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I don’t think I have ever known personal freedom and joy as I do today body, mind and spirit as I approach the beginning my 9th year in recovery from prescription drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. (I include here the full 8 months of 2013 as I began my recovery on April 3, 2013, and so I begin my 9th year without any mind altering substances on April 3, 2021!)

I have created my amazing life guided lovingly by His Divine Grace where I have learned and practice hundreds of natural and organic solutions through a holistic lifestyle in managing any symptoms of dis-ease of physical and mental health. I am free. I am joyous. I am love… I am beyond grateful for it all! And, I have earned it all!

I confer daily with just One Source…He who knows best, and with whom I have co-created my wellness, my loving relationships, my career, my gorgeous life!

As I got outside this morning at 7:30 AM to take a 2 mile walk before the snow storm that is impending in my area, I am exuding my joyous spirit, beaming from within involuntarily because…”I AM!” I feel so grateful for His love and guidance, and for the ease in walking all on my own post Lupus flare, not to mention it is freezing outside, yet my abounding joy offers me such a warm inner glow, singing to a song that just began playing on Sirius XM “I Will Survive!,” and knowing that Spirit is sending me this song as a reminder that I am a survivor! Actually, as my bestie David reminds me, “A thriver!” During one of our long conversations not too long ago, David said to me, “I don’t want you to use the word survivor anymore. You are more than that, you are a thriver!” Bless David’s heart…a ride or die friend, and always my cheerleader.

Recovery has offered me the space, time, holistic lifestyle, and spiritual practice that has helped me to explore my soul, and to transform and emerge into the awesome woman, mom, friend, counselor, teacher, author, and spiritual student that I see and feel before me.

Out of it all, I am humbled and I am grateful for His love and guidance.

It is due to my Divine relationship that…


EVERYTHING that I AM, and that which I am eager to share.”

Love, Wendy

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