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For years, while I was in a relationship with Steve, on and off, I had a specific request that I would make for validation that Spirit was guiding our loving relationship, and each day it was revealed. I would ask to hear our song, “At Last” by Etta James. I would also ask for “our number, 555,” to be revealed to me. Some days it was so powerful that I would feel like the Universe was screaming, “Don’t worry! Everything is going to be alright!” That number, 555, is still my favorite for Spiritual connection as it means that big exciting change is on its way! Recently, my son, Matthew, was getting on a NYC train, and as he took his seat, he saw a phone number for a law firm on an advertisement banner:  800-555-5555. He sent it to me immediately and said, “Mom, I think this is meant for you!” It never ceases to amaze me that, day after day, my signs are revealed, and so clearly. I am still in awe of it all, and I feel so blessed and so grateful for this connection. Having that faith restored each day creates an even stronger faith, and it builds such a strong foundation. I know​ that I am never alone. 

My spiritual practice and connection to the Universe have offered me so much peace during some very unsettling and tumultuous times, especially in my recovery from prescription drug addiction. ​My faith is what saved my life.​ I asked for God/Universe/Spirit to show me a clean path, to lead me there, to stay close to me as I navigated, and I still ask for His grace every day, and as always, my prayers were, and are, always answered. Even when things in the recent past appeared worrisome, and sometimes even dark, I kept my faith strong because I knew that if I stayed in my faith, everything would come to fruition as I was being shown it would. When God/Spirit/Universe decides it is time, I will receive. I went from a mindset of  “I need it now” to learning how to be patient. Learning delayed gratification as opposed to instant gratification takes practice and patience, and when it finally arrives, it is so well worth the work, and the wait.

​I wait with ease, as I know for certain, through my enlightened guiding Spirits, what the outcome will be. ​A Course In Miracles​ states, “Those who are certain of the outcome​ can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” This is an ongoing lesson in patience for me, a teaching tool, as patience was something I previously lacked, and is something I still struggle to implement sometimes. The Universe continues, intermittently, to re-assign this lesson to me, and I accept the lesson as its student eager to further evolve. I am, of course, always open to “continuing education.”  Here is where we may learn something new that we may have missed in a previous lesson. This may serve me, and those whom I serve as a conduit for others to awaken to their spiritual journey. We all need brush-up assignments from time to time. ​Life lessons are always ongoing. We are always learning, growing, and evolving, if we remain humble and open.

I always say, “When all hope is gone, have faith!” When I felt close to the edge of losing faith, I dug my heels in deeper, asked for Divine support, and stood in my faith, unfazed and unwavering. The Universe delivered at the perfect time. It is a commitment that I’ve made to have faith, to believe, and to ask for support from the Universe to align with my intentions. And the Universe always provides. I speak my intention and release it. I surrender it over to the Universe. Spirit does the rest. Spirit is always busy on our behalf. 

Say aloud, “Today, I set an intention to ___________. I ask my ever-loving, enlightened, guiding Spirits to wrap your loving arms around my intention as I release it to you.” Then I let it go. As you let go, you will be amazed at how your intention begins to reveal itself! A miracle! When we have a shift in perception, and awaken to the realization that when we surrender to Spirit and “wait without anxiety,” we are saying, “I trust God/Spirit/Universe to bring to me what will serve me in my highest blessings.” This is a miracle! The realization that we are not in control, and that we have a higher energy, or higher source that is cradling us, guiding us, and lovingly caring for us is the miracle! And if we are open to this communication, we co-create!

Although the “on again/off again” relationship with Steve ended, the Spiritual signs throughout the years that we spent together were my guide. Some guided me to understanding on a spiritual level why this particular relationship was to be only for a “season and reason,” and not for a lifetime. I understand now, years later, after spending time reflecting upon the information that I had been given from Spirit, that the relationship “presented itself” at a time when I needed to learn specific spiritual lessons early in my recovery that only this union with Steve could afford me. I am a firm believer that when a person or situation is removed from our lives, it is in our highest blessing. I am certain that whatever Spirit removes from my life will be replaced by a far more healthier Spiritual union that will last a lifetime. 

And I “wait without anxiety” knowing that the perfect spiritual partner will show up in God’s timing. Thy Will Be Done.”

Write Pray Recover:A Journey to Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care is set to be released in December, 2021!

Love and blessings,


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