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He is my ex-husband yet always family, and always my friend.

He called me yesterday to tell me that he lost his best friend of over 40 years to COVID. John had just received his first vaccine, and 2 days later was on a ventilator. They believe that he unknowingly had been infected just prior to his vaccine causing complications. Alan said he “doesn’t know how to react.” Many of us have this reaction when we lose a loved one, and it is compounded with disbelief when it is sudden and unexpected.

We all spent time together in the 24 years that we were married. It’s surreal. This man was strong, a man of God, hard working, kind, loving, a dad, a husband, and a wonderful and loyal friend.

Alan and I talked about how perspective changes as we age, as we become more aware of our own mortality, and the importance of letting those we love know how we feel. I believe that this profound loss in Alan’s life has deepened our own connection. HEREIN LIES THE SILVER LINING.

Tell those you love how you feel, and even more importantly, show them.

I’m deeply grateful that Alan felt close enough to me after all this time, and 7 years post our divorce, to call me for loving support. We’ve come a long way.

“That’s what friends are for…”

Rest in eternal peace, John.

My dearest readers and friends…Love often and openly. There is nothing to wait for. Speak to those with whom you love. Spend time with those whom you love. Our time to do so is fleeting.”

Love and blessings,


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