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Even the strong ones walk to the edge sometimes. They hop on one foot, unsteady, and flirt with unhealthy throughts as they gaze at the ground 50 feet below. but then, they stop, and pause.

They step back down onto solid ground as they choose to stand firmly in their faith, and to ask for needed support.


They allow themselves to emote, accept, and then rest, realign, and reframe. And they create a S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS plan. This is the beauty of adapting the tools from my Integrative Approach To Wellness program.


And…”look up child.”

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Being “titanium “ is nothing to brag about. If you are impenetrable you are therefore devoid of feelings, and do not possess a spiritual compass. Here is where one lives through ego which is completely transparent.

However, when the heat is turned up, even titanium begins to lose its strength…and, it doesn’t stand a chance against “bullets” fired from high-powered “truth” where Spirit steps in with a light that illuminates and melts the life of lies. Lies become the magnet to an eventual bending of the metal and where “truth” finally bursts out for all to see. One is left naked and vulnerable. Their greatest fear becomes their reality. And they have a choice to ask for spiritual support with a humble heart, or not.

As I always say, “Truth is where your freedom begins, and where restored peace becomes our daily experience.”

One way or another, the “truth” IS ALWAYS revealed.




Serendipity – Love, Wendy

Serendipity story…

I have not thought about The Wizard of Oz since my kids were little other than maybe now and again through the years.

My dear friend, Steve, who I had not seen in a year and a half visited me and used this movie title in an analogy for something that he was explaining to me.

Then my friend Tara, who I gifted this beautiful piece of artwork to about 4 years ago, made by my late stepfather, Harold, of The Wizard of Oz, returned this to me today as she said she was downsizing and thought to herself that this piece of my stepfather‘s legacy should stay in my family. It was my late mom, Judy’s favorite piece that he made. He was so talented and made dozens of beautiful pieces.

And today, watching “Serendipity,” there is a specific reference to The Wizard of Oz that jumped out at me as another “sign.”

I believe these signs reveal to me what I have been shown is about to show up “behind the curtain…”

Spirit communicates in the most curious ways, and this is a “normal” part of my every day life. “Our” communication is constant and clear, and I always understand the guidance I am being given, and shown the specific answers to my questions and prayers.

When we are open to Divine communication, we see, hear and feel beyond our physical limitations.

To be continued!…



The Wizard of Oz, created by my stepfather, Harold Rosen.

Don’t say, “Get over it” – Love, Wendy

When we engage with a trauma survivor, we want to use trauma informed words and behaviors steering clear of phrases like, “Put on your big girl/boy pants,” or “You’re all grown up now, and that was a lifetime ago,” or “Get over it.”

Trauma, when left untreated and unprocessed becomes embedded on a cellular level. We must be empathetic and realize that insensitive phrases and words such as these, and the like, are unkind, and one cannot just “skip over” details of the experienced trauma to “get over it.” This is how it remains stuck, and one remains unwell on a cellular level. Body, mind and spirit.

We must encourage one to slowly unpack, at their own pace, their own experiences, and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for one to do so.

My objective is always to nourish ones soul.

A trauma informed approach uses empathy, patience and compassion, and holds the space for one who has experienced trauma to heal in their own time, and in their own way. We ask them what they need to unpack the details of the trauma.

And, we meet them there.




Rebuilding is a process – Love, Wendy

When we ask for the truth to be revealed in order to experience closure, we must prepare ourselves to receive it. And, sometimes it will not deliver closure at all. Only more epiphanies.


Yet, it may cause us to reach higher, and deeper in our next relationship. And, we may learn more about our own resilience, and more about the inner work we still need to do, including following God’s initial guidance.

Rebuilding is a process that creates an even stronger foundation of self, with God, and with another.




“Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

When we speak our truth, it releases what we have suppressed, thus offering us a release of stale feelings, emotions and unhealthy thoughts that may manifest physically in our bodies as “dis-order.” Truth offers us freedom.

