BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“As I continue to share my journey of wellness, body, mind and spirit, I want to share that it is imperative for one to have balance in their life, to HAVE A VOICE, as well as a very deeply rooted spiritual practice. When you are supported and aligned with Spirit, you are able to SAFELY stand in your power.

Today once again, I am shown that many people cannot face themselves and therefore misrepresent who they are. Today was frightening and mind blowing, yet , due to my strength, intelligence and spiritual alignment, I am safe.

I will continue along my spiritual journey and await the Universe’s next directive for me in love.

I am blessed with a sixth sense that “tuned into” these “imposters” initially. This has been an enlightening experience, and lesson in always “trust your gut.“

I stand in my power!

Love, Wendy

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