BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Soulmates are our greatest teacher where we learn how we do NOT want to be loved, and yet we share a true and sweet love that offers us profound lessons if we are open to learning. It is where we recognize that our true selves are not fulfilled and we yearn with desire to grow. Our soulmate flourishes in his comfort zone…we yearn new experiences, excitement, adventure and personal growth. Love between soulmates is everlasting.

It is the Twinflame relationship that brings the deep and profound spiritual love connection. It is born into our own rebirth where we have released all that no longer enriches our lives, where we have experienced adventure on our own, and achieved a high level of personal and spiritual growth. I’m told that I will recognize my Twinflame the moment he steps onto my path…that it will sweep in gently and draw me in unexpectedly with abounding love.

Spiritual awareness awakens us to ourselves and guides us to the most fulfilling experiences. Personal growth is born of a spiritual curriculum, and a spiritual curriculum teaches us how to stand in our own power with grace, and with God at the center of our lives. It is in this gorgeous space of alignment, ease and self awareness that our Twinflame comes to join us on our journey.”

Love, Wendy

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