You already know – Love, Wendy

When your needs are neglected as a child, you may accept neglectful, dishonorble behavior, and instabilitiy, i.e., lies, cheating and deception in an adult relationship. This is your only compass, so far.

We accept “less than” because we “live what we learn.” We accept what we “see” as love, yet deep within our soul we feel the truth. We accept what looks like love because we may have never been shown what love really is causing us to feel unworthy.

As an adult, it is our responsiblity to do our inner work in order to discover who we are underneath the trauma and neglect…to learn, to grow, and to evolve…To provide ourselves with healthy, loving relationships. To assess our relationships through a wider lens. We must ask ourselves why we are accepting one who lies, cheats, and walks in the relationship with an incredible sense of entitlement to do so.

So in the quiet of your space, accept your truth, and then speak your truth. Accept the bigger picture of this connection.

When you accept this type of degrading behavior, you are telling the other person that you do not value yourself. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing.

Walk away and go within to do your inner work. Once you do, and pray to God for guidance, your bounty of blessings will pour onto your path.

Through the inner work, you will develop self love and self respect, and then, and only then, will God bring you the partner that is perfectly aligned in love. A spiritual union with God/Spirit/Universe at the center of it all.

I spoke my truth. I found me. I found love.

Speak your truth.

You already know.”

Love and blessings,


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