No words, except that… – Love, Wendy

I learned of one’s “emotional hijack” which “refers to a situaion where the amygdala part of the brain which is the emotional processor, that hijacks or bypasses your normal reasoning process” where their only reality has become diseased by those involved in global delusional and hysterical beliefs and behaviors, I understand God’s intervention to remove me from the toxicity and insanity, permanently.

It is heartbreaking to watch one who I once believed to be the smartest, most wisdomous man in my life allow his mind to be hijacked with rhetoric, lapses in presence of mind, grandiosity, “spreading the word of God,” to “awaken the masses” to align with a group who are deeply disturbed, dangerous, and lacking emotional intelligence and self regulation.

I believe when one questions their own identity due to a loss of sense of self and offers their independence to a ruinous group, they become a “willing victim” of the fanfare of pestilent propaganda in order to feel a part of something…anything that makes them feel a part of “community.” One eventually becomes pernicious in their attempt to deliberately injure and mislead with bullying, untruths, and cancerous words and beliefs that have spread like wildfire within that community.

God only knows…

Dear God/Spirit/Universe,

I am so grateful and humbled that you pulled me from the wreckage.

Thank you for Your Grace. I continue upon my spiritual path and…

I will continue to pray for this unwell, displaced soul in the hopes that You will save him from the wreckage of his own mind. Be his Rock. Bless his mind and soul with healing. Offer him strength and courage in Your love. “Awaken” his senses to the “truth” that is Your word, not “theirs.”



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