BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When one has an insatiable desire for attention and tells me that they “feel like a kid in a candy store” as they practically live on multiple dating sites, for years, I say, “check please! Next!…” Their words (profile) is a “mismatch” of their actions. You know the one! He says, “trust me, you can trust me!”

It is hard to find a partner that encompasses integrity, honesty and vulnerability, let alone being monogamous in my experience.

One is responding to an unfillable void that has been draining them for a lifetime, and they continue to go back to the “candy store” seeking external validation. It is a temporary fix for a craving that is an addiction, to replace a truth that is too painful to unwrap, to swallow, to digest, and to heal.

Check please!”

Love, Wendy

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