Being blessed with spiritual awareness affords us the opportunity to offer spiritual solutions in what may appear to be an irreparable problem/challenge.

When we strive for spiritual wellness, and we are blessed with a task of being a spiritual first responder/teacher, we use each opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

This is so rare. Too many people in conflict take an attitude of “I am right.“ They don’t look for the deeper meaning of the conflict, and choose to walk away rather than do their own inner work, and to find the spiritual solution to bring all concerned closer to each other, and to God.

I choose to be a spiritual teacher.

And, I am always His student.

Find your humility. Ask for spiritual guidance. Be a part of the solution.”

Love and blessings,




I would never think to tell someone else, a loved one, a friend, or a client that they have to let go of someone or something because I feel it is not good for them. I don’t know how another person feels or what their emotions are, and if I am to give such insensitive advice, one may begin to feel guilty for how they feel and suppress their emotions.

We are all allowed to feel how we feel for as long as we feel it. When we are ready, we will let go of what no longer serves us, and not a minute before. It is not for me to have such audacity as to tell someone when they are ready to let go.”

Love and blessings,




“When I finally allowed myself to accept the truth of one’s lack of emotional intelligence and empathy for others, as well as their continuous deceitful behavior, I was able to freely and gratefully move on.

Love always comes around the bend when we are not waiting for it. God brings us precisely what, and whom aligns with our soul and spiritual journey.“

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


I am coming from a place of wellness today, although I am on a never ending journey of wellness. And, you can choose to follow my self created wellness program, S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M INTO WELLNESS, if it resonates. This is my “Integrative Approach to Recovery.” Recovery from anything.

Yesterday, the Universe said to me, “I need you to walk the talk today.” I do not believe that this was a test of my trust, or my devotion to God or to myself, as this is part of my daily wellness regimen, but as a reminder of my own inner strength, and that of my unbreakable bond with God, and my implicit trust in my own knowledge and choices. And to remind myself of the wide variety of holistic tools that I have in my possession, at a moment’s notice, even as I found myself in a sudden traumatic experience.

In two weeks, I will begin my 10th year of “wellness recovery” from substance use disorder and mental illness. I could not be more proud of how I took over the trajectory of a sudden traumatic experience and turned it into a spiritual lesson.

What a day yesterday turned out to be, March 16, 2022…

It had become increasingly more difficult and painful to walk, to move my wrists, and extremities in these past few months, and most especially the past couple of weeks. I decided to hire a new group of specialists as I was guided by Spirit. The signs kept showing me, specifically, where to seek help, and it was shown to be of imminent importance. I always say that when we are open, and have a spiritual relationship with the Universe, we see and hear beyond our physical limitations.

I saw the first orthopedic specialist early in the morning. She took the time to actually show me and to explain my MRI results. Heartbreaking. I am diagnosed, in addition to Lupus and Osteoporosis, severe degenerative disc disease. And stenosis. At the base of my spine, there is a disc bulging backwards onto the spine and compressing the nerve. This is the reason for the complete numbness, pain, and weakness, widespread. My face, neck, arms, back, legs, feet. Debilitating.

She injected me in my backside, (yup), with a very high dose of steroids as she explained that the “nerve was very angry” and this would “calm it down.” She sent me home to rest until I would see the second specialist, a pain management specialist, late in the afternoon. The burning from the injection was unbearable, on top of the excruciating pain, and I rested until I had to leave for pain management.

This is where I stand in my power. As debilitating as the pain was, barely able to drive, sit, stand, or walk, the first thing that I shared with these new doctor’s was my history with substance use disorder. “I do not take any narcotics” I explained. And gave some important information to help them to understand my decision. Believe me, I don’t think anyone would have worried about me yesterday if I had asked for pain meds. That was the level of “off the chart” pain I was experiencing, and had been for weeks affecting my entire quality of life. However, the doctor’s were so supportive, and assured me that there were many options, one being an epidural. And, of course continuing my walking and PT as I can, with an emphasis on my mindful breathing and visualization for calming, healthy eating, hydration, and my regular daily wellness routine.

The epidural will be at a later date, as yesterday I was given a total of 11 more injections at the pain management doctor’s office, right into my back, and yes, again, into my backside. These injections were filled with a very strong additional anti-inflammatory, and other drugs to numb the nerve that was “so angry.” It was so traumatic. The painful injections, one after another, were relentless. Immediately, I reminded myself of my visualization and breathing strategy that is my first “go-to” for calming and focus. I did not want to tense up knowing this would only exacerbate the pain. I went within, into my mind to visualize a color that I assign to hope, and then “breathed in hope.” And then breathed out a color that I had assigned to pain. “Breathe out the pain.” Slowly, and purposefully, breathe, focus on my vision, listen to my breath, and guide my thoughts to healing.

