BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Of course the words “you are not alone” sound nice in theory to those who live alone, to those who have no family for one reason or another, or to those living with a mental health disorder/illness.

I know from experience in my own life, and from my work in the mental health field that when we say “you are not alone,” we have to be diligent and proactive not only in the words that we say but in the actions that we take, ongoing, to support those who truly ARE alone…to those who have nobody to share their emotions with or to express their feelings whether it is a celebration or a challenging time.

It is not a “one and done,” and it is not choosing when we can fit it in…it is a commitment of connection and to offering our time, with boundaries, of course, where we are a loving and compassionate presence as we take on a role of a “WELLNESS PROVIDER.”

We practice self care each day which realigns our body, mind and spirit so that we can achieve our own power, and thrive in joy, wellness and blessings, and subsequently offer guidance to others in achieving theirs.”

Love, Wendy

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