And, although another person may be too selfish and self absorbed in order to hear us in our truth, and in fact, makes our truth about them without ever acknowledging our truth, the purpose of our own release is always about keeping ourselves authentic, at peace, and in good health.

I am reminded, once again, that decades of insensitive, narcissistic behavior, does not change in one who is unenlightened.

“I just can’t see past myself…
A little more like mercy, a little more like grace
A little more like kindness, goodness, love, and faith
A little more like patience, a little more like peace.” – Zach Williams

I pause, and always end the conversation with, “I wish you well.” I am certain that my devoted spiritual practice and connection guides me in this way, and certainly brings me peace.

I always do the right thing…for my own wellness.

Look up child.”

Love and blessings,




One who is living with a mental health disorder, most especially a substance use disorder and/or an alcohol use disorder tends to isolate, sometimes until it is too late. And it happens every single day.

One will isolate for a variety of reasons including the shame that they feel for the need to self medicate, the fear that they feel of being shamed, and judged, and possibly ostricized by family and friends, and many times when they have arrived at a stage of hopelessness that is the reason for their drug/alcohol abuse, they do not see a way out. One may also fear their own emotions and feelings that they are self medicating, or perhaps may not even be able to identify those emotions and feelings, making it nearly impossible for one to process. And as it goes, they suppress. And suppress. And suppress. And deny.

And numb, and numb. And numb. And smile through the pain.

And finally, we lose one who could not see a way out, yet there is always a way out of this disease.

This is the reason that I do the work that I do in empowering our global community on mental health disorders, most especially substance use/alcohol use disorder.

The first step is to understand that these disorders are brain disorders, and are diagnosable, treatable, and manageable. These disorders are not the fault of one living with the disorder. If we can offer support through education, this is the second step, and we can teach awareness and prevention of a lifelong dis-ease, and even, of a crisis.

Please help me in my global call to action to normalize these disorders through an ongoing dialogue and education in a safe, non-judmental virtual space.

These disorders are mental health disorders. We all have mental health. There is no shame in feeling unwell mentally, and we can move ourselves back to wellness with the right support, empathy, tools, and love.

Our “Fall Back Into Wellness” Symposium is November 5, 2022. We will be offering a full day of workshops based on my “Integrative Approach to Recovery,” inclusive of all pathways to recovery. Come to learn about these disorders, and the spiritual solutions, self care practices, including mindfulness, and writing, and traditional healing modalities, including the facts about substance use/alcohol use disorders, and mental health from professionals and peers in both the wellness and recovery communities.

From the beginning of my recovery, my goal was to bring these two communities together in a “marriage” that is interconnected in order to serve as many people as we can as we meet them where they are, and support everyone in any way in which they choose to recover.

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Thank you so much.

Love and blessings,



You already know – Love, Wendy

When your needs are neglected as a child, you may accept neglectful, dishonorble behavior, and instabilitiy, i.e., lies, cheating and deception in an adult relationship. This is your only compass, so far.

We accept “less than” because we “live what we learn.” We accept what we “see” as love, yet deep within our soul we feel the truth. We accept what looks like love because we may have never been shown what love really is causing us to feel unworthy.

As an adult, it is our responsiblity to do our inner work in order to discover who we are underneath the trauma and neglect…to learn, to grow, and to evolve…To provide ourselves with healthy, loving relationships. To assess our relationships through a wider lens. We must ask ourselves why we are accepting one who lies, cheats, and walks in the relationship with an incredible sense of entitlement to do so.

So in the quiet of your space, accept your truth, and then speak your truth. Accept the bigger picture of this connection.

When you accept this type of degrading behavior, you are telling the other person that you do not value yourself. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing.

Walk away and go within to do your inner work. Once you do, and pray to God for guidance, your bounty of blessings will pour onto your path.

Through the inner work, you will develop self love and self respect, and then, and only then, will God bring you the partner that is perfectly aligned in love. A spiritual union with God/Spirit/Universe at the center of it all.

I spoke my truth. I found me. I found love.

Speak your truth.

You already know.”

Love and blessings,