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“What is love?” – Love, Wendy

“The way in which another treats you is how they feel about themselves. It is their authentic self. If one doesn’t love themselves, they have no compass on how to love another.

Today ask yourself, “Do I believe that I deserve to be loved in a fulfilling and exciting way where I am cherished and cared for unconditionally?”

Perhaps you haven’t had the experience of receiving and embracing love. This can be a challenge and one where we will just accept the words, “I love you,” without aligning behaviors. It can be a comfort zone. It can be self appeasement.

Step out of your comfort zone. Set boundaries. Require more of, and for, yourself. Love yourself.

If you don’t know where to begin, go within. Ask yourself what is the underlying factor(s) that cause you to accept “less than” love. You “know” the answer.

“Do I feel worthy?” “What is the connection to my lack of self love?”

Ask Spirit to guide you to resources and people that can help you to explore this question, and begin there.

Mine has been a long journey of self hate, self sabotage, and self abuse. Over the nine years of my recovery, I have experienced lifelong lessons about myself, about the human condition, and about true love.

I remind myself that where true love is present, I feel it deep within my soul. It is a feeling of completeness and excitement. It is given freely. It is joyous. It is honest and stands in integrity. It is excitedly present in every moment, whether two people are in the same physical space, or not. It is eternal connection.

It is not a once in awhile fleeting, “I love you.”

We teach people what we will, and will not accept.

What are you accepting that you inherently know is not “love?”

Just some food for thought, or crumbs for a taste of the truth.”

Love and blessings,


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