Although this is not something I will “heal” from, they tell me they can absolutely manage the pain, numbness, and mobility. I cried afterwards. Sobbed. Hysterically. Partially from the fear that I had felt, and mostly for the gratitude of pain relief and almost immediate movement of my wrists. My greatest worry was that I would lose the ability to walk, or be in a wheelchair. I said to the doctor, “Just tell me the truth. As long as I have my brain, I can make peace with anything. I just want to continue to serve and to do the work that I love.” As he smiled at me with great empathy, His answer was, Aww, not a chance that this will happen.”

He did prescribe a medication, long term, for skeletal, muscle and joint pain (non narcotic) that has proved effective, and when I wasn’t sure, he said, “You have no quality of life, its all hands on deck now.” Yes, I had just said that to a close friend the other day. “I have no quality of life.”

I will be honest and say that my greatest inspiration for the healthy choices that I made yesterday, including how I “reframed” the sudden traumatic experience was to be a shining example for my children in the face of acute adversity. Throughout the entire day yesterday, my children were texting and calling, along with my closest friends. I wanted to lead by example so that my children, would witness my strength and my decision to stay in control of my mind, and in the face of great adversity, to choose wellness through healthy practices and self care. I made an immediate decision to practice all that I teach in my book and in my trainings. S.PE.A.R. first. Then S.W.I.M. (Chapter 6 of Write Pray Recover) I listened to God’s request to “walk the talk.” I had prayed in the morning, and countless mornings prior, to be led to the doctors who could provide empathy, relief and healing, and God ALWAYS has the last word.

Thy will be done.

And so it is.

My son was extremely worried and was being challenged to remain calm by what he was observing. I knew that this experience was a spiritual opportunity to be the “spiritual first responder” that I am in showing him (and my daughters) that I took the time to self regulate, and to S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.IM. To stop, pause, allow myself to emote as I needed to release, and that my reframe was all about allowing myself to feel how I felt in those hours, then practicing acceptance during the time of the injections and in accepting my new “normal” for my health, and choosing to stay in control, and then re-aligning with myself and God, and reframing this experience as an opportunity to enhance my wellness, and my spiritual connection, and most importantly, to provide for my children a perspective of responding to adversity and challenge through a wider lens. A lens of mindful wellness, self regulation, and self care. And, being proactive in my health and wellness decisions and goals.

It is a choice.

Although I did not sleep much last night, the numbness is 90% gone, and my mobility has increased about 50%. I am moving slowly, and the doctor tells me that by Sunday, I should be feeling much better.

As my son said to me early in my recovery, and that I talk about in my new book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, “slow and steady wins the race.” Great advice in every situation.

This is my newest testimony of prayer, a spiritual relationship, and taking control of my mind in every situation using my S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS program where I use an integrative approach to wellness.

It ALL begins with the awareness of what I want for myself, how I want to feel, how I want to serve others through my experiences, and enhancing that of my own wellness.

I hope you will find the time to read my book, and adapt the practices that resonate with you.

We really do make the choice in what part of our mind that we “feed.” Illness, or wellness.

Email me at if you would like to learn more, and work with me in reaching your own health and wellness goals through an integrative approach.

Love and blessings,




As I watch daily news reports of the recent and ongoing world events and feel helpless, or as I experience adversity and challenges beyond my control, I remind myself, based on my spiritual experiences, as well as the S.P.E.A.R. AND S.W.I.M. INTO WELLNESS program that I have created, and share in my new book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, that I can only be in control of how I respond to external circumstances, and how well I practice daily self care.

That’s it.

This is where I stand in my power.

Each morning, I practice prayer and meditation. This is where I feel my calmest and most peaceful. In my connection to God, I turn it all over. Some call it surrender. Either way, He’s got this. My spiritual practice brings me into alignment with who I want to be each day, and how I want to show up for others, Divinely led in every moment, and every decision that I choose to make. Thy will be done.

The most satisfying feeling in the world is to be connected to oneself, to God, and to others as my finest self, aligned in peace and love, leading by example, and ready, willing and able to be a spiritual first responder. This is the space where I can guide one on a spiritual path of their own choice, and where they will learn to “turn it over;to surrender.” This is the space where we experience freedom and peace.

I love the woman who stands before you today. It has been a long journey of self exploration, discovery, and staying true to all that I believe, feel, and practice, never allowing anyone or anything to distract me from what I know is the right thing to do.

