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We are all experiencing such adversity and challenge and we worry constantly about how this is affecting our children no matter how old they are. There has been so much loss this year on so many different levels. Loss of life, loss of job, loss of home, the ability to buy food to eat, loss of security and feelings of safety, loss of contact in the way that the human condition thrives, and many of us wake up each day wondering “how does this end?“ And this year due to COVID, no Thanksgiving, no Hanukkah or Christmas in person. It’s a “ZOOMOLIDAY.”
I worry about my adult children in the different challenging situations that they are facing. I worry about my 12 year old granddaughter, Rosie, and wonder what emotional and physical challenges may manifest in the future related to the pandemic. I worry about my pregnant daughter, Olivia, who is a school counselor and COVID cases that are in her school, and her baby, my future granddaughter’s health, my daughter, Sarah, who is feeling deeply saddened by a broken relationship and the social distancing from our family and friends where hugs and connection are healing and that which she craves and longs for, especially now, and my beloved son, Matthew, who moved last week and placed us further away in proximity, and that is heartbreaking for both of us. I visited him and spent quality time with him every week. I am already crying as even more distance now prevails.

I worry. I cry. I pray. I meditate. I practice self care. And each day I get up, show up, stay connected to my loving family, friends, colleagues, and clients, and go to work. I live my life believing that God is in control and that these experiences are planned for us for reasons known only to Him. I trust Him. I have great faith that one day, in the coming years that we will all be reunited and truly appreciate all of what we have been blessed with…family.

Happy Thanksgiving however you are celebrating.

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“In the midst of chaos, I am faced with escalating adversity, and on days like yesterday, I feel that all of my strength and resolve are tapped out…

Therefore…I tap inwards…

I retreat… I go within where I connect to Spirit where I seek loving support and guidance.

I cry and allow myself to feel my emotions. I still grieve my losses of 2020. I ask for strength to meet myself where I am, and to know that it is the absolute perfect place for me to stand. I offer myself permission to feel.

I practice extra loving self care. I eat a healthy home cooked meal. I stay hydrated. I pray and I meditate. I take a brisk walk. I connect to nature and to my music. I connect to my two dearest friends for support, and they remind me that I am loved. I use my tools. I hear Spirit offer me the guidance that I seek. “Rest, realign, rest even more. You are never alone. You are supported, and you are well.”

I remain still, and I listen. I am calm in the presence of Spirit.

These are the components of my daily self care practices that are now my lifestyle. I practice, and I heal. I move forward.

Feeling promotes healing.

I remind myself that I have a very impressionable audience that I choose to be an example for. My children, my grandchildren, my loving friends, my colleagues, my clients, and my students.

Wellness is where I stand in my power for myself, and to create a ripple effect.

My purpose…my inspiration…my honor.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“As the years go on and I reflect on the memories of my years in addiction and the ways that it affected my body, my mind and my spirit, and that of my family, I continue to work on self forgiveness.

With deep self care and loving compassion for myself as I had been living with a disease, Substance Use Disorder, that nearly took my life, I remind myself often that in this very moment I am doing the very best that I can for myself, and for my loved ones. Had I known better and had I been equipped with the tools as a child, young adult and grown adult, I would never have inflicted so much pain within, or to those whom I love so deeply.

Nearly eight years of wellness post Substance Use Disorder, I still live with the remnants of a life I do not recognize, yet hauntingly surreal.

Today, I pray for Spirit to support me as I practice self forgiveness.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“If you want for others to treat you with respect and loving care…offer it.

If you give your word to others…keep it. If it cannot be kept, alert them.

If you want to be included… embrace others.

You see, we teach people what is acceptable to us by what we offer to them, and that our time is as precious as anyone else’s. We command respect and consistency.

I offer my time unconditionally even with a packed schedule and challenges of my own. Time is a precious gift, and I thrive in giving to others. I also thrive on being the recipient of someone else’s precious time.

We all need each other, most especially now.

It’s never about feeling obligated or that we have to answer to someone else…it is always about integrity…keeping our word unless extenuating circumstances prevent it. Even then, we take the time to let another know that plans have changed…


Offering to others that which we hope to receive…

Love, patience, empathy and time. Treasures.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“The song says, “Love is all you need…”

I disagree…

In the presence of love, we need to feel heard, and have mutual respect and trust…

Love is a partner who is our friend and lives up to that honor…

We need to have a partner that is present, willingly, when it matters…when it’s important to us…

We need to establish healthy boundaries…

We need to understand our partner’s love language and to learn to speak it fluently…

We need to have room to grow and encouragement to do so…

Together, we create experiences of joy, and offer empathy and compassion, and to offer space for “me” time when needed…

We need a partner who is our spiritual twin and one who feels God’s presence in their soul…one who is willing to share that presence, and one who lives authentically in faith…our soulmate…

Love is an unbreakable bond…no matter what the circumstances…we work through it and emerge even stronger…

Love is many things…yet not all that we need.”

Love, Wendy