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“A victim mindset saturated in negativity and a “woe is me,” mindset, coupled with aligning oneself with a whole virtual community who are also playing the victim, will never provide one with any solutions. When you choose a positive mindset, and live aligned with like minded people, you discover solutions that you had never even thought of on your own!

In these unprecedented times, we need each other, and I find so much encouragement, and solutions that I had never thought of, as well as offering solutions to others in my chosen community of go getters, positivity providers, wellness junkies of body, mind and spirit, and people offering to be of service to those less fortunate, myself included.

If you know me personally, you know I will do everything I can for those I love, and I have been helping people I don’t know…because when I was near destitution, others helped me, and I want to pay it forward in deep gratitude. It makes me feel angry when I hear someone say and convince themselves that they are not going to survive…most especially when from a distance, I already see small solutions.

It’s not a matter of luck, it’s a matter of being resourceful, of taking action, of one’s mindset and being humble, as well as getting up to work at finding solutions as if it were your full time job. You’ll never find the answers in a virtual group setting with those whom are doing nothing but complaining and talking about their woes, all the live long day.

I have seen men and women over 60 working in our local markets as cashiers, or gathering shopping carts. I have seen them working in a variety of positions in our community and there are “Hiring” signs in many of our local establishments. People are working for minimum-wage because they need that pocket money, and something is better than nothing. In addition, they need to be out of the house where they can be with other people, social distancing, to stay in good mental health which is directly correlated to our physical health. Connection is how the human condition thrives!

We have to take precautions to protect our health, and do whatever it takes, including asking for help from those who may be able to do so.


In these most challenging times, we have to humble ourselves. We must re-evaluate our circumstances, and we must begin by taking baby steps toward creating change for ourselves. “Nothing changes if nothing changes…”

Remember “God helps those who help themselves.“

Faith, diligence, resilience, mindset, actions, humility.

Baby steps…

I’m not saying it’s easy, of course it’s extremely challenging! Align yourself with doers and those who are willing and able to brainstorm with you. You may just find a solution. And never, ever give up!

When we choose a wellness mindset, we completely stand in our power! Here is where we find the answers…

We truly are all in this together.”

Love, Wendy

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