feeling uncertainty about my next steps for myself, and those that I am connected to, I ask, in prayer, for God‘s voice to speak above mine, above all the noise.

After all, it is His Voice that is the most evolved, He who knows all, and He who always guides me to my most loving and highest blessings.

As I listen beyond my physical limitations in prayer and meditation, I hear the answers clearly.

And, I remind myself that I am free to make a choice.

I always choose to be aligned with God/Spirit/Universe.

“I hear you say, Look Up Child.”

Love, Wendy



People do change, and things can change, once we correct the negative

thinking that keeps us stuck in a fearful mindset. Once we believe that

change is a possibility, and we come from a mindset of love for ourselves

and empathy for all that we have endured, we immediately make a shift

from feelings of fear to an abundance of love.

When I am faced with a harsh reality that brings fear, I feel like I want

to run as far and as fast as my legs will take me to avoid the pain of a

situation I do not want to face. Instead, I breathe into it slowly, deeply,

and steadily. I observe the feeling, and I do not give in. I acknowledge the

feeling, and then I choose, mindfully, in that moment, a response that is the

opposite of fear. I keep myself engaged calmly, confidently, and constructively,

one moment at a time. I allow myself the space to grow and find

resolve, rather than hiding from the truth, however painful.

The truth is always calm. Untruths are a cacophony of noises trying to

mask the calm for fear of the truth. That is when we must face ourselves, if

we are brave. Here is where our awakening begins.

Feeling a strong emotion that suddenly triggers a response, such as

fear, is our invitation to feel it all the way through, sit with it, process

it for as long as it takes, and release it when we feel we are ready (and

not a moment before). Use it for enlightenment, healing, and moving

forward. Reframe. This is how we uncover the fear that we don’t realize

is deep within. It is a spiritual call for change. Recognize the feeling in

the moment and identify it. This is an opportunity to deepen our faith, to

experience freedom, and to be fearless in experiencing our experiences.

Fear is an unhealthy habit. The secret to breaking this habit is a fourletter

word: L.O.V.E.

Letting Our Vulnerability Emerge!

Here is where we become completely naked with absolutely no apologies

for how we present.

Vulnerability is born on a spiritual path where you are certain you are

supported, guided, and loved by the Universe. This heightens your faith

in feeling free to divorce from the ego, which fuels fear. Extinguish the

ego with L.O.V.E. for Ego is not connected to Spirit. Show ego the way

to love.


Ask yourself these questions:

“What is the worst that could happen if I do not try to control the

outcome of this situation?”

“What action would serve me best in this moment?”

“What could I say “No” to that would alleviate my anxiety and

offer me peace? “What could I say “Yes” to that would enhance

my wellness?”

“What do I need in this moment, or in this situation, to provide

me with peace/wellness? How can I move towards that goal? Go

back to the S.W.I.M. method in Chapter 6 to re-read, edit, add, or

begin again to implement the steps of this program through your

own awareness.

Begin writing it all down here:


Remember, you have the right to experience peace and wellness in

every moment, and you are the only person who can provide that

for yourself.”

To purchase your copy of Write Pray Recover, visit, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook, Goodreads, and other bookstores, worldwide!

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we are living with family circumstances beyond our control, and we have attempted, unsuccessfully, to help to resolve what we know is about to become an irreparable and irreversible situation, we must ”give it over.”

Thy will be done.

As I write about in my book, Write Pray Recover, in Chapter 8, “In the past, I would have been too afraid to walk away with the “what ifs” plaguing me…I refuse to place myself in any situation that is so toxic and unhealthy. I will never allow another human being, no matter who they are, to jeopardize my wellness or my recovery. I have done my work, and continue to do so, fearlessly. If someone else continues to infuse me with their toxicity, I have the tools to say, “No.” No matter what. No matter who it is. “No.”

My wellness is my responsibility and my priority. In the future, if she is able and willing to seriously seek the help that she needs, I will guide her. But nothing more. We must choose to be pro-active in our wellness, and in our evolution.

