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What happened to you? – Love, Wendy

When one cannot identify with their own feelings and emotions, or they are too fearful to do so, they sync to the feelings and even the thoughts and behaviors of others.

They may have not been “seen and heard” as a youngster, and even as a young adult/adult. They do not have the words to identify their feelings, or may be too afraid to speak their truth, and so they look for others who are excessively loud and expressive in their vernacular as they are trying to state the inner emotions that may be simmering. Often, these are people who are actually feeling deeply insecure, and who are also looking for attention (in the most unhealthy ways.)

As I observe, I notice that the louder and angrier someone is in their expression whether it is verbal, or in their actions, I ask myself, “What happened to them?”

This is known as a “Trauma Informed Approach.”

When people feel the need to be crass, excessively boisterous, and engage in unhealthy, limiting beliefs and behaviors, I choose to employ empathy.

Sometimes, it is a challenge, but empathy is a place where I understand what another may have experienced to cause them to exhibit such desperate behaviors in order to be noticed, and even loved.

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I have a theory as I watch the duplicitous behavior of one I thought I once knew, and loved… When you don’t have a life purpose, find yourself alone with too much time available as an aging adult, and where one does not have self esteem, and does not love or believe in themselves, they become sucked into theories which may make them feel a part of something…anything…even behaving in ways that are inhumane.

This steers the trajectory of their thoughts, and behaviors, creating an altered perception of reality. When one is desperate to be loved and needed, and wants to belong, they will drink the Koolaid, no matter the personal cost.

And, I have just been a witness to the demise of a beautiful soul and otherwise intelligent mind.

An incredibly expensive lesson.

Love, Wendy



I continue to experience deep and profound spiritual lessons in the midst of hardship and chaos, and yet, I welcome these spiritual lessons.

As a spiritual student my task is to grow and evolve and to stand in my faith in order to continue as a spiritual teacher and spiritual first responder. I consistently continue to show up for those whom I serve.

If we live the experiences, we recognize the true meaning of life through adversity and challenge, as well as the gentle touch of spirits guidance.

And, we continue to reaffirm our own faith through these spiritual experiences by the grace of God.

In the still of the silence, the connection is the loudest. As my mother used to say, “The silence is deafening.”

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As I plan for this next stage of my life as a single, mature woman of sixty-something, I connect even more deeply to those beautiful souls who are faced with homelessness, hunger, and loss of safety and security.

Something needs to change in order to protect and to provide, especially for our aging population.

Who are we trusting and depending upon in our government to care for us as we retire, as we age, and as we require more resources in order to experience wellness and joy in our golden years?

Yesterday, I had an unsettling, eye opening experience as I sought out some temporary assistance due to my own personal needs for temporary assistance due to a long term illness where I am temporarily unable to work full time.

There are no more waiting lists for housing. “Supply outweighs the demand.”
If you earn over a few hundred dollars, you are not eligible for temporary benefits.
And, where there are resources, the wait is exponential, and the amount doesn’t feed a bird.

One could starve or be homeless by the time one receives support.

I met a woman, Joann, approximately 55 years of age, who has set up “home” on the park bench at the lake. She worked for a major corporation and was taken ill, and could no longer work. She ran out of sick time at work, and resources. Her “home sweet home” all year round, is a shopping cart filled with her most prized possessions, and a bench. She has a son who lives across the country who is unable to help her.

And, this can all happen to a U.S. citizen overnight.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need emotional support, please email me at

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What is beneath the dis-ease? – Love, Wendy

When we are constantly struggling with our health, we need to ask ourselves what is beneath the dis-ease and disorder…

When I asked myself this question, and answered honestly, I know it is the ongoing stress of a situation that I did not know how to resolve.

And, as a mental health and wellness consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I know that stress causes serious dis-ease, and dis-order. I have been enduring too much of this of late. I actually knew all along what it was, but did not know the solution.

When we are open to Divine communication…

When we are open to hearing and seeing beyond our physical limitations…

When we pray and then get still and listen, we can hear the spiritual solution that which we ourselves would never have thought about.

An epiphany is Spirit whispering to us in the quiet of our space. That is what I experienced.

Listen to that little voice within. Feel it in your gut. Follow your heart unapologetically.

Consider and follow Spirit’s guidance and trust you will always be Divinely supported. And ask for support from your loved ones.

All of the above is self care.

Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.

Experience your birthright of wellness.





“As we reflect on the precious souls lost on 9/11/01, of those whose lives were forever impacted and changed, and of those who gave so much of their service and unconditional love as they steadied themselves to be the anchor when the waves came crashing down…may God bless you for holding our heads above the water and refusing to allow us to sink to the bottom.

To the heroes that sacrificed themselves to ensure that we would see the sun shine after the storm…we thank you for your selfless and tireless acts of courage …you are the wind beneath our wings.

To those who lost their lives, we remember you with heartfelt love, and we honor you each and every day…YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN

and to those who survived and to the loved ones of those lost, we acknowledge your courage on a difficult journey, we applaud your resilience, and offer prayers of peace and strength. May God continue to bless all of us with an unbreakable spirit as we continue to offer each other love, empathy, and kindness today, and every day, as a Global Community as we follow IN HIS FOOTSTEPS TO A HEALING PATH.”

Love and blessings,