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Financial strife? Welcome to life!- Love, Wendy

It has come to this…

Working just to pay expenses to “exist,” never having the opportunity to live, to breathe and to experience a moment of peace…

MONEY. Or lack thereof.

No extra money for travel, home furnishings, pretty sweaters, an occasional out to dinner treat…

A new normal.

For some. You know that saying, “The rich are gettting richer…” and “Borrow from Peter to pay Paul.” Black and white. Simply no grey. No color.

Our bodies and minds are exhausted from the sheer daily chore of trying to make ends meet, unsuccessfully. Working two jobs, nights, weekends…no rest for the weary.

Our physical health and mental health are dwindling. Sleep deprived. A chronic mental and physical state of anxiety alternating with depression. Thinking of the way one “used to live” while they attempt to unpack and process the information of their “new normal.”

Others have suggestions on continuing to “exist,” but there is no long term solution to actually live in peace of mind and joy in the way that others do.

Family that has wronged a family member financially, purposefully, for their own selfish agenda, and the other family members who turn their heads and pretend not to see. Unconsciounable.

We live to pay ridiculous amounts of taxes, insurance, bills, and cost of living continues to go up, yet our salaries remain the same.

What does one do?

I do not have an informed response. I too, am at a loss, on many levels.

So, offer grace and empathy to others.

You have no clue as to what others are dealing with behind their hard work at their “job,” and behind their “smile.” They go home, close the front door, and feel despondent with yet another grueling, back breaking day behind them, and the next one soon to show up in the morning.

Financial strife? Welcome to life!



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