BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“As the years go on and I reflect on the memories of my years in addiction and the ways that it affected my body, my mind and my spirit, and that of my family, I continue to work on self forgiveness.

With deep self care and loving compassion for myself as I had been living with a disease, Substance Use Disorder, that nearly took my life, I remind myself often that in this very moment I am doing the very best that I can for myself, and for my loved ones. Had I known better and had I been equipped with the tools as a child, young adult and grown adult, I would never have inflicted so much pain within, or to those whom I love so deeply.

Nearly eight years of wellness post Substance Use Disorder, I still live with the remnants of a life I do not recognize, yet hauntingly surreal.

Today, I pray for Spirit to support me as I practice self forgiveness.”

Love, Wendy

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