BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Today a sweet friend and colleague helped me to recognize what my Higher self needed to re-acknowledge in order to realign. This sweet soul asked some powerful and thought provoking questions that triggered memories and real time emotions in me, which allowed me to make the healthiest decision for myself…in love, and in peace.

It was synchronicity that brought her onto my path this morning…aka Spirit, guiding me through this “earth angel.” She was incredibly patient, loving, compassionate, and so ready and willing to help. I was attempting to make an important decision over these past few weeks, and struggling with “hearing” the answer that would enhance my life as I sometimes “hear” the “emotional mind” vs. the “wise mind.” Brett offered me a safe space, options, and possible solutions. As I sat in my meditation space after our chat, I heard Spirit very clearly offer me the answer, and the answer was unmistakable. I felt completely safe and realigned.

When we believe, when we ask for guidance, when we listen in the silence of our space, and when we are offered Spiritual support, and we accept that support, the Universe will always provide the answers that will bring us peace through a variety of modalities…

If we are awake, willing to listen, and are spiritually aligned…”

Love and blessings,


Thank you to my sweet, and insightful friend, Brett. xo

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