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Being aware of my internal dialogue allows me to connect lovingly with my Soul…

I speak only from love, compassion and wellness as this is the only language which my soul understands and responds to…

And…it is in this most sacred space, that I deepen my connection to Spirit…my most loving Guide…where I am assured that every decision that I make, every word that I speak, and every action that I take, is Divinely guided…enriching my life, as well as all those with whom I engage.

I choose love. I choose peace. I choose a Divine path.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“I let go of an ex bestie abroad eagerly and immediately once I realized that his intentions were so much less than honorable…Yes, I could see it across the waters in the reflection of his “soul.”

My integrity and self respect are the way in which I honor myself.

If one is of a dishonorable self fulfilling agenda, I do not consider him a friend.

I wish him well and keep moving forward. This was a Divine “wake up call” to action.

Mission accomplished.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Even after cross words have been spoken, we know that the love is deeper than the pain. And, if one shows up humble and kind in spite of the pain, in spite of the words that ended it all, and presents a solution with a willingness and eagerness to begin again, with a mindset of new tools that assures a new outcome immersed only in love…and with an unconditional dedication to that love…led by a spiritually aligned heart, lifestyle and mindset…

I am in…

Spirit is guiding my steps, and I always trust a spiritually aligned response to my question in prayer.

Always and forever,


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BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“If you cheer me on and encourage me as I continue on my journey, I will stand beside you and be your most loving and devoted partner.

If you feel the need to remind me of my past failures in spite of all that I have accomplished, as well as the self forgiveness I have painfully worked for, and the gracious forgiveness of my loved ones…there is something within yourself that needs healing, and forgiving. It’s not about me.

I always take a spiritually aligned mindset, and so I send you love and wishes for healing.

Your energy does not affect my energy. I am guided by a loving Spirit.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we make a decision to discontinue a friendship with a bestie, for me, it was a no brainer…

I stand in integrity and honor of myself, and all those I choose to engage in any relationship with…If one hides or manages information for his own benefit with an unwelcome personal agenda, I move on. My integrity is my guide.

I live my life as an open book. My integrity speaks to my character, as do my choices. My word is my truth 100% of the time…Sat Nam (Truth is my name).

My character is my resume.

I live my life guided by Spirit, by my integrity, and by my heart. When I feel violated, I honor my body, mind and spirit. I cut the cord. I know my worth.

I honor myself, every time. And I treat all those in my inner circle, and with all those whom I engage with this same honor. Therefore, honor me.

My circle is getting smaller, and I continue to grow.

Sat Nam…”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“”Release the one that doesn’t value you…the one that consistently disappoints and hurts you because you fear being alone.

Require more for, and of yourself. Take as much time as you need to explore yourself within. Recognize the unhealthy patterns of connection to one who is emotionally, physically and spiritually unavailable.

What you accept will be exactly what you receive.

I promise you that once you allow yourself the time to connect within… and you require nothing less than a mature, committed, fun loving, deep, unconditional love, one that is spiritually, emotionally and physically aligned with all that you desire and deserve, love will appear.

You will recognize them immediately…your Divine counterpart.

God always has the last word.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“One’s behavior and consistent unhealthy patterns are indicative of one’s experience of trauma and of one’s inability and unwillingness to acknowledge, to validate and to heal. It is easier to live in a victim mentality than it is to find one’s courage to change one’s mindset in order to heal. “Woe is me,” vs “It feels good to feel good!”

Through daily, healthy self care practices, we do heal, if we are willing to slowly and patiently do the work…with support.

“Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Yesterday as I looked back over my shoulder just for a moment, I saw my past in the far off distance…and I smiled at how far I have walked since then.

No regrets…no sense of “I wish,” or “I miss…” Just a sense of peace and gratitude for all that I have experienced.

As I turned back around to face my present and my future, my heart is filled with excitement for the experience in every moment where I am mindfully present. I now know the true meaning of love, of joy, of wellness, and of meaningful abundance as I experience these emotions in real time, cemented in a Spiritual foundation.”

Love and blessings,