As I plan for this next stage of my life as a single, mature woman of sixty-something, I connect even more deeply to those beautiful souls who are faced with homelessness, hunger, and loss of safety and security.

Something needs to change in order to protect and to provide, especially for our aging population.

Who are we trusting and depending upon in our government to care for us as we retire, as we age, and as we require more resources in order to experience wellness and joy in our golden years?

Yesterday, I had an unsettling, eye opening experience as I sought out some temporary assistance due to my own personal needs for temporary assistance due to a long term illness where I am temporarily unable to work full time.

There are no more waiting lists for housing. “Supply outweighs the demand.”
If you earn over a few hundred dollars, you are not eligible for temporary benefits.
And, where there are resources, the wait is exponential, and the amount doesn’t feed a bird.

One could starve or be homeless by the time one receives support.

I met a woman, Joann, approximately 55 years of age, who has set up “home” on the park bench at the lake. She worked for a major corporation and was taken ill, and could no longer work. She ran out of sick time at work, and resources. Her “home sweet home” all year round, is a shopping cart filled with her most prized possessions, and a bench. She has a son who lives across the country who is unable to help her.

And, this can all happen to a U.S. citizen overnight.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need emotional support, please email me at

Love and blessings,


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