BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


In doing some deep inner work connected to my own journey, I reflect and consider, “How do the men in ones life and the way they treat a woman reflect the way that ones father treated her mother? Who and what has one “looked up to?” What was the “normal temperature?”

We recreate over and over the pathology of our family. Until we have the awareness through speaking our truth, we continue to repeat the learned behaviors, and accept toxicity and unhealthy experiences as “normal.”

What are we denying in ourselves when we allow others to deny us, and to continue to allow another to tell us yes, and tell us no? To tell us if? To tell us when? Why do we give away our power? Why do we disrespect, dishonor, disown, and disgrace ourselves to this degree? Where have we learned to accept this type of abusive and neglectful treatment from another?

We know the answer.

Be courageous. Listen to your truth. Allow yourself to feel it all. Do the inner work. Take your time. Sit with it. Then…BREAK the cycle. Set healthy boundaries and set healthy practices in place for yourself and for the eyes “looking up to you.” Require more of, and for yourself. Lead by healthy example.

Take back your power.”

Love, Wendy

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