BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life



It takes a lot of work to unlearn old thought patterns and behaviors that were ingrained in our minds as precious children by adults who didn’t have the tools to care for us properly. We internalized the lack of love and attention, and the deprivation of emotional and physical safety and blamed ourselves. As adults, we find it hard to love and forgive ourselves, setting no boundaries, people pleasing, allowing ourselves to continue in unhealthy relationships, and desperate to feel loved.

WE CAN UNLEARN AND RELEARN. It is absolutely possible.

Find a professional that best serves your specific needs and that you feel safe with. Do the work, be dedicated to unlearning, and make room for gorgeous new lessons. Open your mind to a whole new understanding of yourself and all you are capable of. Unlimited beliefs open the path of an eventful journey filled with transformation and bountiful opportunities. Love yourself before all else.

Part of my self-care is setting boundaries. It benefits my personal space and gives others information about my expectations and what I will, and will not accept. One who lives in an ego-based mindset takes my boundaries personally and is not in alignment with my journey, nor are they in alignment with Spirit. For me to practice self-care, I must remain in alignment only with those who respect my personal space, my boundaries, and my desires.

Boundaries are set up to act as barriers to unwelcome attitudes, unsolicited advice, unhealthy behaviors and unwanted advances. When we step on top of the line, blurring the lines of friendship or way over the line into another’s personal space, we are displaying lack of self-control, profound disrespect, and blatant disregard for another’s values, morals, and heartfelt beliefs. Once is a test; twice is a life lesson. Healthy living begins with healthy boundaries. State them directly and clearly.

I have come from the mindset of a young girl who sought attention and validation for all of my choices and successes, and sought to be cradled in my pain, to a grown ass woman whose healthy choices, self-healing, and successes promote wellness. I have had the presence of mind to make it all happen through the pain my way. I stand deeply in humility and with the deepest sense of gratitude. Seven years of recovery, lessons and experience deeply rooted in a spiritual transformation and self-love have prepared me to stand alone, yet always connected to Spirit. I am, also, however, surrounded by the love of so many faithful souls, as I navigate the present moment, and everyday challenges.”

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