I continued to seek spiritual guidance as to why I energetically feel one who is long estranged from me still present within my being, and in my space in every moment that I am awake.

I sought out my answer in a conversation with my spiritual coach and teacher. She suggests a simple spiritual solution as she shares that “this is what is coming to me” after I share my frustration…

“What if you just allowed him to be present with you energetically rather than resisting it?”

An “AHA” moment.


This simple suggestion from a wise spiritual teacher immediately offered me comfort and ease.

Now, in every moment, I look up and know that I have grace through the simplest spiritual solutions, and in receiving guidance and answers, I accept what is.

Spirit is always communicating with me in a variety of ways, and now, I am able to welcome my estranged loved one into my experiences and into my space with ease and gratitude “as if” he is here.

No more resistance. I have a “knowing” that there is a spiritual reason for our energies to be entwined. I may never know what the reason is, but as I always say, “Thy Will Be Done.”



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