Being “titanium “ is nothing to brag about. If you are impenetrable you are therefore devoid of feelings, and do not possess a spiritual compass. Here is where one lives through ego which is completely transparent.

However, when the heat is turned up, even titanium begins to lose its strength…and, it doesn’t stand a chance against “bullets” fired from high-powered “truth” where Spirit steps in with a light that illuminates and melts the life of lies. Lies become the magnet to an eventual bending of the metal and where “truth” finally bursts out for all to see. One is left naked and vulnerable. Their greatest fear becomes their reality. And they have a choice to ask for spiritual support with a humble heart, or not.

As I always say, “Truth is where your freedom begins, and where restored peace becomes our daily experience.”

One way or another, the “truth” IS ALWAYS revealed.



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