BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When I consider all that we have endured collectively, and I myself personally, over the past year, I am in awe of the resilience that I have witnessed, and I myself have experienced.

I am encouraged by my own inner strength and discipline in allowing myself to experience all of the emotions that I am feeling, and have felt over the past year, including the loss of my mother, with the resilience to remain in my long-term recovery from a lifetime of substance use disorder and mental health disorders. I have used my holistic tools that I have built over the last 8 years to navigate, and have learned many new natural and organic tools to continue to help me to thrive not only in my recovery, but in recovery living through a global pandemic, deeply missing in person contact with my children, and feeling the profound loss of my dear mother.

I have been able to share these experiences and tools with my children, my clients, and have implemented these experiences and tools into the mental health and wellness trainings that I provide as a holistic health and wellness coach, and mental health educator and consultant.

As we build toughness and grit during challenging times through healthy choices, we build our resilience which becomes our best friend and “go to” both in challenging times and during the times that seem to flow naturally. We can make healthier decisions for ourselves, our loved ones, and for those whom we surround ourselves with daily, and wish to inspire.

It is all about the pause we take before we make an unhealthy decision where we are self aware and we have the necessary self management skills to pause, to contemplate, and to ask ourselves…

“What will be the healthiest decision for me at this time?”

“Which choice will enhance my life and offer growth, and what decision will bring me peace today, or in this moment?”

“What is my goal, and what would I like the outcome to be for myself and all concerned?”

And in my own pause, I continue to stand in my power through the grace of Spirit where my lifestyle reflects all that I choose, and all that I teach to others in living authentically guided in every moment by my loving connection to God.

I practice self care and self love, I place my spiritual practice at the core of my life, and I practice love of others as I see myself in others…the thread of connection.

When we pause and reflect, and can freely practice forgiveness of self and others as we continue to make the next healthy decision, and where we reinforce the thread…never pulling at the thread in haste…

We have indeed mastered the pause.”

Love, Wendy

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