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Please join me for my very first “Chapter Discussion” from my upcoming book,

“Write Pray Recover:A Journey to Wellness through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care!” on June 8, 2021 from 7-8pm via Zoom through the Orangeburg Library.

Registration will be open shortly at

The chapter that I have chosen for this discussion is entitled, “Awareness of Self, Others, and Spirit.” Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

“I can recall on the morning before I asked for help Spirit speaking to me through a moderator on the morning NBC newscast. I remember it so vividly and knew that the Universe/God/Spirit was speaking directly to me. I was completely awake, and aware of an intense spiritual awakening happening for me. The newscaster at that time, Matt L., began talking about prescription drug addiction and the seriousness of the way it had been on the rise, and the loss of life related to addiction. He went on further to say that there was help available and offered resources. I remember this newscaster looking directly into the camera and saying, “There is help available.” I got a visceral feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew he was speaking to me on behalf of the Universe/God/Spirit. I immediately began sobbing and saying, “Thank you,” to God for this reassurance. Being so self-aware of my truth and of my deeply rooted spiritual connection allowed me to finally speak my truth to my primary care physician, Dr. Bruce Levitt. Dr. Levitt sent me to the emergency room at our local hospital, and after 24 hours post medical stabilization, I was transferred to the detox and recovery unit. After five days, I left for California to visit my 100-year-old grandmother who was my loving lifeline throughout my life, where I thought I would rest and recover on my own terms. However, after just 48 hours, I became aware of just how physically and mentally ill I was by the grace of God’s profound presence. I was going through a severe withdrawal from having no pills for about a week. I was experiencing flu-like symptoms that were crippling. I was experiencing severe cardiac symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, and irritability that I could not calm. I was experiencing delusions where I began seeing things and hearing things that nobody else heard or saw. I was painfully aware that I needed intensive treatment, inpatient care, and medical supervision.

As alone as I felt in my mental and physical pain, I was so cognizant of my Spiritual connection and felt loved and supported. I never felt judged. I had a distinct “knowing” that the moment I would be ready to ask for this next stage of care, the Universe would guide me to safety through Spirit. Once I spoke my truth, out loud, and asked God to “show me the way out of this hopelessness, helplessness, and disease,” I was led directly and immediately to the people who could provide me with the care that I needed and the tools to begin my recovery. I picked up the phone and called a facility in Costa Mesa, California. One of the substance abuse counselors that I met at the hospital during my five-day detox in New York had provided me with this contact information when I left the hospital in case I decided to ask for further intensive care in the future. This was Divine intervention lovingly guiding me, and I was so aware of God’s plan. All I had to do was ask, and I would be guided. I asked, and I received. 

I began my recovery, and sustain and thrive throughout each day by practicing a holistic lifestyle with natural and organic solutions, body, mind, and spirit. I am a lifelong spiritual student, open and willing to continue to learn, grow, and evolve through self-awareness, self-reflection, healthy practices, and a spiritual foundation and connection that is present in every moment. All we need is to be aware of the Universe/God/Spirit’s loving presence, and recognize the person or people who are placed upon our path as our Divine helpers. 

Although I have unhealthy thoughts from time to time, they make sense to me. These thoughts are the product of a memory that is so familiar, which has been buried deep within my cellular structure from my past, unhealed trauma. When a similar situation occurs, my cellular memory is triggered by a past experience. 

We use that information in our current situation as it is what is stored in our memory.”

Please join me to hear the rest, and to partake in our interactive discussion!

Love and blessings,


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