What is beneath the dis-ease? – Love, Wendy

When we are constantly struggling with our health, we need to ask ourselves what is beneath the dis-ease and disorder…

When I asked myself this question, and answered honestly, I know it is the ongoing stress of a situation that I did not know how to resolve.

And, as a mental health and wellness consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I know that stress causes serious dis-ease, and dis-order. I have been enduring too much of this of late. I actually knew all along what it was, but did not know the solution.

When we are open to Divine communication…

When we are open to hearing and seeing beyond our physical limitations…

When we pray and then get still and listen, we can hear the spiritual solution that which we ourselves would never have thought about.

An epiphany is Spirit whispering to us in the quiet of our space. That is what I experienced.

Listen to that little voice within. Feel it in your gut. Follow your heart unapologetically.

Consider and follow Spirit’s guidance and trust you will always be Divinely supported. And ask for support from your loved ones.

All of the above is self care.

Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.

Experience your birthright of wellness.



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