Don’t say, “Get over it” – Love, Wendy

When we engage with a trauma survivor, we want to use trauma informed words and behaviors steering clear of phrases like, “Put on your big girl/boy pants,” or “You’re all grown up now, and that was a lifetime ago,” or “Get over it.”

Trauma, when left untreated and unprocessed becomes embedded on a cellular level. We must be empathetic and realize that insensitive phrases and words such as these, and the like, are unkind, and one cannot just “skip over” details of the experienced trauma to “get over it.” This is how it remains stuck, and one remains unwell on a cellular level. Body, mind and spirit.

We must encourage one to slowly unpack, at their own pace, their own experiences, and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for one to do so.

My objective is always to nourish ones soul.

A trauma informed approach uses empathy, patience and compassion, and holds the space for one who has experienced trauma to heal in their own time, and in their own way. We ask them what they need to unpack the details of the trauma.

And, we meet them there.



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