That’s it.

I pray for her and for her family. And I am at peace with it all.

Most of the time.

I pray for His strength daily. I pray for His loving arms to be wrapped around her, protecting her at all times.

I pray. I pray. I pray.

There before the grace of God go I.”

One of the questions that I pose at the end of this chapter is one you may want to contemplate:

“What are you afraid of? What are your top two greatest fears? What, or whom, are you afraid of losing if you simply say, “No?” Write about it.”

You can purchase my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, as well as Kindle and Nook. Or click here:

Love and blessings,




“We are spending our days living to work. Trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Penny pinching. Stressed. Anxious. Depressed. Feeling unwell. Caring for family. Caring for clients. Worrying about loved ones who are unwell. Cleaning. Shopping. Cooking. Driving distances. Meetings. And the beat goes on…

So, when I practice my self care time every day, it is for ME. Nothing gets in my way. With all that I do, and all of the energy I give to so many, and so much, I deserve a peaceful, joyous hour that I create to meet my own needs.

Tomorrow comes very early in the morning.”





“It is up to each person to speak their truth as they become more and more aware of their unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors.

We can only lead by example. We can be there to support them when they are ready. We can observe, guide, and when asked, we can offer solutions.

And, we must be prepared to accept that not everyone will be willing to step outside of what has become their safety zone to create healthy change.

Acceptance and surrender promotes our own peace. It speaks to our trust in the Universe.”

Love and blessings,




“When you are well aware that your words and your actions will have no bearing on another’s words and actions, this is a sign from the Universe that God does not need your help.

Read about ”Surrender” in Chapter 13 of my new book WRITE PRAY RECOVER.

As stated on page 142 of my book, “Surrender is the ultimate freedom because it is a rejection of the illusion that we have control over our lives. Only the Universe/God/Spirit has that kind of control, and it is exhausting to try to take that onto your own human shoulders.“

Further, It states “All mechanisms of false control are only destined to fail, and to exhaust you in the process. What a relief it was to give up this illusion.”

If God needs our assistance, trust me, you will know.”

Love and blessings,




“This afternoon as I sit and observe from afar, without judgement, I am grateful that I escaped by the grace of God. Our perceptions are bookends that which are no longer facing each other. North versus South.

I continue on my path, my clean path of wellness, knowing that God/Spirit/Universe is always guiding me for my highest blessings.

I clearly understand the meaning.”





Today I read a post from a fellow recovery warrior, and a dear friend.

She had just disclosed that she had a “slip” in her 2 1/2 year recovery with 3 drinks at the end of last year.

I love her candor, and that she is using this as a spiritual lesson in order to teach and to empower others, rather than feeling guilty, or shame, or like she did something “wrong.”

In my eyes, this young woman is a gorgeous example of being human. I told her that her honesty and truth were going to be a part of her strength and help her to build resilience. That she, is in fact, a warrior.

If we tell anyone living with a brain disorder that they “cannot” or “should not” experience recurring symptoms because this demonstrates “poor behavior,” or that they did something “bad,” we will never normalize mental health. We will never fully recover.

Alcohol use/substance use disorder is a chronic and progressive brain disorder. Like any other disorder, it IS subject to recurring symptoms. It is diagnosable, treatable and manageable.

When a cancer patient experiences recurring symptoms, we never call them “bad,” or shame and stand in judgment of them.

We MUST treat and respect our mental health in the same way that we treat our physical health.

And we MUST normalize mental health. We must continue an ongoing dialogue to understand this disorder, to change the language about the disorder, to use language that is not fueling stigma and leaving those who need and want help too afraid to seek treatment, and to be appropriately educated about this disorder. We must work to eliminate stigma. We must work to raise awareness. We must come from a public health approach.

We all have mental health.

There is no shame in living with a disorder, or feeling unwell.

It is all about building resilience, self forgiveness, and using the experience to strengthen ones understanding and respect of the disorder with which they live.

