BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Wellness is my choice with every decision that I make throughout each moment of the day, from what I choose to eat to the relationships that I choose to have to practicing daily self-care. Wellness is not just about healthy nutrition and exercise. Wellness is about our self-talk. Our cells hear everything that we say to ourselves. Positive mindset and happy healthy thoughts promote wellness on a cellular level as self-care is the way we stand in our power. Self-care leads to wellness, and wellness is our ultimate power. When we allow our intuition to speak to us, and we listen to our own truth regardless of what anyone else thinks, we reconnect with our own inspiration, and that inspiration becomes our guide.

My willingness to be open and to follow my own inspiration through my intuition, was the catalyst for my greatest change where I was willing to listen to, accept, and work through my truth. This is the reason I am blessed to share my journey.

All that it takes to begin is the willingness to follow our intuition, to explore options, to reset our mindset, and to make changes in which we practice ongoing commitment to a new and healthy lifestyle!

I have learned that we must let go of expectations. A moment of trying your best is your only expectation in recovery and/or creating a new healthy lifestyle. Hold yourself accountable for that. Forgiveness lets you off the hook. Put down the brick. Realign yourself with love and forgiveness. This is the catalyst for your greatest change. Stand deeply in your faith, and expect that your recovery/new lifestyle changes will have ups and downs, but that you are strong enough to withstand the changes when you are armed with tools, when you work hard and crave recovery, when you surround yourself with a support system filled with love and guidance, and when you accept change, and are willing to change your mindset to transform your life.

This is my miracle, and I expect nothing less as I continue to stand deeply in my faith, practice self-care and self-love, and be of service to others.

Please remember this: Spiritual solutions and self-care have been at the foundation of my recovery where I am thriving. When we practice self-care and are feeling well, we stand in our power. When we practice connection to a Higher Source—whatever that means for each of us individually—we are always lovingly protected, guided, and supported, and we stand even stronger in our power.

We all have mental health, and our mental and physical health are directly correlated. We sometimes feel well on the continuum, and sometimes we feel unwell depending upon what is going on within us and around us. It is up to us to be aware of our own signs and symptoms as we begin to feel unwell, and of what we need to move back to wellness. Inherently, we all know what we need to heal, and it will be different for everyone and will change over one’s lifetime. We must practice prevention in removing ourselves from anything toxic including foods, thoughts, and relationships. Most importantly, we must know that when we have done all that we can to move ourselves back to wellness, and we aren’t successful, we must understand that it is a healthy decision and the highest form of self-care to ask for professional help. When we are unwell physically and remain unwell for an extended period of time, we go to the doctor. We must practice the same type of self-care when it applies to our mental health. Healthy practices body, mind, and spirit promote wellness. Wellness is our power in recovery!

Wishing you harmonious health for life!”

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