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“When we are living with family circumstances beyond our control, and we have attempted, unsuccessfully, to help to resolve what we know is about to become an irreparable and irreversible situation, we must ”give it over.”

Thy will be done.

As I write about in my book, Write Pray Recover, in Chapter 8, “In the past, I would have been too afraid to walk away with the “what ifs” plaguing me…I refuse to place myself in any situation that is so toxic and unhealthy. I will never allow another human being, no matter who they are, to jeopardize my wellness or my recovery. I have done my work, and continue to do so, fearlessly. If someone else continues to infuse me with their toxicity, I have the tools to say, “No.” No matter what. No matter who it is. “No.”

My wellness is my responsibility and my priority. In the future, if she is able and willing to seriously seek the help that she needs, I will guide her. But nothing more. We must choose to be pro-active in our wellness, and in our evolution.

That’s it.

I pray for her and for her family. And I am at peace with it all.

Most of the time.

I pray for His strength daily. I pray for His loving arms to be wrapped around her, protecting her at all times.

I pray. I pray. I pray.

There before the grace of God go I.”

One of the questions that I pose at the end of this chapter is one you may want to contemplate:

“What are you afraid of? What are your top two greatest fears? What, or whom, are you afraid of losing if you simply say, “No?” Write about it.”

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