It is about learning, growing, and evolving as we continue to live with a brain disorder.

One moment, one hour, one day at a time.

 “Before you judge me, make sure your hands are clean.” 

I have yet to meet that person.

Let us love and support each other no matter who we are, or what we have experienced.

When we come from a place of empathy and compassion, we can actually see ourselves in another gorgeous human, and we become a part of the healing process.

We are beautiful. We are imperfect. We are all on our separate journey.

Perhaps I will meet you at the crossroads.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When one lives a “double life,” it has nothing to do with their loved ones. It truly is all about experiencing lack inside of themselves that they need to reconcile. They have not yet found the courage to do so. But, they know their truth.

I do not even believe it is about greed, or lack of love for their significant other and family.

There is a deficit within and they are searching high and low, left and right, up and down, in any relationship and/or situation for that missing piece of themselves. Wanting to be showered with outside validation due to their lack of self esteem and confidence of who they truly are.

When we are not loved and cared for properly as a child by the people who are tasked with our protection and care, we grow up believing that we are not worthy. We seek validation of ourselves from outside sources because we do not have the innate love of self.

I believe we all have the awareness of our truth. I believe that if one is willing to do the intense inner work to recognize the beautiful soul that they are, to unlearn the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that have become lifelong habits, and to put in the work to actually discover who they are, they do eventually fall in love with themselves! And they begin to understand the effects of their old behaviors. A spiritual awakening.

Here is the space where they learn how to love and respect others.

I was in a long term relationship where I actually knew that this was going on right under my nose. As recently as 2021, I was still observing his pathological behaviors, although I had left that relationship 4 years ago.

I thought my love would save him.

We can only save ourselves when we have had enough of our own crap, and when we are fully ready.

I know because I saved myself when I had finally had enough of my own crap nine years ago.

I begin my 10th year of recovery on April 3, 2022. I love and respect the woman, mom, grandmother, friend, and colleague that I have transformed into from the shallow, lost, unhealthy, deceitful and scared “little girl” that I once was.

My spiritual journey has led me home.

Set small goals one step at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. At the end of the week, reflect upon your successes, and what you would still like to improve upon. We are always learning and growing. Take your time. There is no rush. Immerse yourself in every beautiful lesson that you experience as you get to know your authentic self.

Ask for spiritual support and guidance.

When we ask for Spirit to guide us into a healthy, honest and fulfilling life, we learn how to release the trauma, reframe the trauma in order to move forward, and to create healthy lifestyle change, body, mind and spirit.

Listen to your awareness. It is the way to freedom.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

A Call to Action for Empathy, Patience, and Grace: We are all on the same team – Love, Wendy

We are all experiencing challenges, loss, illness, and other situations that we may not be aware of in others lives.

I observed a man screaming at the deli counter employee the other day. Both men were so angry and using words that were so offensive and demeaning to the other. Neither “paused” to remind themselves that “not cutting the turkey thin enough” was not the real issue. I observed so much anger. The consumer went to the manager to complain.

As I listened to him tell his story, I wondered to myself what this man has experienced that has made him so angry. 

Here is where I pause. Here is where I empathize with another precious soul. Here is where I recognize that we are all one in this global experience of a pandemic, of loss, of disease. 

And I choose to take a spiritually aligned action. Empathy, patience, and grace.

We are always one. We all have the same experiences, emotions, and thoughts that connect us. It is the human condition. 

It is how we choose to respond rather than react that changes the trajectory of the outcome.

In another incident, I entered the market where I live, and a man came out of nowhere with an “angry, deliberate, and aggressive walk.” I stopped as I noticed him barreling towards me. He stopped. He gave me a chilling look and shouted, “Well, go ahead!!!” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” He answered, “You’re welcome.” In truth, for a few minutes my heart was racing and my own anxiety was escalating because I too felt angry that a stranger would have such an inflammatory attitude with me.

But, I paused. And chose a spiritually aligned mindset and action…It changed my own attitude. And I believe that of this man who clearly was experiencing something that put him into a “fight or flight” frame of mind. And I reminded myself that whatever he was experiencing had absolutely NOTHING to do with me.


