Don’t say, “I love you.” Show the love – LOVE, WENDY

I am a loving and empathetic wellness and spiritual teacher, and devoted friend.

I give diligent, ongoing, and loving attention to all those who are in my inner circle, as well as my clients, friends, and family members.

On my own journey of healing, especially of late, I have finally learned who is willing to selflessly reciprocate the care and love that I offer to others…

and who is not.

It costs nothing to make time for one who is experiencing challenging times, illness, and/or loss. And those few minutes of one’s time that is offered freely and lovingly can be the catalyst for a “warm and fuzzy” day, and where one is reminded that they are loved.

Call someone. FaceTime one in need of connection. Visit them. Bring a meal or snack, and a smile and hug.

Put texts aside at this time. Offer someone face to face or ear to ear connection. And further, do not make this a “one and done.”

Get invested in your relationships. There are so many in my life who have become so selfless, and there are others who have become terribly selfish and disconnected focusing only on their lives in their corner of the world.

I have learned never to have any expectations of anyone because so often it breeds disappointment and resentment.

However, I am allowed to feel whatever I feel today… disappointed and a little perplexed at those who use the word “love” in their dialogue with me. Don’t say, “I love you.” Show me the love.

We all have a few minutes in our day to offer connection.

Remember, we all need connection and support, and one day, you may be the one on the receiving end.

Put your own issues and unrest aside.

Be a friend. Offer connection. Give some love today.

What we give away, always finds its way back to us.

Be a part of the global healing and wellness that everyone thirsts for now.



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