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It is in the early morning hours in deep silence and peace that I spend with God where I can clearly hear all of the answers, and the validation. I can feel the love and I can feel the magnetic connection. It is a time that I express my deepest gratitude for a life filled with blessings. I emerge with a smile in my heart and a full feeling of peace, and what I can only describe as a “knowing and certainly” that Spirit is ever present. My faith is my superpower. It is unwavering.
This is how I prepare my harvest as I clear a space for my abundant blessings each day.

I was recently told to “declutter my surroundings so that my blessings will have the clear space” to softly fall onto my path.

Even in my pain, physically debilitating pain of an untimely Lupus flare, I understand the value of the experience, a blessing as it speaks to me to turn my attention “to my inner space.” Here I am encouraged to practice deeper self care, and it is a reminder to me that Spirit is showing me that my health, my loved ones, and my spiritual connection are my greatest blessings.

The more readily I clear and release the unhealthy people and situations from my path, the more the center of my life becomes filled with more room for wellness to expand, for loved ones to rejoice and thrive with me, and for Spirit to have more room to create.

I did not understand the message originally, and I was told not to be too analytical and logical. My initial response was that all bills are paid, and that my space is spic and span! That is the “over-thinker” in me, as was also pointed out. Somehow, the Spiritual translation was lost upon me.

And this morning, before dawn, as a tsunami of peace and euphoria, and the “re-awakening”washed over me, I completely understood the message.




When the student is ready, Spirit appears.”

This blog post is dedicated to my beautiful friend, Brett, with deep gratitude for your never ending kindness, patience, and loving support. And, for your very on point Spiritual guidance.

I have cleared the space.

And, so it is.

Thank you.

Love and blessings,


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