We are all living with frustration, anger, sadness, and anxiety. And maybe even worse.

I believe that we are all doing the best that we can.

I have seen first hand how one’s whole attitude and outlook changes when we offer grace, empathy and patience.

And, let us be an example for our youth.

When we are the person of influence in a room, or in someone’s space, or life, they will sync their emotions to ours.


And in the most challenging of circumstances.

What a beautiful gift we can offer to others in a space of empathy, patience and grace.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Romanticizing the few fleeting moments of seemingly loving attention given by a toxic partner is trauma bonding.

Living with the hopes of rekindling that toxic relationship is a trauma response.

When we finally do the work to release and reframe trauma, we know better and we do MUCH better.

Remember that we live what we learn. When we know better, we do better. And finally, we teach people how to treat us.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“The way in which we identify, i. e., straight, gay, LGBTQ, a belief and practice of an organized religion, a personal spiritual practice that is alternative, our heritage, the color of our skin, our financial status, our career path, how we manage the day to day mental health challenges we may experience including substance use disorder, etc., in my humble opinion, does not define who we are.

I believe that which defines each of us is the Universal practice of unconditional love, unconditional empathy and compassion, unconditional kindness and acceptance, wholehearted integrity and that of total and complete loving support of each beautiful soul that we connect with.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


I will begin my 10th year of wellness recovery from mental health/substance use disorder on 4-3-22. The exacerbation of my severe brain disorder caused by decades of trauma that went untreated was due to my isolation and never speaking my truth. When I would sit in the quiet of my own space, I knew my truth. I knew that I needed mental health treatment. I KNEW…

But as my mother used to say, “The silence was deafening.” I would sit in prayer/meditation as I did each day and was offered spiritual guidance that which encouraged me to ask for help, but sitting quietly and knowing my own truth was too frightening, and I continued to numb the truth with prescription drugs.

Finally, after decades of living with these dis-orders, and upon awakening from a near fatal overdose, I sat quietly, asked once more for spiritual direction, and Spirit encouraged me to ask for help. I followed those directions, and have been listening to this guidance every day since.It is in the quiet of my space each day that I am reminded that I live with a former brain disorder, yet that which is always dormant, but that I am in control of the choices that I make to manage my symptoms in order to live in WELLNESS.

My favorite part of my day is in meditation and prayer, in the quiet of my space where I converse with Spirit.I know that each challenge that I face can be safely resolved when I “sit quietly alone in a room” with Spirit offering me solutions. My spiritual solutions and self care practices help me to achieve my health and wellness goals where I thrive each day.


Find a quiet space. Listen. Take a small action step towards wellness. Commit to daily self care. Create a healthy lifestyle change. Baby steps.”Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.”


Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“One of the things that I use in my own life, and teach to my clients as well is using “I statements.“ When we use an ”I statement,” we take accountability for our own perception.

“I feel…, I am concerned because…I have observed and it makes me feel because…”

“I statements” provide us with an opportunity to have a successful outcome in any conversation. It keeps the dialogue open when we are not using the accusatory ”You” statements.”

Love and blessings,




When you no longer are connected to what used to be meaningful to you because you have been shown the “truth…”

Where there has been a breach of commitment but God pulls you out and saves you from that toxic person…(and you re-edit and update your upcoming book to reflect the ”truth.”)

Celebrate your freedom.”



For those who came before me, at the same time as me, and who followed me…May God Bless you too.

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“I understand why many people are very sensitive to the subject of God. Beliefs and understanding of what God means and represents are so personal. It is my choice to accept and respect each person’s personal understanding and practices, and to continue to practice my faith in the way that resonates with me. We are all looking for the same thing:

Love, connection, and peace.

For me, I believe that God is the catalyst, through unwavering faith, that provides me with love, connection, and peace.

