He is David Rahman:Food for thought-Love, Wendy

He is David Rahman…

One of my dearest friends/soulmates, my confidante, my mentor, author of the Foreword to my book, Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care (click here to purchase and the man that I trust implicitly. He is an intuitive genius when it comes to knowing exactly what thought provoking question(s) to ask at the perfect time to encourage me to reflect, (as he does for so many across the globe to offer personal growth tools) and to remind me of my blessings, as well as how far I have come on my wellness journey. As I wrote in my book, “David has been a gift along the way” of my journey. Read David’s book, Let It Go: How to Stop Your Past Ruining Your Future (purchase here:

We have been friends for nearly 5 years, we enhance each other’s lives, and we spend hours having meaningful conversation and laughing on the phone, or on WhatsApp Video. To use David’s word, we “enhance” each other’s lives as close friends. David lives in the U.K., and I live in the U.S.A. in New York. We have a deep commitment to our friendship and there is nothing that can break our bond. Not time, not space, not a situation or another human being. We always find our way back.

David will be presenting at our Fall Back Into Wellness Symposium, our free virtual event on November 5 and 6, 2022 entitled “OVERCOMING FEAR, WORRY AND DOUBT .” (Register here

I have always said that David poses the most thought provoking questions of anyone that I know, and as I dig deep down for the answers, I notice that I always have the answer to David’s question just beneath the surface. He once called me out of the blue when I desperately needed a friend about four years ago. I asked him, “How did you know I needed to talk?” His response was profound, “I sense you.”


David and I are spiritually and energetically connected. He “knows.”

He knows what I need to be reminded of, or further explore within myself, and he asks, allows me to process, and to respond, in my own time, where I always uncover a deeper sense of self through his guidance. It is usually something I have been working on to answer on my own, and then, there is David, shining the light for me to see it clearly. To feel it clearly. To hear it clearly.

Tonight David phoned me and we spent an hour on the phone. He asked, “What is the greatest gift that you have received this year?”

Wow. After a challenging year, it was the perfect “ponder” for me. And, perfect timing as I had been reflecting on my gifts with gratitude just this morning as I spent time with God in prayer.

It was right there beneath the surface waiting to come out. I replied, “being given the opportunity over and over again, compliments of the Universe, to recognize my inner strength, my resilience, and my devotion to my wellness, and my commitment to God through this challenging year.” I continued, “and most important, my ongoing and flourishing, devoted and loving relationships with my children, and with my grandchildren. This gift is priceless.”

I flipped the question onto David, and he thought a moment and answered, “resilience”, as David, too, has had a challenging year. Then, David mentioned that his greatest gift was one of deepened connection with his son, Cieran.

Loving and connected minds think alike.

David and I mirror each other so often, and have the same mindset in love, in politics, in friendships, in our gratitude for the life lessons we have experienced, and how we have co-created our blessed lives with the Universe, in business, and so many other topics that keep us together as close friends and colleagues. And, we have a genuine interest in each other’s experiences and lives.

David visited me in October, 2018, and shared tonight that he will be visiting very soon once again.

We both look forward to this reunion.

When we engage in friendships/relationships that nourish our soul, that enhance our lives, and that are continuously strengthened in connection to each other with God/Spirit/Universe at the center, it is a lifelong connection. David once told me that “in relationships, one of the most important ingredients for success is consistency.”


We never hang up without saying, “I love you.”

A friendship steeped in love is the authentic relationship that we all deserve to experience. And, as we offer friendship, all that we offer is mirrored back. True, unconditional friendship.

Or, as in my Kundalini practice, it is known as “ or “Recognize the other person is you.”

If we take the time to think about the other person as much as ourselves, to be “consistent,” and to be present, to have shared values, to engage in meaningful conversation, to be loving and compassionate, and to provide a safe space, joy, and laughter, and to be able to “agree to disagree” now and again, we have success.

We are successful, and we are blessed.

Learn more about David here:

Love and blessings,


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