I Wish You Well – Love, Wendy

I have been trying to understand why an ex would continue to follow me on social media after years of deceit and ghosting.

It makes no sense. Yet, it makes perfect sense…

Patterns of an egotist.

When one who thrives on control feels a sense of loss of control, they infuse themselves as a “reminder” that they are still present. Yet, it makes me sad for them. One who knows who they are, loves who they are, and respects who they are need not come from a place of ego.

After learning that he never loved me, I was certain he would be on his way never to hear from him again.

I cannot feel respect for anyone who intentionally inflicts pain to self soothe their ego, and, I have great empathy for someone so ill equipped to navigate life with an arm too short to box with God.

I wish you well.



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