We all travel a different path along our journey. Detours, re-routing, roadblocks and continuous travel subsequently guide us all to our corresponding destination.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we are blessed with love and close friends in our lives who allow us to talk about our grief, it allows us to release the trauma. In fact, the body and mind connection is so strong that by allowing ourselves to release the trauma through processing, talking, and practicing self care, we can avoid dis-ease.

Through these mindful, healthy practices, we can begin to heal on a cellular level.

Learn more about the body/mind connection through my upcoming workshop Whole Person Wellness:The Gut/Brain Connection on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 7pm.

Register here beginning Jan. 1, 2022

To your health and wellness!

Love and blessings,




“The spiritual warrior in me wants to say, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. How can I help?”

And then there is the woman who has been that spiritual warrior for years without being given an ounce of gratitude or reciprocity. The woman who embraces one with an unstable and very predictable storyline of lies and deceit hoping that God will wrap him in enlightenment. The enlightenment this man swears he has been awakened to. But he runs from God.

The woman who has allowed blurred boundaries over and over all in the name of love. The warrior who has practiced acceptance, great compassion and empathy, and non judgement, even in the years of narcisstic abuse. What I used to tell him I saw as a “mind f—.” And yes, I allowed it.

This warrior now says, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. I am unable to help.”

I no longer allow one who is living with a narcisstic personality disorder to penetrate my wellness.

When this man lost his niece recently, I sent a loving letter of condolences for him and his family.

My daughter just lost the love of her life this week, and this man has not sent one word of condolences for her…someone he claimed to love.

My story has changed. The storyline has changed. My book has changed.

Stay tuned.

And set healthy and firm boundaries because a snake can slither its way in from many different angles.

Watch what is under your feet. Protect your energy.





“And in the morning there is always the opportunity for a new perspective. Reality greets me with a fresh pair of eyes as I awaken.

Spirit reminds me that I am loved.

I have a higher purpose. No matter the daily challenges, I must stay the course in order to serve others through the love and guidance of the Universe.

I pause. I breathe deeply. I pray. I receive the answers that I seek for a blessed day through my meditation practice. I begin again.

Just for today…”

Love and blessings,




Here is my take on love…my two cents…

We never just disappear from someone’s life without a word. And then just show up again just as unexpectedly. It demonstrates deep disrespect.

We must display enough respect to speak our truth. No white lies. No half truths. No withholding of facts. We trust our beloved in a safe space. And be certain that if our beloved asks about a particular situation, our beloved already knows the truth.

We are mature in that we can use our words to express our deepest emotions and feel safe to do so because we are connected on a deeply spiritual level. Usually in this type of connection, love and the deep bond cannot be broken.

If we truly are “in love” and have experienced a “divine moment,” we build upon that relationship, with God at the center of it all. We must humble ourselves and put our beloved at the same space where we meet ourselves. “Love people where they are.” We ask for spiritual guidance when we feel uncertain, and for validation all along the journey. We remain devoted. We offer ourselves from a place of deep empathy and kindness. We remain monogamous. We cherish the “divine love” that we speak of. We exercise patience. We offer unconditional love. We navigate the toughest terrain…with our emotional vocabulary, and with our actions that which align with our words. We have an ongoing dialogue. We communicate which is the key to a lasting, loving, spiritual foundation.

We do everything to make sure never to break our beloved’s heart, again and again, for our own agenda.

Over the recent past, I am learning more and more what “divine love” really means.

My suggestion is to search “for the coping skills that resonate and see the bigger picture perspective that’s necessary to really heal.” Alone and together. This was something that my beautiful daughter, Nicole, shared with me today after losing the love of her life suddenly at age 46 two days ago. It is so profound.

Love, I believe, is non linear because it does have ups and downs, just like life itself, BUT, the emotions are always with us deep within our soul and are felt energetically if this love is truly “divine.”

We may get angry, or triggered, which is good information to be used to heal, and can actually be formed into a coping skill. It is a choice to love over that of fear.

If love is truly “divine,” it is always present.

I believe it is.

Love always,