Do not commiserate, elevate! – Love, Wendy

When I received a call from one who wants to, yet again, “commiserate,” I replied that I am not into “joint suffering.” Instead, I choose to promote peace and wellness, one beautiful soul at a time, including for myself.

I evaluate the circumstances and understand there are limitless possibilities. I cultivate peace and wellness through comfort, reassurance, and positive, soothing words, thoughts, and self care practices.

Commiserating only keeps us stuck in the old story and constant negative self talk/shared talk, and toxic thinking.

I am a wellness practitioner.

I am a spiritual teacher.

I seek and embrace spiritual solutions and wellness. I elevate my body, mind and spirit on a cellular level.

Do not commiserate, elevate!




He is David Rahman:Food for thought-Love, Wendy

He is David Rahman…

One of my dearest friends/soulmates, my confidante, my mentor, author of the Foreword to my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care (click here to purchase and the man that I trust implicitly. He is an intuitive genius when it comes to knowing exactly what thought provoking question(s) to ask at the perfect time to encourage me to reflect, (as he does for so many across the globe to offer personal growth tools) and to remind me of my blessings, as well as how far I have come on my wellness journey. As I wrote in my book, “David has been a gift along the way” of my journey. Read David’s book, Let It Go: How to Stop Your Past Ruining Your Future (purchase here:

We have been friends for nearly 5 years, we enhance each other’s lives, and we spend hours having meaningful conversation and laughing on the phone, or on WhatsApp Video. To use David’s word, we “enhance” each other’s lives as close friends. David lives in the U.K., and I live in the U.S.A. in New York. We have a deep commitment to our friendship and there is nothing that can break our bond. Not time, not space, not a situation or another human being. We always find our way back.

David will be presenting at our Fall Back Into Wellness Symposium, our free virtual event on November 5 and 6, 2022 entitled “OVERCOMING FEAR, WORRY AND DOUBT .” (Register here

I have always said that David poses the most thought provoking questions of anyone that I know, and as I dig deep down for the answers, I notice that I always have the answer to David’s question just beneath the surface. He once called me out of the blue when I desperately needed a friend about four years ago. I asked him, “How did you know I needed to talk?” His response was profound, “I sense you.”


David and I are spiritually and energetically connected. He “knows.”

He knows what I need to be reminded of, or further explore within myself, and he asks, allows me to process, and to respond, in my own time, where I always uncover a deeper sense of self through his guidance. It is usually something I have been working on to answer on my own, and then, there is David, shining the light for me to see it clearly. To feel it clearly. To hear it clearly.

Tonight David phoned me and we spent an hour on the phone. He asked, “What is the greatest gift that you have received this year?”

Wow. After a challenging year, it was the perfect “ponder” for me. And, perfect timing as I had been reflecting on my gifts with gratitude just this morning as I spent time with God in prayer.

It was right there beneath the surface waiting to come out. I replied, “being given the opportunity over and over again, compliments of the Universe, to recognize my inner strength, my resilience, and my devotion to my wellness, and my commitment to God through this challenging year.” I continued, “and most important, my ongoing and flourishing, devoted and loving relationships with my children, and with my grandchildren. This gift is priceless.”

I flipped the question onto David, and he thought a moment and answered, “resilience”, as David, too, has had a challenging year. Then, David mentioned that his greatest gift was one of deepened connection with his son, Cieran.

Loving and connected minds think alike.

David and I mirror each other so often, and have the same mindset in love, in politics, in friendships, in our gratitude for the life lessons we have experienced, and how we have co-created our blessed lives with the Universe, in business, and so many other topics that keep us together as close friends and colleagues. And, we have a genuine interest in each other’s experiences and lives.

David visited me in October, 2018, and shared tonight that he will be visiting very soon once again.

We both look forward to this reunion.

When we engage in friendships/relationships that nourish our soul, that enhance our lives, and that are continuously strengthened in connection to each other with God/Spirit/Universe at the center, it is a lifelong connection. David once told me that “in relationships, one of the most important ingredients for success is consistency.”


We never hang up without saying, “I love you.”

A friendship steeped in love is the authentic relationship that we all deserve to experience. And, as we offer friendship, all that we offer is mirrored back. True, unconditional friendship.

Or, as in my Kundalini practice, it is known as “ or “Recognize the other person is you.”

If we take the time to think about the other person as much as ourselves, to be “consistent,” and to be present, to have shared values, to engage in meaningful conversation, to be loving and compassionate, and to provide a safe space, joy, and laughter, and to be able to “agree to disagree” now and again, we have success.

We are successful, and we are blessed.

Learn more about David here:

Love and blessings,



The Truth Is Deafening – Love, Wendy

There is something that has been unfolding for me for a long time. It began years ago following the whispers of the Universe imploring me to sit in reflection and see the truth of one who I thought was the smartest and most “truthful” one in my life, and one with all integrity.

