BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“The first 50 plus years of my life was spent praying for safety, love and validation. As a young child, as a young adult, and through my middle aged years…I prayed.

I experienced a spiritual awakening years ago in my 50s, and I continue to shed the toxic, heavy layers of a tumultuous childhood and young adulthood, and even into my mid 50s, that had become deeply ingrained in every muscle, joint, and bone in my body, promoting inflammation on a cellular level. I continue to transform and reawaken often on my journey where I provide for myself all that I had never received from others. My heightened level of self awareness and deep soul work is ongoing, and I continue to evolve as I let go of each unhealthy belief and behavior to create a new healthy lifestyle.
I experience an ongoing cell rebirth through spiritual solutions and self care. My journey is Divinely structured and guided where all of the love, safety and validation I seek is found within where I am lovingly connected to Spirit.

The Divine lesson is that when God is at the center of our lives, we need look no further. We are filled with blessings of abundance in all that we need, desire and deserve.”

Love, Wendy

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