Just the way you are – Love, Wendy

Those who are aligned with you will encourage you and challenge you to continue to learn, to grow, and to evolve.

These are the like minded people who eagerly create a safe space for you when you are together in each others company. They provide a peaceful and loving environment. It is an energy match that ignites a friendship made in Heaven.

In their presence, you will feel energized rather than feeling depleted.

Together you take the time to learn of each other’s journey, and extend grace and compassion.

This is an organic union of any relationship.

It takes time and consistent effort. And it takes the ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to love, and to be loved.

Those who are aligned with you will let you know that you are loved, without any words. And, that you are loved just the way you are.”

Love and blessings,



I stand firmly in my Faith – Love, Wendy

My faith reminds me that even in the most challenging of moments, and in the heartbreak, that I can breathe in peace knowing that Spirit is always present…within, and all around me. His presence provides me with ever present peace, and the knowing that I am safe, I am well, and I am loved.

Affirm: “I stand firmly in my faith.”

Love and blessings,




“Stand in your power. Do not give away your power.

Speak your truth. Here is where your freedom begins.
Own it. Make amends. Forgiveness is an apology away.

Show up and allow yourself to be seen. Wear your vulnerability. You will find love and forgiveness in your humility.

Maybe this is your opportunity to build grit and toughness and strength…
and re-connection.
Return to love.

We can either use fear and adversity as an opportunity to grow, to connect, and to learn a deeper love of self and another, or allow it to control our lives leaving us running on empty.

When we learn from our mistakes, time and energy is never wasted.

And love is always the antidote.”

Love always,