BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we are experiencing fear related to a real life trauma, we must practice self care as only we know what we need to feel better including speaking to a professional.

If another person, no matter who that is, says something that diminishes one’s feelings, we must reconsider if allowing one into our sacred space is a mindful part of our self care. Ask yourself, “Is this helpful for me?” “What do I need in this moment to feel better?”

We must surround ourselves with those who embrace our emotions without trying to squash our feelings. Perhaps one who will listen without judgement or attempting to talk us out of our feelings. Perhaps one who is not uncomfortable within themselves when we express our deepest feelings.

Eventually, we will find our balance again, only by working through our emotions at our own pace so that we understand the fear, re-route the fear and replace it with self love, patience, acceptance and compassion, where we can re-direct our perception, and create a new healthy lifestyle.”



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