BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“If you want for others to treat you with respect and loving care…offer it.

If you give your word to others…keep it. If it cannot be kept, alert them.

If you want to be included… embrace others.

You see, we teach people what is acceptable to us by what we offer to them, and that our time is as precious as anyone else’s. We command respect and consistency.

I offer my time unconditionally even with a packed schedule and challenges of my own. Time is a precious gift, and I thrive in giving to others. I also thrive on being the recipient of someone else’s precious time.

We all need each other, most especially now.

It’s never about feeling obligated or that we have to answer to someone else…it is always about integrity…keeping our word unless extenuating circumstances prevent it. Even then, we take the time to let another know that plans have changed…


Offering to others that which we hope to receive…

Love, patience, empathy and time. Treasures.”

Love, Wendy

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