People do change, and things can change, once we correct the negative

thinking that keeps us stuck in a fearful mindset. Once we believe that

change is a possibility, and we come from a mindset of love for ourselves

and empathy for all that we have endured, we immediately make a shift

from feelings of fear to an abundance of love.

When I am faced with a harsh reality that brings fear, I feel like I want

to run as far and as fast as my legs will take me to avoid the pain of a

situation I do not want to face. Instead, I breathe into it slowly, deeply,

and steadily. I observe the feeling, and I do not give in. I acknowledge the

feeling, and then I choose, mindfully, in that moment, a response that is the

opposite of fear. I keep myself engaged calmly, confidently, and constructively,

one moment at a time. I allow myself the space to grow and find

resolve, rather than hiding from the truth, however painful.

The truth is always calm. Untruths are a cacophony of noises trying to

mask the calm for fear of the truth. That is when we must face ourselves, if

we are brave. Here is where our awakening begins.

Feeling a strong emotion that suddenly triggers a response, such as

fear, is our invitation to feel it all the way through, sit with it, process

it for as long as it takes, and release it when we feel we are ready (and

not a moment before). Use it for enlightenment, healing, and moving

forward. Reframe. This is how we uncover the fear that we don’t realize

is deep within. It is a spiritual call for change. Recognize the feeling in

the moment and identify it. This is an opportunity to deepen our faith, to

experience freedom, and to be fearless in experiencing our experiences.

Fear is an unhealthy habit. The secret to breaking this habit is a fourletter

word: L.O.V.E.

Letting Our Vulnerability Emerge!

Here is where we become completely naked with absolutely no apologies

for how we present.

Vulnerability is born on a spiritual path where you are certain you are

supported, guided, and loved by the Universe. This heightens your faith

in feeling free to divorce from the ego, which fuels fear. Extinguish the

ego with L.O.V.E. for Ego is not connected to Spirit. Show ego the way

to love.


Ask yourself these questions:

“What is the worst that could happen if I do not try to control the

outcome of this situation?”

“What action would serve me best in this moment?”

“What could I say “No” to that would alleviate my anxiety and

offer me peace? “What could I say “Yes” to that would enhance

my wellness?”

“What do I need in this moment, or in this situation, to provide

me with peace/wellness? How can I move towards that goal? Go

back to the S.W.I.M. method in Chapter 6 to re-read, edit, add, or

begin again to implement the steps of this program through your

own awareness.

Begin writing it all down here:


Remember, you have the right to experience peace and wellness in

every moment, and you are the only person who can provide that

for yourself.”

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Love and blessings,


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