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I have been praying and visualizing a business situation that I’ve desired for almost 8 years. My hard work and determination, and positive visualization and prayer have brought my dream to fruition.

Approximately two hours ago, I received the most amazing offer. I will be consulting for a large consulting firm in the field of mental health and prevention education in drug addiction for youth.

I already had signed with this firm for the first position as a consultant and the grant just came through in December. When this second grant comes through, I will be serving an entire county including youth ages 12-17, law enforcement, primary care physicians, teachers, families, etc…anyone interacting with youth ages 12-17.

My children and besties are incredibly proud of my accomplishments, and this one, in particular. Soon beginning my 9th year in recovery from prescription drug addiction and mental health disorders, now being asked to be a part of the wellness based solutions, and told they are “so excited” to partner with me, is an honor and blessing offered only by our One loving God/Universe/Spirit.

The more aware of His presence in my life and the more grateful that I am, the more present and active He becomes in bringing forth my dreams into reality.

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I could not stop crying for an hour. LOL

I am beyond blessed.

As I just shared with my children and besties, prayer, meditation, a positive mindset and the willingness to be disciplined in one’s passion and work, are all a part of manifesting our desires, also known as the Law of Attraction…

Spirit is ever present. Whether you call your spiritual connection God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, or any other synonym, believe that you are heard… Never, ever give up, be humble, be of service, work hard every day, pray, stay positive, be ever grateful for every experience and relationship that is your teacher, and know how to take loving direction from our Highest Source. He knows what is best for us. In His own time, he will deliver.

Get ready!”

Love, Wendy

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