BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Our fundamental awareness and deep intuitive nature speaks gently to us when we seek the truth. Our integrity is showcased in our decision to meet that truth and to not compromise our love and respect of ourselves, and others. It is shown when we continue to hold ourselves to our highest standards in following our divine path.

I cannot change what happened yesterday, but today is a new day and I will do my best to remember my lessons learned. If I falter, please be patient and encourage me. I am a work in progress, learning and growing every day. If I do not do my best today, tomorrow I will try again. Please encourage me to continue to seek my highest potential, kindly and lovingly. I will respond lovingly, and I will remember your loving words. Otherwise, all I will remember are the failures of yesterday which may cause me to continue to fail. Encourage me. Focus on the good and the positive, and that will expand over time.

The best moments are the little, yet profound moments when we connect with the ​Universe​. Spiritual awareness is where all growth, connection, and healing begins, within ourselves and within our relationships. This is an organic and powerful alliance and a gift through the ​loving support​ and connection​ to the ​Universe​. We must dig deeply within to make that ​connection​, to be willing to face ourselves, and to be brave in seeing ourselves authentically and in making changes that will allow us to further evolve emotionally, and spiritually. 

This is where the work begins, and it is a lifelong education. We must remain open to becoming spiritual students. We open the channels​ of communication that lead and guide us each day to live a gorgeous life, one in which we discover the energy of our own unique spirit and of our own power. We can achieve an awareness of our highest self​ through conversations in meditation and prayer with the Universe, which are a deep and meaningful source of a series of little, yet monumental, moments. These moments have the power to elevate our awareness to a ​higher​ level, which creates a transformation of the human spirit.

I remind myself each day of my blessed journey of wellness recovery, and that I am doing my absolute best, that we all need validation now and again, and that it is all in God’s plan. This is where I release all that challenges me in knowing that whatever, and whomever is meant for me will show up at the perfect time. In the meantime, I continue to be an astute, eager, and loving Spiritual student.”

Love and blessings,


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