BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When I finally cut the cord that had been strangling me for years, I exhaled, and I realized that I was finally free. The blessing of a spiritual awakening.

I will never play small for anyone else’s ego. I will never compromise my values or beliefs for anyone.

I WILL NEVER BE HELD HOSTAGE FOR LOVE, as real love, spiritual love, is given freely, and never demands anything in exchange, other than love freely given.

I am the most awesome version of me living a gorgeous spiritual life. I love the woman I’ve become over these last 8 years of my recovery from Substance Use Disorder. I am the woman, mom, friend, counselor and teacher I’ve always wanted to be, practicing love and compassion, am extremely disciplined, working hard to earn all that I have, and am blessed to be guided daily, lovingly, by Spirit.

I am free to be me. And I am.”

Love, Wendy

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