BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

The Greatest Love of All – Love, Wendy

I chose to no longer make justifications for one’s toxic behavior. I chose to conserve my energy…to not deplete it due to another’s unwell, skewed and jarring thoughts and behaviors that were not in alignment with mine.

I finally chose to see the “truth,” which is that we live with completely different perspectives that will never meet head on, rather only to continue to collide.

Once I chose ME, and my wellness, joy and peace, God brought me the perfect relationship in love.

And that is how I knew I was ready.

This was a life lesson that I did not expect. With gratitude, I continue to seek God’s guidance. It has been an ongoing practice of spiritual connection, and cultivating meaningful connection with myself. I am now ready and eager to make a connection with another.

It began with “the greatest love of all.”

Thy will be done, always.

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