Serendipity – Love, Wendy

Serendipity story…

I have not thought about The Wizard of Oz since my kids were little other than maybe now and again through the years.

My dear friend, Steve, who I had not seen in a year and a half visited me and used this movie title in an analogy for something that he was explaining to me.

Then my friend Tara, who I gifted this beautiful piece of artwork to about 4 years ago, made by my late stepfather, Harold, of The Wizard of Oz, returned this to me today as she said she was downsizing and thought to herself that this piece of my stepfather‘s legacy should stay in my family. It was my late mom, Judy’s favorite piece that he made. He was so talented and made dozens of beautiful pieces.

And today, watching “Serendipity,” there is a specific reference to The Wizard of Oz that jumped out at me as another “sign.”

I believe these signs reveal to me what I have been shown is about to show up “behind the curtain…”

Spirit communicates in the most curious ways, and this is a “normal” part of my every day life. “Our” communication is constant and clear, and I always understand the guidance I am being given, and shown the specific answers to my questions and prayers.

When we are open to Divine communication, we see, hear and feel beyond our physical limitations.

To be continued!…



The Wizard of Oz, created by my stepfather, Harold Rosen.

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