BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Every day I require 3 things of myself…

  1. Before anything else, to practice self-care and self-love so that I may be my best self where I am in harmony with the Universe, joyous, ready to be productive, and where I can offer love and compassion to others.
  2. To offer my time, my love for humanity, smiles and prayers for the collective without any expectations other than respect of my time, and my boundaries.

3. To offer my deepest gratitude for my blessings and for being given a second chance at life, and to be of service as a loving counselor and spiritual guide as directed by Spirit to those who may ask for guidance. Every morning in prayer I say, “Dear God, today please show me where to go, who to see, what to say, and to whom to help another person.“

Love, Wendy

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