I am certain… – Love, Wendy


Change is never ending. Just when I feel comfortable and safe, a powerful wind of change emerges, and not so subtly, to remind me that I am only as sturdy as my flexibility and my willingness to change direction on a moment’s notice.

I breathe deeply, I allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling, practice acceptance and gratitude, ask God/Spirit/Universe for strength, support and guidance, reframe my mindset where I am open to the exciting possibility of this new path and person, and as the song says, “I remember You have always been faithful to me…You are always there with me.”

I am certain of two things…

That life is never ending change where we experience experiences of uncertainty, and the outcome is whatever we choose to create from the experience…


that God/Spirit/Universe is always the “wind beneath my wings” and the resilience and Divine love beneath the uncertainty.



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