It began as the tiniest seed laid at my feet from the very first day. Eventually, it was all encompassing, and the whispers became a howling shriek.

The truth is deafening. Love is neither blind, nor deaf.

Love, Wendy


No words, except that… – Love, Wendy

I learned of one’s “emotional hijack” which “refers to a situaion where the amygdala part of the brain which is the emotional processor, that hijacks or bypasses your normal reasoning process” where their only reality has become diseased by those involved in global delusional and hysterical beliefs and behaviors, I understand God’s intervention to remove me from the toxicity and insanity, permanently.

It is heartbreaking to watch one who I once believed to be the smartest, most wisdomous man in my life allow his mind to be hijacked with rhetoric, lapses in presence of mind, grandiosity, “spreading the word of God,” to “awaken the masses” to align with a group who are deeply disturbed, dangerous, and lacking emotional intelligence and self regulation.

I believe when one questions their own identity due to a loss of sense of self and offers their independence to a ruinous group, they become a “willing victim” of the fanfare of pestilent propaganda in order to feel a part of something…anything that makes them feel a part of “community.” One eventually becomes pernicious in their attempt to deliberately injure and mislead with bullying, untruths, and cancerous words and beliefs that have spread like wildfire within that community.

God only knows…

Dear God/Spirit/Universe,

I am so grateful and humbled that you pulled me from the wreckage.

Thank you for Your Grace. I continue upon my spiritual path and…

I will continue to pray for this unwell, displaced soul in the hopes that You will save him from the wreckage of his own mind. Be his Rock. Bless his mind and soul with healing. Offer him strength and courage in Your love. “Awaken” his senses to the “truth” that is Your word, not “theirs.”



BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Last night, my Oxytocin breathing put me into a deep meditative state and helped to disconnect my thoughts from debilitating pain and spasm, one week post surgical procedure. Instead, I was able to focus on my breath and the purposeful verbal “Aaaaahhhhhhh” sound that I created to stimulate my vagus nerve for a repeated surge of oxytocin.

As I mindfully focused on my breath and the self motivated stimulation of my vagus nerve which releases oxytoxin, a hormone which has the power to regulate our emotional responses and promote a “warm and fuzzy feeling,” I finally felt relief from the chronic pain post surgical procedure of 7 days ago, and I was able to fall asleep at around 2am. Prior to this, for hours, I was experiencing severe, ongoing spasms and constant anxiety, where I could not find any relief.

I spoke to my friend/Chiropractor, Paul, in the middle of the day who explained that what I was feeling were the muscles in my back trying to pump blood to the nerves. He suggested some yoga poses,

Just by observing one’s breath, the body is able to reset itself. Then we can use the information from that observation to manage our pain, and emotional regulation.

Our breath is our most accessible tool in intervening with our physiology in real time.

For more information on how I can support you in my wellness coaching program, email me at and write WELLNESS in the subject line.

For more information on this mindful breathing and healing strategy, Oxytocin Breathing, click here:

I chose NOT to go to the emergency room because I am unwilling to receive (the probability of) narcotic drugs due to my successful long term recovery from prescription drug addiction. Instead, I used my holistic tools to mindfully and purposefully manage my symptoms. I will always continue to choose wellness, as I continue to heal.

Wellness and the way in which we heal is always a personal choice.

Love and blessings,



Don’t say, “I love you.” Show the love – LOVE, WENDY

I am a loving and empathetic wellness and spiritual teacher, and devoted friend.

I give diligent, ongoing, and loving attention to all those who are in my inner circle, as well as my clients, friends, and family members.

On my own journey of healing, especially of late, I have finally learned who is willing to selflessly reciprocate the care and love that I offer to others…

and who is not.

It costs nothing to make time for one who is experiencing challenging times, illness, and/or loss. And those few minutes of one’s time that is offered freely and lovingly can be the catalyst for a “warm and fuzzy” day, and where one is reminded that they are loved.

Call someone. FaceTime one in need of connection. Visit them. Bring a meal or snack, and a smile and hug.

Put texts aside at this time. Offer someone face to face or ear to ear connection. And further, do not make this a “one and done.”

Get invested in your relationships. There are so many in my life who have become so selfless, and there are others who have become terribly selfish and disconnected focusing only on their lives in their corner of the world.

I have learned never to have any expectations of anyone because so often it breeds disappointment and resentment.

However, I am allowed to feel whatever I feel today… disappointed and a little perplexed at those who use the word “love” in their dialogue with me. Don’t say, “I love you.” Show me the love.

We all have a few minutes in our day to offer connection.

Remember, we all need connection and support, and one day, you may be the one on the receiving end.

Put your own issues and unrest aside.

Be a friend. Offer connection. Give some love today.

What we give away, always finds its way back to us.

Be a part of the global healing and wellness that everyone thirsts for now.