Self respect. Self care. Self love. All wrapped in a spiritual being. And using these instruments to serve as a spiritual first responder.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


  1. Ask yourself what “self soothing”/resiliency tool you need in this moment to feel at peace, and for wellness.
  2. Limit intake of news sources. Turn off phone notifications. 
  3. Honor your feelings through a healthy practice including talking/writing about your feelings/emotions. Share with a trusted loved one or professional.
  4. Use a mindfulness strategy that feels centering for you to realign with yourself and with God/Spirit/Universe. (Body scan, Pranayama, Kundalini, etc.) I love to use my breath and visualization for joy/peace to re-align. Our breath is our most accessible tool that we have in real time to intervene with our physiology. We can also use movement and visualization to assist us in de-escalation.
  5. Check in with your body often throughout the day. It will always tell you what you need. (Rest, deep breaths, food, water, connection, etc.) Allow yourself to take frequent “brain/body/Spirit breaks”.
  6. And remember, connection is key to our mental wellness which is directly related to our physical wellness.

Lastly, stay connected to God/Universe/Spirit, or whatever “ Enlightening/Guiding Source” resonates with you. 

For information on how I can support you during these challenging times, body, mind and spirit, email me at wendyblanchard044

Love and blessings always,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

“Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

“When I am in doubt, and when I am feeling uncertainty about my next steps for myself, and those that I am connected to, I ask, in prayer, for God‘s voice to speak above mine, above all the noise.

After all, it is His Voice that is the most evolved, He who knows all, and He who always guides me to my most loving and highest blessings.

As I listen beyond my physical limitations in prayer and meditation, I hear the answers clearly.

And, I remind myself that I am free to make a choice.

I always choose to be aligned with God/Spirit/Universe.

“I hear you say, Look Up Child.”

Love, Wendy



People do change, and things can change, once we correct the negative

thinking that keeps us stuck in a fearful mindset. Once we believe that

change is a possibility, and we come from a mindset of love for ourselves

and empathy for all that we have endured, we immediately make a shift

from feelings of fear to an abundance of love.

When I am faced with a harsh reality that brings fear, I feel like I want

to run as far and as fast as my legs will take me to avoid the pain of a

situation I do not want to face. Instead, I breathe into it slowly, deeply,

and steadily. I observe the feeling, and I do not give in. I acknowledge the

feeling, and then I choose, mindfully, in that moment, a response that is the

opposite of fear. I keep myself engaged calmly, confidently, and constructively,

one moment at a time. I allow myself the space to grow and find

resolve, rather than hiding from the truth, however painful.

The truth is always calm. Untruths are a cacophony of noises trying to

mask the calm for fear of the truth. That is when we must face ourselves, if

we are brave. Here is where our awakening begins.

Feeling a strong emotion that suddenly triggers a response, such as

fear, is our invitation to feel it all the way through, sit with it, process

it for as long as it takes, and release it when we feel we are ready (and

not a moment before). Use it for enlightenment, healing, and moving

forward. Reframe. This is how we uncover the fear that we don’t realize

is deep within. It is a spiritual call for change. Recognize the feeling in

the moment and identify it. This is an opportunity to deepen our faith, to

experience freedom, and to be fearless in experiencing our experiences.

Fear is an unhealthy habit. The secret to breaking this habit is a fourletter

word: L.O.V.E.

Letting Our Vulnerability Emerge!

Here is where we become completely naked with absolutely no apologies

for how we present.

Vulnerability is born on a spiritual path where you are certain you are

supported, guided, and loved by the Universe. This heightens your faith

in feeling free to divorce from the ego, which fuels fear. Extinguish the

ego with L.O.V.E. for Ego is not connected to Spirit. Show ego the way

to love.


Ask yourself these questions:

“What is the worst that could happen if I do not try to control the

outcome of this situation?”

“What action would serve me best in this moment?”

“What could I say “No” to that would alleviate my anxiety and

offer me peace? “What could I say “Yes” to that would enhance

my wellness?”

“What do I need in this moment, or in this situation, to provide

me with peace/wellness? How can I move towards that goal? Go

back to the S.W.I.M. method in Chapter 6 to re-read, edit, add, or

begin again to implement the steps of this program through your

own awareness.

Begin writing it all down here:


Remember, you have the right to experience peace and wellness in

every moment, and you are the only person who can provide that

for yourself.”

To purchase your copy of Write Pray Recover, visit, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook, Goodreads, and other bookstores, worldwide!

Love and blessings,