BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Whatever you give to a “relationship/friendship” is exactly what you will earn in return.

Time spent together, is in my opinion, the most loving and meaningful gift one can bestow upon us.

Time is priceless.

Time is precious.

Time is timeless.

Those who are in my closest circle never forget that time is all that I ask in our connection, and they always deliver…

And, they’ve earned my time in return.

We invest in each other through spending time, which is part of our respective self care and that which nourishes our soul…albeit mostly through virtual and social distancing. Time together says, “I love you…You matter to me. Our connection is always a priority.”

Gifts that are purchased are a beautiful token, but time is eternal and lives on in the heart, and breathes life into the soul.”

Love, Wendy

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